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Finance Train / MDX Solutions / What is going on?!

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This will be a long post, so bare with me on this.


A few weeks ago, my mother received a letter from Amigo loans.

Strangly enough,

telling her to confirm her details for her recent loan application.


Pretty strange,

I mean we've heard of them but NEVER used them or even been on their site.

I decide to ring up, find out what it's about (maybe its a mistake or error). NOPE.


They recieved a application from a company called Express Finance.

Again, never heard of them.


But amigo gave us the contact information for them,

and took mum off their system.

And we rang Express Finance.


Again, they had an application/information sent to them from yet another company, Finance Train.

They told us they'd take the information off their system.


We then decided to contact finance train, whom we came to notice were a loan broker.

And this is where it all begins...


I myself decided to try and email them

I had any information from them written down

(incase it went further than them as this was getting bizzare now).


Every single email address on their website came back not sent. Every. Single. One.


i'll ring them?



Their phone always (no matter what time of day) goes through as if ringing and then just says 'our offices are shut.


Please call again during buisness hours'.


Well, what hours are those?


You're a UK based company,

working normal buisness hours but I can never get hold of ANYONE.

So by now, i'm a little mad.


We find the FCA authority number and have a quick look if they're still trading.

They are, and another company shows up but its MDX solutions.


Apparently, Finance Train is a trading style of MDX solutions


i think, Okay,

email MDX solutions.

Someone there should direct me to the right place at least.

I emailed on the 4th Nov.

I'm still waiting.


Now all this sounds a little weird by now as it is,

I decided to look into the companies listed with MDX solutions and there's a few in total.


2 have the same website,

a few colour changes,

and my favourite part about one of them is that it has

'This is a paragraph'

written on their privacy policy,

you know,

just incase I didn't understand the concept of a paragraph.


Every company on there which is a loan broker has the same number for customer services, and same style of email address '[email protected]'.

The other websites, have a different number to these, but again, their numbers match (little bit odd to say the least).


All these companies are registered to flats in London

(or at least MDX solutions is, but on the 'contact us page' the address is that exact same one.

And looking at the person who managed MDX solutions

(who has his own website for his new company)

seems very proud of having 5 companies who have gotten FCA approval by him

(I know because of a blog post on their telling me all about it).


This all seems very weird to say the least.


Has ANYONE else had dealings with MDX solutions or Finance Train

(Or even a company linked with them)

because I really REALLY want to get to the bottom of this.


(PS mother has NEVER used a broker in her life,

she has had a loan before but we did ring the company to ensure they didn't pass those details on to a broker or in general and they informed us they do not do that what so ever.

They're a fairly large company as well so I tend to trust what I have been told by them)

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welcome to the murky world of pdl's etc, one co with alot of fingers in alot of pies.


who was the loan with before.


don't trust them to say they haven't passed on details


maybe a formal complaint to amigo as they were the ones that actually wrote to you.


if it escalates to fos for eg they shld be required to formally disclose their 'source'.




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has someone used her details to take out a loan in her name?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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They've attempted to put through an application for a loan with her name,

i believe old bank details and old phone number.


We don't know if its someone who's leaked the information (IE the loan company she has used but if it related back to them,

i have an email stating they haven't done it

which means I'll be speaking to the FCA and ombudsman about that if it ends up being them).


We also received back in the start of November a letter from British Gas stating we had set up a plan with them regarding gas I believe it was

(we're with eon and have been for as long as I remember).

Mums name, old bank info, address, but NOT email address.


It was cleared up with british gas (and something HAD been set up, it wasn't a marketing thing at all, they confirmed that).

It's just a whole lot of weird things all around the same time now and its really infuriating

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sounds like identity theft to me.


what about actionfraud?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Actionfraud just said they'd look into it.


We rang them as soon as we got the british gas letter.


I don't know exactly what they've done so far but probably a whole lot of nothing.


I've currently taken myself down a huge rabbit hole to do with these companies (MDX) and found a lot of interesting stuff out however

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Could you post up a PDF of the Finance Train Letter? (removing any identifiable information)


The reason I ask the above as in doing my research there is Financetrain.co.uk under mdx solutions but also Finance train.com that has littile information so we really need to clarify this.


I think it may also be worth your mum just checking her credit file to see what is says, there are free one's she can register with:







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We didn't get a letter from finance train,

but a letter from amigo which stated that the information came from finance train,

which was confirmed by amigo via telephone, and as well as express finance as well (whom were the first people in that little chain to get the details from them).


It is the financetrain.co.uk that passed on the details however, not financetrain.com from what I remember


Also another little update,


after emailing and checking noddle as well and noticing probably close to 20 different companies either running scans, emailing, phoning and texting regarding loans, we've come to find the source of where the information came from


. It is one of the bigger named companies (I wont mention whom yet as they're currently looking into it on their side of things, which we know can take up to 8 weeks under the Financial Ombudsman guidelines).


We are not yet 100% sure if this information was sent out without my mothers knowledge or permission (from what we were told on the phone, there's a check box and if its checked, information MAY be sent to 3rd parties but from reading information on their site, they waver all responsibility to what they do with it).


The only check box we've seen on the site (going through it as if we were making an application) is one that has to be manually checked rather than unchecked.


My mother has said she wouldn't have checked anything that said they'd send information out, but we were not told on the phone whether she had or not when we spoke to them.


I think we have another week or so before they contact us again with their findings (I believe the complaints procedure said they'd email within 2 weeks off the initial complaint with their sort of response and what they want to do).


We did make the financial ombudsman aware of it as soon as we found out, and as soon as we hear back, if it is a case of the company sending details to 3rd party companies without consent, it will be passed on to action fraud as well as anyone else it needs to be passed to.


Either way, this is driving me slightly insane, and it's becoming more of an annoyance when companies are refusing to respond to the initial emails sent out.


Some i've had to send a follow up stating that unless we receive a response within 8 weeks it's getting passed onto the proper regulators because it's just a nightmare.


Some of the companies have traded under different names which have been told to cease lending by the FCA just for them to make new companies and do it all again, with the same people in charge. But I digress.


Hopefully we'll find out what's actually happened, but I have a feeling it's going to be swept under the rug or not looked into fully by these companies. (SOME however, have been very helpful and understanding, quick to respond and do everything they possibly can to help)

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