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    • Update:   A couple of weeks further along, and the charge has now been cancelled. In that regard alone the outcome is acceptable.   In the interim ...  There have been additional demands from CPP/PE in the most glorious and laughable obfuscated prose/legalese I have pressured PALS I have chased past correspondence I have contacted other Execs I have involved my MP who has now acted I had primed the local newspaper who was planning a piece this week   However ...   - PALS didn't respond until I complained in person after almost 2 silent weeks; then promised to help and a couple of days after that advised that the Hosp had said thye had no authority over the Parking Co. I told them the hosp had told them wrong, explained why and pressed them to go back ... since when I have heard nothing despite chasing them. - UHCW Trust Estates & Facilities Dir. is yet to respond, though contact was *only* a week ago. - UHCW CEO/Chief Administrator has never acknowledged/replied-to any of my letters/chases. - UHCW CEO/Chief Admin reacted immediately to MP letter however by passing it and my correspondence to Estates and Facilities Dir to deal with, who in turn replied to MP with cancellation, who yesterday copied that to me for confirmation received this morning.   Passing thoughts ...   - People who could/should have been dealing with it for the injured party elected not to. - PALS has good intentions but is useless if they don't have a leaflet on it - will follow the Hosp line on everything else without questioning their words. - The Trust's Administration is not approach-friendly, in this instance stating "... car parking managed by a Private Finance Initiative Service Provider"  and that therefore  ".. Trust has no power ...  in the processes applied by CPP .." Oh, really?!  - Trust accepted CPP's word that the equip't was not faulty as claimed, not the rather more reliable word of a visitor having been put to considerable inconvenience at 5 a.m.and who went to some length with staff to deal with it instead of buggering off home. - CPP "have agreed (to cancel) as a gesture of good will." WHAT?! THEIR good will? THEY are willing to let MY failings pass and kindly make allowances? Couldn't be more self-delusionarily wrong!   Sadly, I can guarantee that what is actually important in all of this will not get any attention   - providing an alternative payment method for patients/visitors for when the equipment malfunctions ... at any time not just the wee-hours ...  and tell staff ...  and put notices up. - UHCW taking any notice of their culpability in CPP's unlawful breaching of GDPR in accessing keeper details now that it has been brought to their attention. Head In Sand.       All of this comes of course from pulling-up the drawbridge and deny, deny, deny. It is the knee-jerk response of almost all large organisations, but one for which there should be no place in a Hospital Trust that should strongly want to distance itself from uncaring attitudes and irresponsible practises.   Anyway ...   Anyone finding this because of a similar issue of their own, my strongest advice is to heed the advice given to you on this forum - it put me straight on to the right path and got rid of some nervous uncertainties which makes all the difference to peace of mind, something that CPP relies on to add pressure for those who aren't aware of what's what.   My thanks again to all who kindly helped.            
    • At the investigation yes, they are seeing if they can build a case.   Like the police interview you before deciding if you are going to be charged. Not everyone is charged as some people have done nothing wrong!   If you tell people what the investigation is about before they go in, a proportion will use that knowledge to prepare really good lies. That's why companies don't do it.   I would have a read up on the ACAS site of guidelines for both investigations and disciplinaries.    https://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1874
    • So they've back-tracked on their original statement that his insurance has been voided. If it's not been voided and was in force at the time of the accident there is no role for MIB. MIB gets involved if a driver was uninsured at the time of the accident, but 1st Central are now telling you he was insured. In the response you have had from MIB that is what they say, he was not uninsured. Whoever it was who told you that the policy had been voided was, by the sound of it, telling you something that simply wasn't true.   I've never heard of 1st Central but from their website it's clear they are an insurance broker not the actual insurance company https://www.1stcentralinsurance.com/who-we-are  As a broker they are acting for their client, the driver, and have no duty to be impartial in considering whose fault it was.   So looks like you have no option now other than to start a small claims court action against the driver.
    • Pass all of these letters to mib when you start the claim. Eventually they will have to pay up.
    • Only that I will be updated this week.    So what your saying then is I should recieve a letter inviting me for a disciplinary hearing and attend a disciplinary. I thought the disciplinary was to give you the outcome of the investigation.     It seems a little odd that I have an investigation meeting I am asked question and given the chance to reply to the questions. It seemed odd that in this meeting I was shown evidence against me that I had not previously seen. Surely I should have been given the evidence first before being asked questions about it. It feels like they are building a case against me at the investigation meeting......
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CCJ On The Horizon? cabot & CAT debt

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I'm tryin to help the mother in law with her debts.

.today she received a letter from 'Mortimer Clarke Solicitors' advising they are working on behalf of 'Cabot' allthough i believe mortimer clarke are part of cabot?


They are saying if she doesn't contact them within 30days they have been instructed to apply to the court for a ccj,


The account was assigned to cabot in 12/2016 and started in 08/2013 its a catalogue debt.


They enclose a questionaire type form with do i owe the debt


,i agree i owe the debt,

i don't agree etc the form goes like that etc

and a expenditure form they want her to tick the relevant box and sign it which i said no...


.would it be right to contact them and ask for the signed contract if one exists.

.statements...notice of assigment etc....

would this then seeing as contact has been made the ccj threat put on hold for now?


She is on the basic benefit so got nothing

...the address is her friends house not her own address

...shes divorced but stays at her friends house and used that address but don't know how cabot have it..

..obviously she doen't want a ccj going there so what's the best way to procede.

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right no one gets a CCJ until a load of other hoops have been gone through so start to learn about the processes or you will be of little help to MiL.


What they have sent is a letter threatening to take leagl action at some unspecified point in the future.

This letter is not a Letter Before Action because it doesnt use the correct wording and doesnt contain the right inforamtion about what is being claimed is owed and why.


That means even if they want to act after 30 days the most they can do is send out a proper LBA and that will have to give a minimum of 14 notice before they can file a claim


The claims process then takes at least a month and then if the claim is denied another 6 months on average to get to court and if she then loses the claim she will have another period to pay the monies due. If she then fails to pay within that time she will get a CCJ so the actual CCJ is miles away.


What to do?

Ignore their form as it has not place in the legal process.

Find out what the debt actually is and who owns it so that means sending Cabot a CCA request along with £1 statutory fee.


If they dont respond with the information within 12 days they cannot enforce the debt so cannot threaten court action.

The info also required would be a copy of the Notice of Assignment and also statements of account, which should be sent out once a year anyway but they have to provide them when requested in this manner.


these will be a bit vague because they wont have details like how much of the amount due is late payment fees, interest, random charges that these companies like to apply even though they are unlawful etc so she might have to ask the original creditor for the full info via a SAR, which costs £10

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We could do with some help from you.



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Update on the letter received..

now i have gone through it properly it says a 'letter of claim details' then runs through debt details etc what do i advise her to agree to or not and sign etc?


It does say 'date of assignment 19/12/16' but she has no notice not to say it wasn't sent she isn't the best with getting issues sorted out..

..what would be the best way to go from here offer £5 a month or dispute it?


They state if she doesn't contact them they may issue court proceedings so even disputing would or could stop it? any help apreciated.


The link above is the form she has been issued.

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why don't you scan the letter up to PDF please



then we can all laugh at it too. and then advise properly





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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