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    • I received PCN's from TFL and Southwark. 08/06/19   I spoke with Southwark regarding PCN's and thought it was sorted.   Didn't hear anything back until 17/01/20 when my car was taken by Marston EA.   TFL & Marston say they sent letters but have no proof.   I emailed TFL (19th June) through their online portal and again, via email on (14th Nov 2019) < the email on 14th has been viewed 17 times but no reply.   (so I have proof of contact, they don't) I asked them if they send via recoded delivery/signed for but they do not.   When my car was taken, I received a call from a friend saying it's on the back of a truck, outside his house (which is round the block from mine).   I ran round there and the EA was aggressive, shouted at me and refused to show ID/why he had taken my car.   I complained to Marston who denied it but sent me some of the footage.   I complained again through resolver.co.uk and Marston lied again.   Then I sent ALL my info and evidence etc.   They then took a few weeks and called me saying sorry and taking full responsibly for their EA's aggressive behaviour etc.   TFL are still refusing to comment.   Marston offered me £250 as a goodwill payment but obviously the pain and trauma causes - that doesn't cover it.   The police were called when they took my car cause I was so distressed and having a panic attack etc.   I've requested the phone call recording where they accepted guilt and that they had handled everything badly, including lying about the video on Resovler.   I feel like Marston know they've done wrong, but TFL still aren't in the know. (to my knowledge)   Also, I requested info from TFL via whatdotheyknow.com and TFL did a data protection breach by uploading my full details including address etc. to a public forum (and I didn't even ask anything specific about my case) so I feel like they did this out of spite/anger.   the www.whatdotheyknow.com team reprimanded them for this and advised me to complain.   I also paid £800+ to retrieve my vehicle and I have completed the OOT which was denied. I tried to take it to court but when I tried to do the 'low income' thing but they wanted bank statements which I couldn't get... then corona happened.   I've downloaded/uploaded the ZIP file from Resolver convos.   Basically; regarding the footage: my initial message to them, I made myself seem unaware and 'stupid' so they wrote a generic reply telling me that 'the footage is fine and the EA did nothing wrong' so they can't uphold my complaint, then once they sent that; I sent them the CIVEA rulebook and timestamps in the video to show that they were in the wrong and had further lied in their official response (which must be illegal) so when they received the in-depth response, I think they got scared, went away for a couple weeks and tried to get the nice sounding woman to call me up, say sorry and be really nice then offer me a measly £250. She also tried to rush me into agreeing.   
    • No it was about under by a couple grand.    Cheers
    • yes. Did you earn over £12,500  with that employer during the year?
    • No it was 1250L I guess that's the tax allowance limit code?    Cheers
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Help with Wonga ruining my credit file

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I am after some advice please if possible


Having had a number of loans with Wonga I eventually reached a point I could no longer afford to make the large payment back on my last loan, taken out in February of last year.


Before the payment was due at the end of March I raised a complaint of unaffordable lending and asked for a payment plan offering an amount I could afford to pay.


Wonga sent me an I&E sheet which I completed and sent back, then I heard nothing from them.


Next message was a couple of months later with a threat of court if I didn't pay,

which was a surprised as i'd offered an amount that they never came back to me on


After that a payment plan was agreed and I made 2 payment towards to loan.

In the meantime my complaint was rejected by Wonga,


sent to the FOS where it was upheld and Wonga agreed to a refund of £2.5k,

although £850 would be used to pay off the outstanding loan and all negative information removed from my credit account.

Not an issue, all sorted, balance was paid back to me at the start of October


In mid December I was contacted by Moorcroft about an outstanding loan with Wonga.

I logged into my Wonga account and it showed I still had an outstanding loan.


I then checked my Noddle report (I usually look at Experian but Wonga don't report to that).

My credit report showed not only was my loan not paid off,

but showed as defaulted in July.


I contacted Wonga who at first told me that the last loan hadn't been part of the arrangement (utter rubbish) but they would look into this.


Over the last few months of the year I had an MBNA credit card suspended and a catalogue account suspended due to "adverse information on my account"


Now Wonga have admitted they should have removed the loan and have asked Equifax and Call Credit to delete this.


Now that would be great if they hadn't done so much damage to my credit over the last 5 months.

Also looking at my Equifax file it shows my loan a month in arrears in Nov 2016 and then 2 months in Dec, up to 4 months in arrears.


All this before I even opened in the loan at the end of Feb.

The loan shows as AP (?) from March to June 2017 and then defaulted in July 2017, which is all total lies


Where do I stand with this?

I'm absolutely furious with Wonga,

but currently stuck in their 8 weeks complaints procedure (again),

but this whole saga is a shambles.


I have all of this documented on email.


Any advice would be great

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Do you have the letter confirming they should have removed this? This could be instrumental!

Do you have your historical credit files?


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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Thanks for the quick response


I have the confirmation email from the adjudicator on 31st August that stated what they should do.

They didn't argue with any of it.


They left the first 3 loans on my credit file, which was as the adjudicator said.

They confirmed to the FOS they would work to the proposal put to them by the adjudicator, this was on the 25th September.


I received the confirmation calculation on the 3rd October 2017 and that was the last communication I had from Wonga until Moorcroft emailed me on the 19th December.


In that time I received no phone calls (my mobile hasn't changed since 2005), no emails and no letters in the post.

Wonga claimed they had rang me and had a list of when, so I asked for a copy of this but was told I would have to pay £10 for SAR!


I have quite a lot of Experian credit files but Wonga don't report on there.

I only set Noddle back up once Moorcroft got in touch, and also my Equifax report (the last one I had is a fews years old unfortunately)

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In this instance i believe you have further recourse to make a complaint. This is all dependant however on the info from the below;


Over the last few months of the year I had an MBNA credit card suspended and a catalogue account suspended due to "adverse information on my account"


If their mistake has caused you great detriment, damages may be brought in the form of a MCOL Court Claim and taking this through the legal channels.


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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I have a screen shot of my Next account stating that it was suspended due to adverse info on my file.

I also spoke to MBNA who would not remove the suspension my credit card account for the same reason.

I have a letter from them telling me that this is why my account is suspended.


I no longer believe a word Wonga say, couldn't trust them to investigate my complaint properly and believe that no matter how much info I send them about the effect this has had on me, they aren't taking this seriously.


I suspect on Feb 15th when the 8 weeks is up I won't get a response as they are inundated with complaints.

I can't possibly think why!


I haven't even had an apology in writing yet.

Although I do get mad at times, and especially so with this,

i'm more than happy to get even, sadly this may have to be through MCOL.


I have no idea what a suitable compensation would be though.


Any ideas or cases studies would be great

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pers id be on the phone to the FOS tomorrow!!

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Hi dx, they won't do anything unless Wonga have had 8 weeks, as they view it as a separate complaint to my original one last year. I emails the adjudicator the second Moorcroft got in touch and to be fair to her, se responded straight away, chased up Wonga to see what they were doing (after the New Year) and emailed me back. She saw this as a new complaint but added the info to my original one.


If i don't get something I feel is a suitable response then I will be looking at a complaint with the FOS (although complaints seem to be taking 3 months to be picked up at the moment), send everything to the FCA and see what i can do through MCOL. I'm sure a newspaper or 2 might be interested too!

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