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Ask HCP what is being typed?

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I had an interview with a health care professional ( HCP)


When I arrived the HCP said he had 'not' read my questionnaire form


This bothered me inside because i was hoping the HCP would be up to date

with my condition and i could then just reaffirm what i had said in the form and add a bit here and there.


On one of my first questions he asked me,

i decided to elaborate a bit,

to inform the HCP that my condition varies due to my depression and sleeping issues..

.but he interrupted and said

"i only want short answers such as yes or no."


I had no proper time to talk about my condition and how it effects my day to day tasks.

i was all lost.


I found a moment when he paused and I tried to explain the basics of how stress depression combined with lack of sleep greatly effects when i can get out the house and be confident.


i said politely "does this make sense"...

he said "no not really"!


he tried to move on without asking me to elaborate...


I turned to my mum and said:

did that make sense to you ?

and she said yes.

I speak quite clearly.

I was shocked he did not care to understand.


my mum tried to make notes on a pad in pen..

..he told my mum she was not allowed to take any notes as it could be used in court. so she put the pad away.


The HCP cared not one wit how my poor health effects my tasks, how it varies.

All he wanted to do was to type down what I could do at my best moments of health.

The fact that at times I am so tired i can't move or get out the house does not seem to matter.


I then decided to make it perfectly clear

" My depression and poor sleeping and stress greatly effects all my day to day activities. Will you write that on your report?"

he said "I don’t have to do that."


not only did he not read my questionnaire,

he also did not wish to type up my illness or care to understand.


The HCP also kept referring to my old questionnaire not my new one ( which he had not read).

kept asking me about my elbow ...

but that healed years ago I


said yes it is fine....yet 5 mins later..

"so your elbow. is it o.k now"?

i said yes and moved my elbow about, not a trouble.


But again..10 minutes later he asks..." your elbow? its o.k? "

it is was just so weird

that was from an old questionnaire also.

surely the new one should be the most important?


it was a very sharp, short and bitter interview. approx 25-30mins

I was not asked at the end: would you like to add anything?

I had a page full of items i wanted to say and my questionnaire content had hardly been touched upon.


there was no care and I do not think at all professional, just bitterness, i dont think he wanted to be there. and hated his job.


i am glad i had a witness even though neither of us was allowed to write anything down.



i did say to the effect:

this is unfair you are just writing things down I can do 'at my best' without including how my poor health effects me too..

You just want to get me in the job que or cut my benefit.


he then said:

We can cancel the interview now if you like?

I said:

Well, that would not be a good idea as i would lose my benefit. I think you know that!?

so we carried on.


Thanks for reading and for any advice.


: )

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You need to make a formal complaint to ATOS with a copy to DWP, don't wait for the outcome of your claim. I'm guessing your claim is for PIP, in which case you may find this document https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/519119/personal-independence-payment-handbook.pdf illuminating, as it spells out how HCPs should conduct the assessment and includes specific reference to the claimant or a companion being entitled to take notes.


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You need to make a formal complaint....


Hello thank you very much for your reply!! I was so lost and confused this evening. you sparked me back to life. : )


I am on ESA support group being reassessed


but I found a WCA handbook which i think is relevant to the ESA


wca-handbook-july-2016. (cant post link as i am new to forum)



154 of 255


4.1.4 Taking of Notes during an Assessment by Claimant or Companion

From time to time you may encounter a situation where the claimant is

accompanied by a companion and either the claimant or companion may wish

to take notes during the assessment.Persons who are entitled to be in

attendance are always entitled to take notes.


This is because it is for

their own purposes and not an official record of the process.

To attempt to deny the right to do so is likely to be contrary to Human

Rights legislation. "


he either made up his own rules or lied to us..he said he did not want us having notes in case it went to court! can you believe? I knew we were in trouble then.


I must say I was so thrown off course by this person, I felt I failed the interview through bad nerves as i did not know what to say as i did not know what he knew as he did not read my questionnaire. I wonder if he is required by law to actually read it? he said he did not read it because it included extra notes on the social and going out sections. i included 1 1/2 singled a4 pages, he said it was too much for him to read and he read nothing as a result.there was no cue outside no rush and the interview was short. plenty of time to read it. : /


thank you again. :)

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Amazing there are rules the HCP must read all evidence ( my esa50 questionnaire is Vital! )_!!


this HCP was not doing his job at all.


Thank you again for your support.


very much appreciated !

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I guessed you were on PIP because of the reference to ATOS as they don't do ESA assessments any more. Check your correspondence, it should be Maximus who you need to complain to, but do use the WCA handbook for back up.


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hi there


I wonder is it best to place a complaint before the decision is made?


My parents say I should wait until after, so we can see what she has written.


Thank you for your help.

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I would make the initial complaint immediately, particularly regarding not letting you answer properly, not having read your form and not letting your companion take notes. It would be fine to add that further complaints may follow when you receive a copy of the report. If you wait until after the decision then you run the risk of your complaint being dismissed as disappointment with the result, though hopefully you will get the result you should anyway.


When you do get the decision, you will need to ask for a copy of the report to be sent to you.


"If you want my parking space, please take my disability" Common car park sign in France.

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during an assessment is it possible to request what is being typed on the computer?


A patient could say during an assessment : i felt fine yesterday and could do many tasks but that is a rare day for me, most days i feel very unwell and unable to cope.


the HCP could type only: 'felt fine yesterday could do many tasks with ease!'


I wonder,


can the patient ask what section the HCP is currently on and after that section is over request clarification on what has been typed on each of the sections?


Also can a patient take along notes or even a copy of the ESA50 and follow along, so to not miss any vital information.


thank you for help.

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Firstly for the puropses of the ESA WCA you are not regarded as the paitent as far as the DWP are concerened ,

even though GP's and other types of HCP's all agree to undertake what resembles the old outdated Hippocratic oath


those DR's registered with the GMC agreed to under take such agreements at the time they registered to pratise ,

and one part of their undetaking was to regard you or i as their patient regardless of if they where conducting a benefits assessment or occupational welfare assessment,


we are still the patient,

and they have a duty of care as set out in their guidence the likes of MaxiFARCE won't advertise this fact,


Question is

how many HCP's ignore what they signed up to undertake when they registered?

And how can those who have been named and shamed?

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That seems to take the original question off on a tangent but interesting all the same.


I think the HCP's are trained to understand the WCA handbook and they are tested on it.


The WCA is a very well written manual that cares for unwell people.


'Some' HCP's are then 'perhaps' led into another room and told to ignore as much as they feel safe to do so in order to aid a DM to steer toward whatever conclusion he or she wishes.


That is what it seems. Or they are working for a commission, to reach set targets, a Christmas bonus?


We did not see anything in the manual regards the rights of a patient requesting to know what is being typed on screen so to confirm there and then, to make alterations if needed. but we may have missed that part?


This is important else the HCP will type what he or she likes.


Unless a patient wish to give up his/her voice and privacy via an audio recording too?


As a witness at an interview to such events is not adequate for a DM on every occasion.

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Maxi farce don't want you treated as the patient ,

they give dr's ect a short reprogramming /training period so they act differently (well that's the idea, )


some of their HCP's usually DR's still retain their compassion and common sense and apply that @ these farces they call WCA's


the test is not fit for purpose

the BMA has condemned it in the past,


by just attending the WCA can mean you are found ffw,

just as answering the door to quickly on a home visit can ,

that is how unfit it really is


But to answer your question,


there is no harm in asking to see what they have input onto their LIMA system,

it's likely they will object but as they say you don't get if you don't ask

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