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    • I'm not sure what help you need.  Also I don't think anyone is blaming you - they're simply asking for more information and clarity from you in order to try to assist.  (Difficult for you if English is not your first language).   As I understand it, the staff at the gate did offer you a refund but because you were not entirely satisfied with their attitude there was an "exchange of views" and you got escorted off the station without the refund.  Correct?   I'd simply write to the TOC's customer service people and ask for a refund.  Explain everything simply and in chronological order including what type of ticket you did or did not buy (you could perhaps use my post #27 as an outline but leave out my question about why the ticket office could not refund you).  I don't know what you say about being escorted off the station - perhaps that there was confusion because English is not your first language and the gate staff must have believed you were being too confrontational?  I don't know...   I would not complain about the gate staff and I would not raise the issue of how many other people this may happen to.   Just concentrate on getting the refund
    • You have clearly had a lot of difficulties in your life and this has caused many problems. however in order for us to assist you, we're going to need a proper bullet point chonology. I'm very sorry but there is too much narrative here and although I can see that it is very important you personally. It is very unhelpful in trying to understand the story. please could you set it out again but this time avoid the narrative. We simply can't handle it    
    • The revenue protection officer worked for a train operating company.  If you know which Train company it is, go to their website and look for their complaints process.  Then submit the complaint with full details and copies of the tickets.     
    • Why aren't you recording your calls?   Please monitor this thread for a fuller reply over the weekend    
    • Why I went back:   Eventually, after being detained too long against my will. I paid the higher fare due to threats of a fine and in effort to gain my right to freedom: I then went through the turn-styles and on my visit to the booking/box office(aka: the main ticket booth on the way out) The man said I had to go back to the turn-styles to get my refund as he said it was a different system.   I asked him to come with me. He said he could not, i asked him to hold my hand. (English term of phrase). I did not want him to actually hold my hand.   He understood that and refused as he was on shift.    That is why I had to go back. I made an account here to seek help for me and other passengers. The site admin of this forum constantly tried to pass blame onto me. for many days. I cant explain how stressful this has been after the stress of the incident.   Can you please help me?                
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important research into car parking planning consent published

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A retired lawyer by the name of Robert Ransome has published his research into the planning consents or lack of them for all the private car parks he knows exist.


It is clear that in most of the places no PP exists and is required by law

so the arguments we have used here have been reinforced by his work and the ParkingPranksters commentary on the whys and wherefores.


There is alos some clarification over whether retrospective permission can be given and the answer is NO

so those who got caught out by Parking Eye's lies have recourse to remedy if they wish to choose it.


the problem is that you have to get the local trading standards people interested and they rarely look into matters that are of little concern as far as things like public safety go but it is always worth getting a compaint lodged so they can collect the data for the future.


The research is linked to the parking pranksters web page ( the dot com, not the blog) but is linked via the blogspot.


My first fight with a private parking co was with Parking Eye over a NTK issued at Lidl in Addiscome Rd Selsdon more than 7 years ago.

I took them on regarding the lack of PP and was helped by the fact that Lidl's main car park used to be the pub next door they flattend but failed to tell the Valuations Agency and the local council so a relatively easy victory


it set the scene for how the parking companies hide behind the skirt tails of the landowner when they are threatened with having to pay business rates for being there ( Lild forgot to tell the council and VA that they had turned the pub into a car park so the land hadnt been assessed for business rates).


I know the upshot was that PE just passed the buck and Lidl landed a bill for another £50k on their rates becasue they denied that it was a separate business.

I suppose Lidl paid up as they could then give PE the boot if they desired to do so but my gut feeling is that the contract was so poorly worded they didnt fancy testing it.


So, look up the relevant place and even if your ticket is from a hotel or residential development the law is the same, they need PP, even if it is given on the nod upon application.

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