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    • A mobile phone mine while I was out watching the football with all the lads.
    • Hi,   Stumbled upon this website and I see the general advice is ignore CRS and that they can't do anything but thought I'd make my own post as I'm still anxious and don't want debt collectors to turn up at my parents home.   Facts: - Joined Xercise4less in June, 2017. I paid £11.99/m - Finished uni in July 2019, so I wanted to cancel membership as I was moving back home and the closest X4less gym would be 50miles away.  - I initially put in a freeze request (thinking it's to cancel). When I told my friend he said I need to fill in a different form to cancel the contract. - I was confused so I confirmed this with someone working at the gym. They explained even though my 12m contract has finished, in order to cancel the contract I would have to give 30 days notice using a form online and cancel my DD. - So I completed this online form that same week and canceled my DD a few days later.   * Fast-forward to 20th January 2020 *   - Received a letter (to my parents address) from CSR yesterday (20th). Asking me to pay £213.47 including their fee of £102.50. - I was at work when my parents send a pic of letter. Return address said HGC - a quick google search shows them as Hutchison Global Communications aka Three.  - What did I do next?  Since I didn't have the letter in front of me I asked my parents for the number & reference on the letter. - Then stupidly called CRS thinking its Three and it's regarding my recently cancelled phone contract.   What I told CRS on the phone: - When I found out it was about my cancelled gym contract I explained in detail several times how I correctly cancelled my contract back in July 2019 and I will not be paying the outstanding amount. I didn't even use the gym. I did say I may be open to paying the monthly fee. - Advisor said Harland got my freeze request but nothing else, no proof = you must pay or they will continue to purse me. He also said outstanding amount is not negotiable and me not using the gym is irrelevant. - I asked for Harlands contact details, CRS refused to give it to me because Harlands will not discuss this matter with me.   After 15mins of going around in circles, me explaining what happened and advisor saying I must pay, I finally I said I am not in the wrong here. I filled the form correctly, and it said 'submitted. If their system didn't receive my request it is not my fault and I cannot be held accountable for an error on their part. So I don't agree with the charges and will not pay it and ended the call.   Other info: - CRS said the charge of £213.47 is for membership from October 2019 - Dec 2019 + late fees + CRS fees. - Told the advisor I no longer live at the address they sent the letter to. He asked for new address and I refused to give this out, so they will add an additional £36ish for tracing my new address. - Apparently they sent several letter to my old address but I know they didn't because I still have friends living at that address who would have told me if anything addressed to me came through. - I believe the system didn't acknowledge my cancellation request since a freeze request was in place but that doesn't mean I owe them any money and definitely not £213.47.       Thanks in advance!      
    • Here are the above letters vanquis.compressed.pdf
    • This got me thinking. There are only 4 parking bays on the site. They charge 50p for 1 hour, £1.00 for 2 hours, £1.50 for  3 hours and £2.00 for 24 hours. Yes, £2 for 24 hours! How is this site profitable? Do parking companies run these types of sites with a business model that is focussed more on issuing PCNs that intimidate motorists who lack knowledge of the law into paying up?
    • Hearing of Boris' problems ringing Big Ben,  Jeremy K. Hunt; in an effort to ingratiate his way back into government; offered his services ....         He said he would offer to run the injured parties to hospital, as long as they had medical insurance  
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HI I would appreciate some help on this issue if at all possible.

I lost my job in May 2017 and was unemployed for 3 months. I was paying £1386.00 per month for a small one bedroom flat in Clapham Junction and had been doing so since Dec 2014 (so nearly 3 years). As it became apparent I could no longer afford the rent I spoke to Kinleigh Folkward and Hayward who were the estate agents for the private landlord I rented off and asked if I could be released early from my tenancy agreement which was due to expire on 10th Dec 2017. After negotiation the landlord agreed the tenancy could be terminated once a new tenant had been found but the estate agents insisted I was liable for paying the letting fee until the end of the tenancy (10th Dec) irrespective of whether a new tenant was found.

A tenant was found and we agreed an end date of 25th Oct (today) - I had hoped for earlier as I was able to move to my new cheaper property on 30th Sept. After I moved out I started getting phone calls from workmen asking for permission to enter the flat to measure up replacing the carpets with wooden floors. I agreed but rang the estate agents checking that no work would commence until I had ended the tenancy. I saw no reason why (as I was in fact paying effectively rent on 2 properties that the landlord should profit from the situation by getting rent paid whilst he was having works done.) I got in writing that no work would begin until I had completed check out.

I turned up at the flat last night to discover carpets ripped up, some new flooring laid and a total mes. I then cancelled the professional cleaning company I had booked for this am. I went back there this morning to find the workmen there with keys and smoking in the flat.

The check out clerk arrived at 10am and was quite appalled too.

I have not paid my rent since 10th September as I have no trust in these people (either the agents or the landlord) to not try and rip off my deposit. Financially then I owe 6 weeks rent but there are 4 weeks rent held in deposit.

My question is - can I legitimately say they have to cancel the tenancy at the end of last week thereby reducing my debt to them (the workmen told me they had been there all week)and what action should I be taking regarding unlawful and unpermissioned entry into what technically was still my home?

I'm not interested in just causing trouble for troubles sake but rather in reducing any payments to them that I need to make. 3 months without salary this year has broken me financially and I just do not have spare money. I'm happy for the deposit to be released to the landlord but want to reduce any further bill by as much as I can....


Any advice will be hugely gratefully received.


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then make that point very strongly to the landlord and dont go through the agents if you feel they have unilaterally taken decisions to let the builders in. They are entitled to access for viewings/measuring etc but not to start the work and leave the place uninhabitable for a week and expect you to pay for it. Problemis that many amateur landlords are financially crippled when their tenants dont or cant apy the rent on time so grab at anything that will get them an income and that includes this sort of thing. As they dont actually owe you money you are in a stronger position to state that you arent paying for this week ad to reinvoice you properly

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A precise timeline would be useful.

Rent is payable on due date, not from Deposit after end of T.

Wrong to withhold rent without LL prior consent.

Notify LL that you consider your Agreement terminated at the end of the rental period which included arrival of Contractors.

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