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Moved from CESA to IRESA and Backdated

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Some of you are aware of the colossal screw up the DWP made when moving people from IB to ESA over the last 5yrs. Some 75000 were wrongly placed in the incorrect ESA group which has led to them being underpaid for years.


I got some advice from a local community service, got the ESA3 forms from the DWP and asked to be moved from Cont Based to Income Related ESA... and pointed out that this would need to be backdated 4yrs due to their mistake.


3 weeks later I call to chase it up, spoke to a very helpful lady, who looked into it, awarded me IRESA immediately, and passed it to the team dealing with the backdating issues.


I pointed out that due to the screw up I couldn't even get my prescriptions because I was on the wrong sort of ESA and had 2 days of meds left and no money to pay for them, and my HC2 had been delayed due to NHS jobsworths.


That was the 21st of Dec... I was then able to get my meds the same day, and I was expecting a long wait for the backdating issue to be looked at.


But on the 15th Jan.. I had a letter stating that they'd agreed to back date me from Dec 2014 for the sum total of £2133. It also said that it couldn't be back dated to the actual change due to section 27 of the social security act 1998.


So I'm very happy to be getting an extra £13.50 a week and the under payment has already been paid into my bank.


My personal opinion is that this wasn't an actual mistake... but that they deliberately tried to save money and according to info I've read on other rights websites... were made aware of years ago and did nothing... but now that they can further save money by not paying people the full amounts they would be owed... now they admit they messed up.


But it's freed me from debt, given me a cushion in the bank for emergencies for a little while at least... and the extra money will come in handy and stop me from deciding if I eat or turn the heating on this winter.


So my advice to anyone in the same position... Get onto the DWP, ask for the ESA3 form and fill it in, ask for it to be reviewed and backdated... Don't wait for them to get in touch with you.

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Good to hear you got it sorted. Also, I am with you, of courseit was done on purpose in the hope people would not fight it or take it further. Just another sorry twist from the Nasty Party in belittling people who are most in need and are eligible for certain benefits/help.


Their hope is say 10,000 were affected, only a small % would take it further and thus saving the DWP money - the DWP are a nasty piece of work make no mistake. It is not the minions it is the policy makers and those in charge.


Slightly changing the subject - when my work coach (lol @ work coach) said I should apply to be a work coach I simply said "I couldn't do it, although I do not make the rules, being part of the system I would hate to put people through what many are going through and have to enforce dictatorship rules and policies"


Anyway, off on a tangent, good you got it sorted and I hope anyone else in the same situation follows your lead.

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