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BrightHouse cheque received today after complaint advice needed please

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UPDATE 3/02/2018


Hi guys the long awaited final decision letter has arrived and yet again they completely lied on the phone yesterday (nothing new ) the letter is actually quite in depth and lists all costs and reasons it’s around 5 pages long.


In a nut shell they have stated that I was 1000% correct and on 10 agreements taken out from November 2011 - July 2014 the correct checks weren’t completed for instance some agreements had no income or expenditure what so ever like I stated all along and also some were simply Used with a single wage slip no expenditure completed and then other agreements assessed using simply my payment record as again I’ve stated all along


It states they are not refunding the £3553.50 made towards the cash value of the items during my rental period as you have received the benefit from having the items ( Where do I stand with this part as the cash value is completely over the top and only used to take out the agreements had I not used Brighthouse I would have purchased these items far cheaper in say currys ?


The letter goes onto say there is another 3 x Agreements they haven’t included because they were taken out in May 2011 and it’s just outside of the 6 years by a few months because I made the complaint in October 2017 is that allowed ? They clearly have the information as they have listed all 3 items in the letter ? I only stopped paying them well under the 6 years so can they be included because they are very high value items ?
















It then states it’s their final response and I have 6 months to go to the ombudsman service


So what do you guys think ?

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Sorry I’ve just had another read of this and In fact it states at the end they are not upholding my complaint for 5 agreements as they state the correct checks were completed


for instance it says against the Acer tablet i issued a single payslip and no expenditure form ?


It also states because I had a good payment record that was good enough ?


I don’t think so somehow so this is definitely going to the ombudsman service.


Dose this mean I can’t cash the cheque then now as I’m disputing the other items ?

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100% currently filling in their forms online as we speak


can I ask what about the items 3 from May 2011 just outside of the 6 years that they claim it to late can I include these ?

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yes include everything


That’s now done and sent off thank you again it’s all been included, just reading this letter it’s absolutely laughable at there excuses I can’t wait for the ombudsman to read it

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Quick update

- My claim is now currently awaiting an agent from the ombudsman service to take on my case

but after chatting to the ombudsman service via twitter and then on the phone around a month ago

the person pushed my claim on and also looked into me cashing the cheque.


He came back after around 10mins and stated he personally gives me permission to cash the cheque because brighthouse have paid out in full for their mistakes and that’s not what my claim is for.


I’m claiming for the items brighthouse feel they did the correct level of checks on

he was also annoyed with way the final response was written in regards to cashing the cheque and no mention of full and final settlement


he also made notes on the customer relations department refusing to talk to me about my complaint as it’s now with the ombudsman service again he wasn’t happy with that response and he’s added his thoughts to my case so all good on that front.

The cheque has been cashed and cleared.


I also requested my SAR information

they had 40 days to comply and that deadline was up on Saturday 17th March.


Friday 16th March 1 day before the deadline while I was out they hand delivered the information and left them with my neighbor so just in time

I’m not very happy with the information though and there are lots of things that are missing like previous complaints


not a single mention of the complaints made to the ceo office on whom I complained to a number of times over the years regarding irresponsible lending and other issues..


They have also used a black marker pen and hidden a number of things listed under comments ???

I was under the impression that wasn’t allowed As obviously it’s information about me and my recent complaints.

I’d love some feedback on that if possible?


They also included

which I’ve been saying all along

on how bad they were and included a incentive letter they issued me while I had 9 agreements running asking me to take out further items and they will reward me with gifts and vouchers lol bearing in mind this was sent when they have admitted they didn’t do the correct level of checks with no proof of income or expenditure.


They also go on to say they have no information for my items before 2014 yet have included the information i needed about the items from 2011.

They have contradicted themselves quite a bit


I’m going to have a good read of everything over the next day or so and see what’s what to better my complaint with the ombudsman service.

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I’m glad you seem to be getting somewhere, or have gotten somewhere I should say, my post is a few threads down, I officially made my complaint in Dec/jan but they lost it and I was forced to make another over the phone on the 5th of feb, I’ve called them several times but nothing yet (I’m halfway through week 6 before I can go to the FOS)


Can I ask if you fully paid off or returned the items they have given you the interest back for? I think that’s where they may not hold my complaint as the payments got to £94 a week so I simply couldn’t afford it and at that point for one reason or another (mostly because of my ex) I didn’t have many of the items to give back) others I just needed for daily use like the washing machine and cooker that we’re the original reason I went


*edit: they claim to have sent me a courtesy letter on the 9th of February confirmed to my address, but it never turned up

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My advice.

Bank the money. Forget about Brighthouse. Enjoy a bloody good holiday!

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Morning everyone I’m just checking in to update you on where I am with brighthouse and the financial ombudsman service


My case was finally assigned to a investigator last week and contact was made with myself for more information because he needed proof that I’d complained to brighthouse before the 6 year rule on the 2011 items which brighthouse bluntly refused to look into


I issued him my proof along with other items that were included from my SAR request to help my case and I’m so glad to have received a email from the investigator this morning to now confirm that he’s happy with what I’ve sent in and that It proved that I’d complained before the 6 year rule and he will now be looking at all 2011 items 😊


He’s gone onto say he’s now got to request more information from brighthouse and paperwork etc but due to the issues brighthouse have faced it’s taking around 6 weeks to receive back the information but that’s fine as things are now progressing


I’ve also sent brighthouse another email to request all the information that was missing from my SAR request if they don’t comply who do I then go to ? Is it the ICO ?


Thanks everyone

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Hello everyone I’ve had a email this afternoon from the ombudsman service to say that brighthouse have now responded to them and I’ve attached the letter he sent me today. I’m a bit concerned though on his response and on exactly what brighthouse have issued him compared to what they sent me in my SAR request.


I’m also unhappy that I now have to do all the running around gathering everything he’s requested when brighthouse should have already had this information when they did the affordability checks


My complaint is against brighthouse not doing the correct level of checks yet it’s now me providing the evidence instead of brighthouse which I find wrong


He also states about seeing my credit report from 2011 to present yet that only lists things from 6 years so it wouldn’t show anything from 2011 that hes requested and he states brighthouse would have seen the information when they did the credit checks yet brighthouse never used to do credit checks until the last few years


Here is the email he sent


I’ve gone back to the business to ask them for their comments in relation to the point I mentioned previously as to whether your loans in May 2011 are in or out of our jurisdiction. As I’ve previously explained, it’ll be my decision as to whether they are, but in the interest of fairness I will consider the comments of both sides.


However, having reviewed the files they’ve sent across, and the information you’ve provided, it’s now apparent that I’ll need substantial evidence from yourself to show that these loans were unaffordable at the time you took them.


I’ll need to see:


1. A copy of your credit file, which you should be able to obtain for free

2. Your employment history for the period 01 January 2011 to present (you can get this from HMRC’s online portal)

3. Your bank statements for the period 01 January 2011 to present. As these go back several years you may need to write to your bank to request older copies of your statements, or visit a branch.


As I explained previously, I’ll have to check to see whether I think the checks done by Brighthouse are proportionate. If they are, then that is the end of our process and will be my view on your complaint. That’s why I’ll need to see your credit report, because that will have been checked by Brighthouse before you took out the loans. If there was something in your credit report which I think should have alerted BrightHouse to a need for further checks, it’s unlikely I’ll think their checks were proportionate.


If I think they weren’t proportionate checks, then I’ll need to consider whether the agreements were unaffordable at the time you took them out. In order to do that, I’ll need to see your bank statements and your employment history. That’s so I can work out how much you were earning, and how much disposable income you had with which to borrow.


At that point, I’ll give you a call to discuss what I find and we can take it forward from there.


I understand it’s quite a lot of information to provide, but please do let me have your bank statements, credit file, and employment history by Monday 28th May. If I don’t hear from you by then, I will have to make my view based on the information I have available. You can either email me the documents, or send them to the address below by post.


If you’ve any questions or comments, please do let me know.

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