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    • Yes that was OK as it was through your account record.    
    • Only communicate with FM, never a DCA.   Not harassment, they can chase for amounts they believe are due under contract.   Why would they email asking if still in league ? Was there an issue before this ?
    • Heres an interesting question ... Do the Halifax send out these letters before doing due diligence and making sure there is no money owed to them, this does not apply to me, as surely sending out a letter like that and then doing due dilligence and stopping a payment after that letter must be wrong as well?    
    • Hi All, There are a few other threads on this forum regarding a 6-a-side league called Football Mundial(FM). Some have been charged for leaving the league early, late cancellation of games etc. (https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/387710-iconcollections-football-league-debt/?tab=comments#comment-4642466)   We had a few cancelled games, which we notified the league of in advance, where we were unable to field a team. I received an email asking if I was still in the league and 7 mins later received an invoice for leaving the league early plus cancellation charges amounting to >£400. Our team had not pulled out of the league. I was out of the country with No access to emails, and was unable to respond for a couple of weeks. I then received an email from Icon DCA requesting payment.   As we never left the league I wrote to FM and said I disputed it and that they cannot send DCA's after customers for false charges. Does this not constitute harrassment? They said that if we went back to the league, they would drop the charges, however after this treatment that is the last thing I want to do. I told them we would not be returning as a result of the treatment we have received and would not be paying.   They have now come back with some late cancellation charges and have still included the 'Leaving league' charge.   Now, the late cancellation charges are probably legit. We notified them about 12 hours in advance so they had time to notify the opponent. But after receiving a number of False charges in addition, I do not want to settle part of it and still be chased for the false part. It annoys me that they feel they can issues false charges and pressure people into paying up.   Am I being blind to my own wrong-doing here or am I in the right? Should I be concerned with this being taken to court? Should I write to the DCA?   Thanks! Gibbon  
    • I forgot to add I originally messaged them via there website which I still have access to . Was this Ok ? 
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Hi all,


Firstly, this is a great forum with very valuable content and discussion! I am a newbie but hope to add my input where i can in the near future!


I received a PCN from Brent Council a few days ago.

Images (attached) have been captured by a lanewatch CCTV camera

- that is actually not listed on their CCTV map (found on their website).

Perhaps it is not an 'approved' device?


They have 'apparently' captured my vehicle in a box junction,

but there are no clear pictures showing the number plate.

All of them are very blurry.


The last image in black is their only image which shows the number plate (i have scribbled over the letters)

but it is completely black and still does not show the vehicle in the box junction.

It looks like it may have been taken by another camera, but I cannot be 100% sure.


I have requested the video evidence, but I keep getting error messages online.


I wanted to know if I even have any grounds for appeal?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!





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these are stills from CCTV so seeing the entire thing will determine how long you were stationary if you were.


TfL and London councils have a code that allows minor transgressions

so knowing the time between the frames will tell if you were stopped longer than they allow and if you werent that is reason to appeal.


The whole footage should be a continuous thread to show it was indeed the same vehicle even if 2 cameras were used.


Now, there are 2 white cars that could be the subject of this attention

so you will need to see the whole thing to determine from the vehicles travelling towards you whether it has been wrongly interpreted.

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I successfully appealed two of these junction box notices a couple of years ago on the basis that the cameras were not approved devices.

Request the certification and then cross check with the department for transport.

My council sent me a link to a website listing a camera approved, but when checked with dft it transpired that the only approved device they had was their control room.

Ticket cancelled.

Things might have changed, but this could be a solution.

Junction boxes are just another cash cow.

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Moving traffic cameras dont need to be approved so you were very fortunate to get the PCN cancelled.

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Things must have changed.

I remember quoting the rta and it said approved device

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None of the Road Traffic acts cover moving traffic offences and never have done they are enforced using the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003. Approved devices are only required for parking offences enforced by camera.

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