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Really shocked to receive a PCN today.


I don't know the area and was turning left out of Leyton Road to join Temple Mill Lane.

I never saw the no entry signs.

I don't think they are at the right angle for motorists from my direction.


I've done a bit of research on the internet as I don't live near there and can see there was a no left turn sign in advance of the junction, but I must have missed this...


shouldn't there be a no left turn sign at the junction with Leyton Road and Temple Mill Lane?


I'm normally observant.

I don't know why I didn't see these signs,

the no entry looks so clear in the criminalising photos, but I do think they're a the wrong angle.


Shall I write?

I only have 14 days..

. Any help much appreciated.


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Dear All

Thanks for your help.


Difficult to do much as have been at work.


I have scanned the documents but can't get a word version to delete personal info yet.


I'll keep working on that and try to post later.


The contravention was: 51J

- Failing to comply with a no entry restriction (camera enforcement)

The road stated is Temple Mill Lane - although I understand the road is actually temple mills lane.


The images are attached

This link below gives a view of signs and street view showing the direction of travel has priority over oncoming vehicles.


I was coming out of Leyton Road on the left, where the blue car is in the photo.

Did I miss the sign because it is at the wrong angle to me possibly...


This link shows Leyton road, approaching the junction with Temple Mills Lane showing "no left turn" sign just before exit from a depot or similar.


Could it be argued that this sign could have related to the depot and should have also been placed at the junction?


am grateful for any help.



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OK thanks! I know they are clear from the view from down the road, but could I have not seen them because I was turning the corner? I honestly didn't see them for some reason...


OK This should be the scanned PCN.

Fingers crossed.


It would help to know whether I should just pay or whether I have any scope for making representations.


I genuinely didn't see the signs and know I had contravened any restrictions.


Thanks for any help or comments.


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Be aware, damn Newham Council still cleaning up on taking money on PCN's from motorists on Temple Mills Lane (E15 2AQ).

I too unfortunately failed to see (travelling at night November 2017) the no entry sign etc.


Received PCN a month later and a further month for them to respond to my objection!

Took it as far as the appeals centre in London contesting the charge of the legality of the no entry sign and the contravention on Temple MILL Lane E20 photo evidence supplied by the council.

Outcome - lost the appeal now having to pay full amount of £135 not £65.


So for those thinking of contesting DON'T because they have updated the legality of the road sign so it is now valid also the discrepancy of the name of the road.

If you receive a PCN as Temple Mill Lane, do not fight the case as the adjudicator at the appeals may question that you are fully aware of the road you travelled on and that the letter S is just missing on the street name. we all know this is unjust.


If Newham Council mention Temple Mill Lane E20 on the actual PCN then you have a case to fight because that is wholly a different location to the contravention.

I think Newham Council purposely do this to mislead you into thinking you have a case to appeal.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Satan's Bowels,


Just received a PCN and thanks for your really useful post.. I'm probably just going to pay it bit..


..just to be clear the letter I have notifying me of the PCN says "Temple Mill Lane" not "Temple Mills Lane" so do you think it is worth an appeal? I assume you lose the 50% reduction in fine with an appeal?



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