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NCP Windscreen PCN - Milton Keynes

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I received a parking ticket from NCP in Milton Keynes at the end of August.


I had paid by phone as I always do there


I have a picture of my car next to the sign for with NCP on it and the phone number which was the same as the one I always use.


It appears that this payment went through to the other carpark operator in the area

I have proof of payment on my bank statement.


I had a ticket on the car.


I appealed online as soon as I got home absolutely infuriated.

I didn't hear anymore and quite honestly forgot about it thinking they took their time replying.


Last week I received a letter from a debt collector asking for £160.

I rang them and their only advice was to ignore all letters util I got taken to court .

They couldn't help me even though i felt I had evidence


Do I carry on ignoring and it will all go away??

I have never been in this position but am furious enough not to want to pay nor will I .


Where do I go from here.


I contacted MK council parking department and have just received an e mail telling me they didn't issue the ticket so can't advise.



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why have you not received the notice to keeper


never ever ring a DCA


and have



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No idea why I didn't receive that.


I assume it is different to the actual parking ticket?


I have no experience with DCA so had no idea and was so infuriated and upset I rang them straight away.


However I have contacted BPA and await their reply.


Totally incensed to be honest. It's plain ridiculous .

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link please...


you said you had a windscreen ticket

that's the PCN.


between 29 - 56 days they should have sent a notice to keeper

unless ofcourse you already shot yourself in the foot by stating YOU were driving..




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Well I suppose i did because I appealed.


Really I wouldn't have had a clue .


As far as I was aware they had given me a fine for something I had paid for


I got onto them straight away and filled in the appeal form.


No idea if I admitted I was driving,


just that I had paid the fee and could prove it


Sadly it's an online e mail on their site so I don't have a record of it.

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Is this at Xscape MK ?

If it is there are 2 companies running the parking , the areas are separated by a pavement .And the stupid part about it is , thay have placed their ticket machines back to back .

Very easy to get caught out .

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No it' not.


However it was outside John lewis and I assume it's the same. .


If you saw my picture of my car with the sign by it you would know why I rang the number.


BUT the number I rang on the sign also has NCP underneath it, It's odd.

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your car and you paid the fee and phoned them >

That is admitting being the driver or at least being in control of the vehicle so contract is with you, not anyone else.


However, that doesnt make their claim any more valid,

you paid and that is that.


BUT to help clear up the mess you need to go back,

park up as you were and take pictures of the car,


note where it was in relation to the signs and meters,

photograph the machines and pay attention to any signage there.


It may well be that NCP are wrong about the location and their machinery is churning out dud tickets but that isnt your problem, you paid.


If the matter is reversed you can sue them for not allowing you quiet enjoyment of the parking period but your loss will be so small it wont be worth it.

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