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Dynorod thru B Gas servicecare caused major leak, can anyone help plse?

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Please can someone help,

I feel I am slowly going mad!


I had a nightmare here Thursday night,

Dynorod had come out three times this week to do little jobs,

(The 2nd job on Wednesday they were here 6 hrs to fit just a couple of toilet handles and another small job!)


on Thursday they came to fix a dripping bath tap,

the plumber was obviously in a rush


, soon after he left I spotted a large water stain on the carpet,

looked up and water was starting to stain a large area on various parts of the living room ceiling, streaming down the patio doors and walls,


curtains were soaked & are ruined, weatherboard soaking, and this was with rusty water of course.


After phone calls to them where I was promised someone would be out very soon, an emergency plumber from Dynarod arrived an hour and a half later,


poked 3 in the ceiling to let the horrible orange water through,

2 and a half bucketfuls,


my daughter came over as I was in a bit of a state, it's a right mess.


He fixed the problem,

which was that the original plumber hadn't tightened the taps that he replaced!

They have to come back to fit the bath panel back on when it's dry inside.


Now they've caused another dripping tap which they'll have to fix but I can't handle it at the moment, they'll have to do it one day next week.


Dynorod came out again on Saturday at my request as I asked for a dehumidifier, which I was informed he would definitely bring (he didn't and said they never carried them on their van) & said section of ceiling will have to be removed and redone,


I don't know if there's asbestos in the ceiling as I was told by an assessor years ago when I claimed on my insurance for something else that there could be.


If that's the case the whole ceiling in the living room, up the stairs and the landing will have to be removed (so he said) as it's open plan.


I'm so stressed and the house stinks.

I haven't a clue how long sorting it out is going to be and I'm sitting upstairs every day but can still smell the horrible damp.


The plumber on Saturday said it's not a healthy environment to live in as it's so damp. I can already feel that I am breathing in the damp and feel a bit chesty.


I have just come off the phone to British Gas complaints,

I said that before that part of the ceiling is pulled down I need to know if there's asbestos up there but they refuse to sort that out and say it's something I would need to pay for myself

- even though they caused the damage in the first place! well, Dynorod did.


I told her I haven't got the money to pay for an asbestos survey

- I started drawing my pension last week

- and she just repeated that they won't cover that.


Now I don't know what to do.

I will get a call apparently within 48 hours from the 'damage team'

but if they want to start cutting that part of the ceiling out without checking to see if there's asbestos, yet they won't check!


Please can someone help?

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there will not be asbestos in your ceiling unless it is a 1960's tower block that wasnt stripped out in the 80's or 90's so stop fretting about that.


Your worrying over somehting that isnt actually there will only cause you more delays so forget about it.

Get in touch with your insurers regarding assessing the damage if Dynorod wont come out

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Hi ericsbrother,

sorry but I know that to be wrong.


My daughter had a leak through her ceiling caused by a plumber (not Dynorod) accidentally going through a pipe.

Her house was built in 1980.

They came out to check for asbestos first,

discovered it was there,

the whole ceiling had to be taken down.


My house was built in 1981 and I know from all that I've found out about asbestos since this happened that although it was banned late 1970, some houses were still being built in the early 80s with asbestos in the ceiling.

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OK, you stick with that thought and get nowhere then.


Ask yourself this though,

if there is asbestos in your ceiling where is it,

how did it get there and why would it be there.


Asbestos has never been added to plasterboard,

just 2 types of tile and they were not used in domestic buildings other than as a retrofit in HMO's.


There were glass fibre and plaster tiles made later than the asbestos/plaster/fibre ones but they are too heavy for domestic ceilings.


Your average asbestos asessor has been shown how to use one of 2 types of machine that indicate the presence of asbestos

and one of those merely indicate particles of any sort that have the same characteristics

so often produces false positives.


You need someone who has done a bit of mineralogy to be able to characterise the stuff properly.

Simple when you know how and have the right equipment

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Thank you for your reply,

but if my daughter's ceiling had asbestos when it was built late 1980,

why wouldn't mine,

built less than one year later?


Admittedly anything I know about asbestos has been what I have found on the internet but they have been UK sites and all seem to say the same thing.


Plus you say they were too heavy for ceilings,

but I go back again to my daughter's house.



why when I claimed on my insurance for a totally unrelated incident years ago,

when we were talking about the age of the houses on the estate the assessor said to me that if I ever had a problem with any leaks

- a friend on the other side of the estate at the time had a leak through her ceiling

- I would need to have an asbestos check done.

I remember saying at the time,

fingers crossed I don't then.


So can you explain that please?

A non aggressive reply would be appreciated.

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If you have a textured ceiling, it will most likely be Artex which was very popular in the 1970/80s. Unfortunately, one of the ingredients of Artex (and other textured coatings) was asbestos until the use of asbestos was banned in 1999. That said, many manufacturers were phasing out the use of asbestos in their products in the mid 1980s.



The only way to confirm (or not) the presence of asbestos is to get a sample tested. There are several companies that will provide a test kit and report for around £30.



Even if asbestos is identified in a sample, it does not mean all the ceilings have to be removed. Patching the damaged area and then skimming the entire ceiling will encapsulate any asbestos and is a recognized method of containment.





No... you can't eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.

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Thank you for your reply Mr P.

So this disputes ericsbrother's post then.

Yet he made me look like an idiot for questioning it!


You say the damaged area would be patched and then the entire ceiling would be skimmed,

when Dynorod came out to have another look on Saturday,

he simply said that that part of the ceiling would be removed and replaced and painted over.

He didn't mention skimming the whole ceiling.

I'm worried that I'm going to be taken for a ride by British Gas/Dynorod,

I live on my own.


Also Mr P, as I mentioned,

my daughter's ceiling was found to have asbestos and the WHOLE ceiling had to come down, not just where the leak was.

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