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Please could you help with this PCN.


Here is a summary of the main issues/ bad signage/estate courtyard with signage of enforcement by private company but PCN given by council.


I parked in an estate car park, off the main road in a courtyard where I live

(I assume this is private land but not sure how I could tell)

outside of this estate court yard is public roads with signage for pay and display and council permit holders badges.

Inside the courtyard there is no pay and display or council permit holder info.


In order to park there you have to buy a permit directly from the housing association and pay for it monthly like a private permit.

the management company that take care of the estate

also mentioned before that some spaces are void spaces although they are not clearly marked.


In general many people park here and know which spaces are free (no-one has a permit for) and which ones people pay for/ which are void)


Hope that makes sense so far.


however The court yard parking was previous managed and enforced by a private company and signage on the brick walls shows that (makes me think its private land?) until local tenants were called for a meeting and voted to remove the warden control by private company.


Council agreed and car park had no real enforcement for more than a year.

most people felt okay about dropping off shopping etc.

I however still paid for a resident parking permit that is valid in the local borough outside of that courtyard,

therefore I do not park in the courtyard but come in as it is where i live to drop off grocceries for a short while etc.


Yesterday myself and three other tenants received PCNs issued by the council (not private company)

but the same type of PCN that you would receive if on the main road outside of the courtyard.

The warden also observed the contravention for 1 min on report. and issue £65 which I believe was unfair.


Completely confused too and hope someone can help.

Ive appealed on the grounds of confused signage, lack of signage.

is the local council allowed to issue a PNC on land that has out of date signage of being managed by a private company?,

two signs were removed by the council, one remains and states the private enforcement and none replaced with any new information about the rules of the courtyard.


If I have been given a PCN by the council for being in public land (since that type of PCN is usually given on public land mine the main street)

could I argue that I had a valid resident permit for the borough?


please help if you have any info the law of this.

I will pay the fine if I have too but think the operation was confusing.


Many thanks

Edited by courtyard tenant

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lookup on land registry who owns the land.




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I would suggest it not public land

as a private ppc wouldn't be allowed to previously issue speculative invoices on it if it were.


whats the code on the pcn too


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what was the code for the ticket and what was the exact wording?

You can then check to see if the council has a Traffic Management Order for this land (bet they dont) and then appeal on that basis.


there is a peculiar ruling that appears to allow councils to ticket vehicles on private land if it is adjacent to a road where enforcement is in place and it is indistinguishable from the highway, whether maintained at the public expense or not ( Dawood v Camden council)

contravention code please and then you ask council for copy of TMO

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