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Welome FInance Secured Loan :(

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Hi Folks, I hope someone can provide me with some helpful advice!


Several years ago my husband passed away after a long illness with cancer.


I am now in a position where my daughter and I would like to move home.


Cut a long story short about how I found out but it appears my husband took a loan out with Welcome Finance some years ago (approx. 11 years ago) which was somehow without me knowing secured on our property (joint names, now in my sole now since he died).


At the time he would of been in full time employment.

I have since found in his paperwork some information relating to this

and where it says homeowner signature he has signed my first initial and married surname.

At the time we would not have been married.


I have only ever had one letter from anyone who he owed this much money to and on the letter it said £27k.

I returned it with a letter and copy of his death certificate and heard nothing since from welcome or anyone else at all in relation to this


on investigating further the charge is under the name of Progressive Financial.

I assume this is their parent company.

The paperwork I have found suggests the loan was for £10k.

The charge is obviously considerably more, I presume this is interest.


I have loads of questions obviously.


THe first one being is this a legal charge since I was joint owner and didn't sign the loan agreement at all.


Secondly, if it does turn out its legal and the charge is on the property can I get it taken off now he has died and the property is in my sole name?


If not,

then the paperwork I have found suggests he took out a hefty payment protection and critical illness cover which should have covered him for when he left work surely and subsequently passed away.


can find no evidence of him having made any payments at all towards this loan and never have any correspondence from them.

It was also not on his credit file nor mine.


I'm worried about contacting them to ask about everything as feel it may open a can of worms and they will want their money and/or repossess force me to sell my home. Can they do that?

What would happen if they did?


Bit of a strange one but obviously if i'm going to sell my home this will make a big difference to the amount of equity I have in it and my ability to move!


Any advice gratefully received!!


Thanks in advance!


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progressive finance were one of their spin offs to fleece more people out of PPI etc etc.

as you've found.


your issue here is he forged your sig so I would expect the loan and the charge is in both names


welcome still exist, but most progressive finance loan were sold to Prime/Alpha credit


can we see the text of the charge please verbatim as its written [minus pers info ofcourse]

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Thankyou for the reply. I will dig out what i have on the charge listing and post.


He didnt forge my signature as such.


I dont want to use my real name for obv reasons so lets pretend my maiden name was smith and my married name was gardener.


The agreement has my details as S Gardener.

At that point i wad still s smith we wernt married.


The only S Gardener at that point was our then 18 month old daughter!


Does that make a difference?


In effect their agreement has totally the wrong name on it!

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