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    • urm the link in my post…..
    • Hi, where do I find the standard sticky please, I’ve looked but I think I am missing it 🙄
    • Hi Rei and thanks for the update.   Your post confirms what we're telling folk all the time - Harlands/CRS, Zinc and their pet "solicitors" continue to make demands but they fail to do anything substantial to back up their threats.   Hence our continuing advice to NOT respond to demands by letter, email or phone, because they'll do nothing that will affect your credit rating, or that will force you to pay.  
    • Hi GHL and welcome to CAG   You now have your own thread to use from here on ( to avoid hijacking someone else's thread where you first posted).   I assume there were 2 separate m/ships and not a joint m/ship, but please confirm.   I hope you've read other threads here which should help you understand how Harlands/CRS operate. They use every opportunity to make far more money from missed payments and penalty fees, than what they make from taking a percentage fee from ongoing monthly gym fees.   Yours was a rolling monthly m/ship so you only needed to give them notice to quit but there was no minimum 12 month term. Hence all you owe them is £19.99 each.   Write a letter to Harlands, each of you :- 1. Offering to pay the £19.99 for the notice period you failed to give 2. Offer valid for 14 days only. 3. Offer withdrawn if they fail to accept, or if they demand any higher amount.   Post a draft of your letter here first so we can check it.    Letter(s) should be sent from the PO and get a free Certificate of Posting from the PO Counter.  
    • King I fully understand the mother was living there on her own and only one named on the tenancy agreement.   As for your comment that after informed of the passing in a few days they pack tenants belongings and store them and change the locks this I completely disagree with.   In my are the different HA (and there are many) in a scenario like this will:   Communicate with the executor/family member once informed of bereavement informing them of any succession rights, property to be handed back ( 28 days on being informed of above) if unable to must notify the HA to ask for an extension.   After the 28 days if no contact the HA will then follow its Abandonment Policy.   If contact made after 28 days and no extension has been granted HA will then go to court to claim property back.   Once this is done and no contact off to court to claim property back only then will the enter the property unless in an emergency or legally required i.e. gas safety inspection even then may need to go to court for that to get access.      
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FSCS Decision letter on Pension

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Dear those who have had decision letter or have Knowledge


The letter said my lost was £80,000 (this is what my pension would be worth)

however the amount they put as transferred was the amount my new current pension is worth £40,000(this is what they awarded me)

however at the time of transfer the amount was £19,000 NOT £40,000.


I am lead to believe that my current pension should not be used as a decision. Only the pension at the time of transfer.


Were they right to use my current pension figure as the amount transferred when it £19,000. less broker fees


My current pension is not income guaranteed it an shared investment policy


They also didn't take in to consideration life insurance attached or brokers or life time brokers fee attached to my pension


Do I need to make a separate claim for life insurances attached to my pension.

I was lead to believe this should of been included in the calculations


Any examples of FSCS Decision well be appreciated feel free to change figures and name


Dear all



The FSCS used my current pension figure as a lost sum however this was not the amount transferred and the model for this pension is not the same as the pension it was transferred from.



They did not include my life insurances attached to my pension or life time brokers fees.






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Hello there.


I've merged your threads, it's best to stick with one.


Can you type up their calculations please, minus any identifiable information? It could help people to advise you.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Notional transfer value of Civil Service


Pension scheme benefits


£73,995.68 £73,995.68


Valuation of Scottish Widows Pension




£38,524.98 £35500


£73,995.68 £38,524.98 £35,500


Net Lodgements: £35,470.70


Add Interest Equivalent Sum: £0.00


Eligible Amount: £35,500


Less Abatement: £0.00


Total Compensation Payable: £35,500

Total Compensation Paid To Date: £0.00


Total Payment Due: £35,500


The original amount was £21,000,

the new amount of £38,000 is what my pension is now.

Please note I wasn't in the civil service


This does not include my occupation life insurance attached my old pension or life broker fee deductible attached to my current pension.

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so they owe you £35k


All the other valuations, benefits and deductions are taken into account so it matter not what things were

but they are supposed to use an equivalent value to place you into the same position as though you had never left the other scheme.


you claim what is at the bottom of the page, namely £35.5k


Once you retire the life insurance goes out the window so not a consideration

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Thank for your reply.


I'm not retired

my pension was transferred out to another pension provider without good advice


my current pension it's in more of a share type pension scheme

meaning that my pension will not be guaranteed

it can go up or down;


where as with the occupational pension that pension rate is guaranteed at the end of my retirement


I'm to believe that my life insurance would still remain on my pension despite me not actually being within the Civil Service until retirement.

This should of been taken into consideration and they should not of used my current pension scheme as a basis to value my pension


only the amount that was transferred into it

which was £21,000


considuring it was at a loss due to the property crash


I'm confused how this figure can be used.

Edited by vizkij

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Hello there.


Have you asked the FSCS to explain how they did their calculations? You're in the area of actuarial science and I'd be surprised if CAG has anyone who's qualified in that.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Yes I have.

And having done my own research life insurance (it is also on their example on their website, and guidance)

life insurance must be also included in calculations if on the policy at the time of transfer.


Unless you had to be in the job at the time?

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was this old gov't 6% super annuation scheme and you serp'd out in 1992

when thatcher allowed millions of people to be sc@mmed out of their future pensions by the offer of a £200 backhander



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here

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the life insurance bit disappears when you are no longer paying into the scheme BUT there is an extra payout to dependants if you die withn a short time of retiring. This would apply to those members who were not still actively contributing as well but since you moved your pot out them wouldnt apply.

Go back to the FSCS and tell them that SW have failed to apy the right amount into your pot as instructed. stop going on about the life insurance, it is a red herring and may end up costing you.

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Dx100UK; Hi no; yes heard about it.


Ebrother 09:55

Hi thank for this. Kind regards

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