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    • Served on 16 Feb.   On reviewing the MCOL website today for an updated, I noticed that 1) Hermes has aknowledged the claim, but not yet filed a defence, and 2) that I there was a glitch / error on the form. Essentially, it looks like I had accidentally left the "I will send detailed particulars of claim" box ticke (I thought I had unticked it), with the result that the claim section has been truncated, and some extra text has automatcially been added - in red below):   "...Claimant seeks £XXX, plus I will provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of..."   This is obviously not ideal. Is it better to try to amend the claim somehow, or to just submit a brief POC that a) clarifies that I am seeking £XXX plus costs (which was automatically truncated), and b) sets out my calculation of the £XXX?  
    • Hi   It amazes me how they pass the buck as they don't want to deal with a private homeowner but if the shoe was on the other foot they would be hammering down on you for breach of tenancy.   As this is council housing you need to make a Formal Complaint in writing to the Council Housing about this (as a social housing landlord they have a complaints process they have to follow). you need to exhaust their complaints process. Make sure and title your letter Formal Complaint.   From what you have posted this tree is not just a nuisance but also a Health & Safety risk:   1. The tree being overgrown is now a danger to the occupants/Guest/Visitors to your property   2. The tree has overgrown into the Council Housings Boundaries your property causing damage/endangerment to the occupants/guest/visitors.   3. As the roots of the tree are also overgrown into your property you have concerns that these may be causing/damaging to any underground pipework that may be within the boundray of the property.   4. So far the Councils actions have been to treat their Council Housing tenant as a third class citizen with a private homeowner aloud to cause endangerment/possible damage due to these overgrown trees which are encroaching on your council house property/bounderies.   You also require clarification why you were sent the Healthy Neighbourhood Information which states I have to pay £375 to make a complaint. (make sure and attach a copy of the response that states this cost)   You also require copies of the following:   1. Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Customer Service Standard (not the leaflet) 3. Health & Safety Policy (not the leaflet) 4. Public Liability Insurance Policy. (not the leaflet) 5. Clarification from you if their is any underground pipeworks running through the bounderies within the garden area (you should have full knowledge of this it being your property/plans) 6. Compensation Policy (not the leaaflet) 7. Equality & Diversity Policy (not the leaflet)   When you get the above policies sit with a pen/pencil/highlighter and take you time reading them and just think to yourself 'DID THEY DO THAT' if not mark it then leave it for a while then do the same again this way you can basically throw/write back stating the haven't followed x policy with which part of that policy and your reason. (you are building evidence to use against them using their own policies. I would also like to refer you to The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provision) Act 1976: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1976/57/part/I/crossheading/dangerous-trees-and-excavations     You need to remember yes it is the Council but the Council Housing is a separate entity and is a Registered Social Landlord (RSL)   Is the Council Housing classed as a registered Charity? (what is their registration number whether charity or RSL?)   Also have a wee look at this CAG link:     
    • @rocky_sharma   Fame at last!!   Dunno how much help it would be in your case, but I could try digging out the txt of my defence if you think it might be relevant to your defence. We might hafta do this via PM, then e-mail though if ya wanna go down that route.   Good luck with yours anyway mate.
    • The car finance firm, owned by Provident Financial, voluntarily handed the money to all 5,933 customers potentially affected by the breaches, which occurred between April 1, 2014 and October 4, 2017. It was also fined £2.77m by the Financial Conduct Authority for the way it behaved. The FCA said Moneybarn's actions meant more than 1,400 customers, many of whom were vulnerable, defaulted on their loans after entering into 'unsustainable short-term repayment plans'. This meant that they were punished with extra fees and charges, which many could not afford. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-8013573/Moneybarn-pays-30m-customers-failing-treat-fairly.html   dx  
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CCJ set aside hearing - wages over payment claim

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I recently found out I had a CCJ when I received a notice from the bailiffs.

The notice was sent to my current address but turned out that the CCJ was sent to an old address.


I immediately contacted the county court where the order was given and a very helpful court clerk told me to what to do.

I completed the required form to stay the high court action and requested hearing to set aside CCJ.


I now have a court date in April for set aside hearing




I had been in dispute with a previous employer from around early 2014 where they claimed they overpaid my salary after I left the company. I disagreed with them and asked them to prove this other than with an itemized list of payslip transactions that made very little sense. They later passed the debt collection to a firm of solicitors after a few months.


I argued that the payment made to me was as a result of monies owed from share options and other schemes I was part of when I was employed and which had to be liquidated when I left. We have been going back and forth on the issue for over 2 years mainly by email communication. During that time I moved to a new address.


On a number of occasions during the email exchange, I referred to the fact that I had changed address - not explicitly - but in statements like " I have just moved house and my papers are in the loft" etc.


in July 2017, I got a letter through the post at my new address to check my address, I called back and left a message on VM saying Yes I had changed address.


I didn't hear back and the next thing was the bailiffs notice I received in December for CCJ issued in September.


My argument for set aside was that the claimant knew I had changed the address so had no excuse for sending the claim to the wrong address.

The bailiff was able to get my new address.

I also mentioned that I called them to notify them of change of address when I received a letter asking me about it.


I also stated that we had been in dispute for several months and I believe that given the opportunity I would have successfully defended the claim.


After I had put in the set-aside application,

I requested a copy of the original claim.


The claim stated that I was overpaid salary in February 2014.


This is one of the arguments, I had with them.

I had shown them a copy of the payslip for February which showed the payment from the employer of the sum total of £247.

They stated I owed £2400 or thereabouts.


In one of the correspondence, they had agreed that they made a mistake about the month and it was in fact April.

THis is correct. I.e. Money was paid in April 2014, but I disputed what the payment was for.


In the claim used to secure the CCJ, they have repeated February 2014 as the date overpayment took place.


My question is whether to just stick with the fact that February 2014 was the date stated in the claim and I can easily prove with bank statement and payslip that they did not pay me the sum in February.

Will the judge allow me to introduce evidence not mentioned previously?


Since I was unaware that they were repeating the previous pay date of February, my defence put forward on the N226 was that we were in discussions and they had not proven that I owe them the money.

I also offered to have the matter mediated by a body like ACAS to get the matter resolved.


If successful, can I claim the cost of N226 and litigant in person?


Many thanks for staying with me so far and look forward to your words of wisdom.

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moved to general legal forum.


I would suspect there will be a later hearing other than the set aside one [if you win and if the claimant wants to continue further]

that will be where your costs would be addressed and docs would be exchanged

the judge in a set aside wont be interested.

as it only needs a very brief reason why you do not owe the claimed sum at that stage

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Please be aware that just applying for a Stay against the Writ does not halt enforcement,

only when the Order is actually made will this happen.


In the meantime the Writ is live and can be enforced at will.

You could try going back to the Court and ask it is treated as an urgent application because of the involvement of the HCEO, they may be able to grant this as an interim measure.


Until then still adopt a fortress type mentality in case the HCEO returns making sure anything outdoors is either under lock & key or moved to a more secure location - motor vehicles are particularly at risk.

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Sorry, if I didn't didn't make it clear previously.


The writ was stayed on the same day I applied

- I sent form my email and paid over the phone.


A few hours later ,

i got an email with the judgement that writ was stayed.


I was actually quite impressed by this!


The hearing for the set aside was then transferred to my local court.

And I now have a date for that.

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Absolutely wonderful to hear that as many that I help think that once application is made that is all there is to it. Just make sure you you abide strictly by the terms of the Order.

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As I was reading through various other posts, I came across something called small claims mediation service.


It occurred to me that I could ask the solicitors to agree to a set-aside and for the matter to be dealt with by the mediation service.


I am fairly confident the claim will be set aside in court given that the claim itself is for the wrong payment date.


It's just that I have a remortgage coming up and need this CCJ off my record asap.

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Any advice on my post PLEASE?

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you wouldn't meet up with the mediation service unless the claimant re-issues the claim and chooses to use them.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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I went to court for the hearing today and it was ADJOURNED.


The judge who hadn't read any of the notes beforehand said he wanted to give the claimant a chance to respond to my claim that

a) they were notified of my change of address and

b) the amount in dispute was salary overpayment.


I argued that surely the second point was for any subsequent submission of the claim but IMHO the judge had little experience in these matters.


I argued about fairness given this was giving the claimant a chance to clarify their position while I still had a CCJ hanging over my head.


He ignored didn't seem to acknowledge that the claimant had given the wrong date for overpayment , he just seemed to want to get through the cases quickly.

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