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Howdy, folks!


I bought a photo frame off Amazon for £13.99.

It's pretty nice, and intended as one of my dad's Christmas presents.


it's turned up with broken glass.



I emailed the seller asking for an exchange,

the seller asked if it was usable and if so they'd give me a 35% refund. Fair enough.

I looked into how much it would cost me to replace the glass with either glass or Perspex.

Turns out I can get Perspex for around £13,

I told them that 35% wouldn't work for me,

I'd rather have either an exchange or a full refund.


The seller came back offering a 50% refund,

I explained that receiving that kind of refund doesn't cover me for replacing the glass,

and again asked for an exchange or a refund.


They're current saying 60%. What they said was this:


I understand your concern.

the item is not any use for us now as it cannot sold ahead as brand new.


It would also save you the hassle of returning and then waiting for the return to received in warehouse and then send you another one.

I would prefer you to accept the offer for partial refund of 60%.


I hope you would understand


i'm not really tempted to accept this offer,

but it's winding me up that because the defective item is no use to the client,

they think I should pay them to keep it.


How would you respond to this?

I'm going to ask for a full refund,

but I'm wondering if they're going to just come back to me with "How about 70%?

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Full refund.

Nothing more, nothing less.

It matters not a jot if they cant sell the item. In transit damaged. Tell them to make a claim against the courier

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Are you not able to complain directly to Amazon?


By the way, who is the reseller?

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they are utterly wrong

but sounds like a company that does dropshipping or uses a distribution hub here but is based abroad

so dont want to understand or get involved in returns because they are messing on someone else's doorstep.


Insist on a retrun for a full refund and let amazon know their agent isnt performing to the law of the land they are doing business in and you expect them to sort the mess out if the seller wont.

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how did you pay amazon?



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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