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    • Hi there, the company name on the bit of paper is:   Bristow & Sutor   Says the total amount £990.49 and this includes £235 enforement stage fees,  The CTAX was owed to North Tyneside Council. The guy also said that it wasn't just for CTAX. Other debts were combined.   I did leave other debts behind too when I moved. Perhaps a utility bill, credit card debts and a Provi doorstep loan.   I think the guy said that he would be back Saturday too. This is what I'm trying to avoid multiple visits. Don't want my mam to get upset.   Thanks for the help.   Bear
    • Hi   Just to be clear a Tenant cannot refuse to pay rent after they have signed your Tenancy Agreement for the property irrespective if they are claiming no hot water for xx weeks especially when you have evidence to the contrary.   As they are now 2 months in arrears they have breached your tenancy agreement and you could go down the section 8 route for the rent arrears to evict your tenant and the letting agent you employed should be fully aware of this.   The hot water issue sounds more like the tenant didn't have a clue how to operate the heating system within your property   Has the Letting Agent informed this Tenant about the rents arrears and their Guarantor who would also be liable for the rents arrears?   Now the Tenant that wants to leave early as there is no 'Break Clause' in your Tenancy Agreement signed they would have to negotiate with you the Landlord to leave early as they are then in breach of that signed Tenancy Agreement.   Now before doing any of this is they have paid a Deposit it should be protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and they should have been give a copy of that deposit schemes prescribed terms.
    • So a bit of an update as I haven’t posted for a while   I have received a court date of the 14th of Feb 2020 (maybe they will take me for a nice meal afterwards?) so I am starting to prepare my witness statement.    today I have received a letter from BW legal in response to my CPR letter yet again ignoring the fact that their T&Cs do not cover double parking. They are also now starting to hint that I was parked out of the bay yet the images provided on their evidence of the three tickets they are claiming for don’t evidence this as they are such bad quality.  stapled to the back of this is another letter. As a “gesture of good will”, the client is offering an out of court settlement figure of £500 payable in the next 5 days. Me thinks they are starting to realise they may not have a leg to stand on here!
    • firstly , they are not a Debt collector [never confuse the two - a DCA chasing consumer credit debt is totally powerless and have ZERO legal powers to do or take anything - they have no more legal powers than you or I do ] these will be bailiffs and do they have legal powers.   However, the good bit is that unlike what you might have seen on TV, for a council CTAX liability order [please confirm there is or NOT a CCJ registered check your creit file] there is NO right of forced entry. The bottom line is, bar all the arm waving, is, that if you simply totally ignore them, they will eventually go away.   Now what they can do is two fold on CTAX. basically add fees to a set limit.   the first is a notice of enforcement letter. this comes with a fee of £75 and gives you 7 days to set up some sort of payment plan.   the second is an actual visit, where by a further fee of £235, whereby the fees are now £310 , the maximum they can ever add to the CTAX bill. this is typically accompanied by a threat to removed goods, it's cleverly worded or 'explained' to make you 'think' they can waltz in any take anything they like. THEY CANNOT unless YOU let them in. which you don't, nor leave doors unlocked as they can then enter through what is called 'peaceful entry'.   in real term, the seizure of goods is limited to stuff outside like cars YOU might own that are not behind locked gates.   so i'm not too sure what stage you are at  so please clarify. the name of the bailiff company. how much you now owe the county council the CTAX is owed too.   if you have any/all paperwork please scan it to PDF  after redaction - read our upload guide]   one last point. they don't keep coming around they don't keep ringing. neither of those gander them anymore money so they don't bother.   dx      
    • Hi Everybody I moved into my parents house quite recently. My mam is aged and extremely ill (it's just me and her living in the house) and I moved from the North to the South of England to take care of her.   Now I've got a CCJ against me for unpaid Council tax from when I was living in the North and a debt collector has just showed up at the door. Now I don't have the money to pay the entire amount straight away. But I'm willing to try and enter in some kind of payment plan and gradually pay down the debt. However my main concern is that they don't keep coming around and phoning the house threatening and harassing my mam over her sons debt.   However the guy at the door was threatening to seize goods and have them sold at public auction. Getting bailiffs to break in etc.   When I told him that I've nothing of any real value he said he could just take whatever was in the house. Something about if she couldn't prove whatever was hers then they could just take whatever (I'm not 100% this but I think something to this affect).   He left me a "Notification of Enforcement agent visit" sheet of paper.   From the first paragraph it says:   "As an enforcement agent I've attended your premises today with the intention of taking control of your goods in accordance with the taking control of goods (fees) regulations 2014. At this time your goods are bound. You cannot remove, sell or otherwise dispose of them"   Thus I'd appreciate any advice that readers my be able to offer. Does anyone know the law regarding "seizing assets" when the debtor is not the homeowner/tenant?   tia Bear
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Cowboy gas engineer and problem landlord

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We live in a rental property,

since moving in 2 years ago we’ve had multiple problems with our gas boiler.


Last year our boiler began ‘back firing’,

the landlord sent out their gas engineer who stated the gas valve had gone,


he came back a few days later and installed a new one,

once again recently the boiler began back firing,


another engineer came out from the same company,

told us that the valve had gone again and needed replacing.

Nothing more was said to us by the gas engineer, and he left.


Later the same evening our landlord barges into the house screaming

“what the hell are you doing tampering with our boiler,

we’ve been told you’ve put a new valve in the boiler yourselves”,


obviously we disputed this,

telling them the valve that was in the boiler is the one they had put in last year.

They then told us we were lying and verbally gave us notice to quit



are gas valves traceable to when and where they were bought

- I’m assuming the gas engineer has an account with wherever he got it from so it should hopefully be traceable to him?


Secondly I’ve reported the engineer to gas safe, how else does he need reporting


Thirdly are there any other ways to prove it was the engineer who replaced the valve?


Fourthly, the last engineer told the landlord our boiler was condemned and unsafe yet left it connected and switch on, shouldn’t it have been disconnected?


Any ideas of how we go forward.

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moved you to the lettings forum


far more knowledgeable landlords etc here than a building trade forum.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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Hi Teddy12


Welcome to CAG and please be patient as it's the weekend it may be a bit quiet but I am sure caggers will be along to advise.


I know you say since moving in 2 yrs ago but could you clarify what type of tenancy agreement you had at the start and if this

was renewed (i.e. new ageement signed)


Have a wee look at this link:


Tenancy agreements: a guide for landlords (England and Wales): https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-agreements-a-guide-for-landlords/ending-a-tenancy


This Shelter Link: https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/repairs/revenge_eviction_if_you_ask_for_repairs

How to Upload Documents/Images on CAG - **INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE**

FORUM RULES - Please ensure to read these before posting **FORUM RULES CLICK HERE**

I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group

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A new one was signed after first year but this ran out in July since then we’ve had a rolling agreement that should we want to leave we give 1 months notice or if the want us to leave they give 3 months


Since this disagreement has happened we’ve done a bit of research and our deposit was never protected does this change our plan of action?

We are completely up to date with rent etc. So they have no reason to ask us to leave from this perspective.


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have they issued you with a notive to quit?

if not you ignore the rants and stay put and pay your rent when you are supposed to.


in the meanwhile you can set about giving your LL notice that you are suing for failing to protect your deposit


You also say landlord barged in, did they let thmselves in without giving you notice they were calling? explain exactly what occurred please.

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we we’re given a section 21 today


When they came around they gave us no notice that they were coming, my son was heading out the door when they arrived so they came in as he went out. No one over 18 invited them in.

We are also now 2 weeks without heating or hot water due to the dodgy valve.

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There is little defence to a valid s21.

Any occupant, pref a T, can permit entry without min 24hr Notice.

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Is the S21 valid though? The OP says that the deposit is not protected

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So LL returns deposit and re-serves new s21.

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Yes but I was trying to help the OP given the situation that they are actually in rather than one they might/will probably be in. As things stand ll has served what purports to be a S21 but which isn't valid because the deposit in unprotected (if I understand things correctly)

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