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Storms- Autumn Winter 2017

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Plymouth is meant to have a snow storm here next week. Last time this claim was made, (about a month ago) we had a few snowflakes. I'm expecting the same thing again.


It is very cold though!

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I am hoping this thread will be very busy in the coming days.With people saying what is happening in their local areas.

Tomorrow morning i will update with the latest thoughts on the incoming

Beast From The East.

Some may be in for quite a shock.

Including the Heron i saw today sat on its nest.

Wild Bird Seed bought,Fat Balls as well,Peanuts,just going to make a bird table for them.

More tomorrow morning.Think its cold now,wait till the Beast closes in.

Any thoughts dip your quills in ink and say what you think.

Expect the unexpected.:madgrin:

Bye for now.


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Well it looks like we are in for a interesting week weatherwise.

I think it is best to concentrate just on the week ahead at the moment.

Battles are taking place with the weather models at the moment for what happens after that.

But maybe something special brewing for the South.Best not go that far at the moment.


Here is the weather radar for the UK.
5 minute updates.

Maybe it will prove useful as the week goes by.

Spot the showers before they hit you and if i read right with Lake Effect snow this can happen pretty quickly.

There is a weather type button you can press to see whether rain or snow is falling.

Useful as the week progresses.

Green for rain pink for snow.

Have a practice.



Talk of Lake Effect snow covered a post or two ago.

And something i had not heard of myself

possible Thames streamers
so looked it up as usual.

When a strong east or northeasterly wind blows over the North Sea, and the airmass is sufficiently cold, bands of snow showers can affect parts of Kent and/or the Thames Estuary, known locally as the "Kent Snow Streamer" and "Thames Snow Streamer" respectively. Recent cases of these saw a Thames Streamer deposit 30cm (1 foot) of snow over the North Downs of Surrey and south London on 1st-2nd February 2009, while a Kent Streamer on 9th-10th January 2010 gave similar amounts of snow to central and eastern Kent.


The placement of these bands is again reliant on the resultant wind direction an easterly component will allow snow showers to funnel up the Thames Estuary and towards northern coasts of Kent and southern coasts of Essex.

Where i found this information.




Here are the met offices warnings for Monday.

I am sure as the week progresses there will be updates.

Between 14:00 Mon 26th and 23:55 Mon 26th Snow showers,already affecting eastern parts of England early on Monday,

are expected to become more persistent and more widespread through Monday afternoon and evening.

There is the potential for travel delays on roads, stranding of some vehicles and passengers, as well as delays or cancellations to rail and air travel. Some rural communities could become cut off.

Power cuts may also occur and other services, such as mobile phones, may be affected.



Tuesdays warnings.

Further snow showers are expected through Tuesday, with the potential for a more organised band of snow to push south-west across many parts of England and Wales through the day.

There is uncertainty in the extent of snow. However, there is the potential for 5-10 cm of snow in places

where showers become more frequent, or in association with the more persistent band of snow.

Nearby locations may see much less snow and only small accumulations of 0-2 cm in places.

Strong winds will lead to drifting of lying snow, with lightning an additional hazard, particularly near North Sea coasts.



Wednesdays warnings.

Showers will bring a large variation in amounts of snow across even small areas with some places seeing very little snow.

There is the potential for 10-15 cm of snow in places where showers become more frequent whilst nearby locations may see much less frequent showers and only small accumulations of 1-3 cm in places.

Strong winds will lead to drifting of snow, and lightning could be an additional hazard, particularly near North Sea, Irish Sea and English Channel coasts.

By the end of Wednesday, more than 20 cm may have accumulated in places in some eastern counties of England,

Scotland and Norther Ireland from a culmination of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's snow showers.



Latest news from the weather models
and general chat about the incoming
Beast From The East

The pages just fly by.



And regional threads that you might to pop in during the week.

See what is happening and people are saying in your neck of the woods.



Well it is a waiting game now,The Beast draws near.

When the weather deteriorates,the usual.

Keep an eye on neighbours,the elderly.

Feed the birds a pound a bag times have changed since it was feed the birds tuppence a bag.

Will update as the week goes on.

Weather models are coming out as the day progresses,whatever happens we are in for a cold week.

Take care.Good luck.


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Glad I put air in my tyres in the sunny weather today as tomorrow i'm looking at -1 temp real feel -6 with possible snow squalls:smow: wind 13 E

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On the first day of Meterological Spring Britain is in the freezer.The Beast From The East is in full flow.

Many parts of Great Britain getting hit hard.

Latest weather warnings including the Red Warning for parts of Scotland.



Between 12:00 Thu 1st and 08:00 Fri 2nd

A spell of heavy snow is expected to move north across Southwest England and Wales through Thursday afternoon and evening.

Some places could also see significant ice build up overnight into Friday.

The snow is likely to be accompanied by strong easterly winds.

Long delays and cancellations to public transport is expected, whilst some roads may become blocked by deep snow,

stranding vehicles and passengers.

Long interruptions to power supplies and other utilities are likely to occur.



So what else is in store for many of us over the next few days.

Snow Storm Emma, now there is a treat.

Snow Storm Emma path LIVE: Where is the storm now? Tracker shows direct hit on UK


SNOW Storm Emma is due to pummel Britain with blizzards, freezing rain and gales following ‘the Beast from the East’

which has already brought heavy snow and bitter winds from Siberia, according to the latest weather models.



So what system is going to win the Battle.

Is the Beast from the East going to win out from the Pest from the South West.

Because i am not sure.

See what the latest models are saying.I will start on the last page.

Short range model discussion - into 2018



Suppose some may wonder what it is like where i am.

Blackpool.Well we seem to have some sort of protection.The Showers seem to die out as they come across the Pennines.

A flurry every now and again.So close yet so far.Sometimes only a few miles away.

As a coldie in winter anyway i look forward to a little wintriness.

Kind of a quick snowstorm and then let Spring come in.

This i have to admit is a little extreme.

Businesses,schools, the elderly getting effected pushes things a little to much.

Seeing a pensioner with no electric money and meals on wheels struggling to get through brings reality.

And perhaps today some communities cut off,who knows who maybe suffering in this extreme cold.

They did get through though and soon the electric was back on and a meal was provided.

One eye on neighbours and the elderly nearby.I am sure you all keep one eye open on them near you.

A sense of community spirit breaks out in Great Britian at times like this.

The way it has always done.


I wonder how Nystagmite down there in Plymouth is doing.

They have had some snow i believe.

It got so bad i am told that the bins could not be collected:-(

More news soon and let me know what it is like near you.

Bye for now.


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I will put the weather radar on again so you can track what is near you.

Approaching your location.The is also a animation button so you can see directions the snow is taking.Over the last few hours.

As usual weather type on button above press and pink for snow.

Good luck and be careful out there.:-)


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Can I just highlight the cold weather payment scheme. This is an important help for people on certain benefits



If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

Please help CAG. Order this ebook. Now available on Amazon. Please click HERE

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Just worked out what has caused this

snow & cold weather we are having, it’s



It’s all down to this global warming rubbish,

they have stuck all these horrible wind turbines

all over the country, they are whizzing around

sucking in all this cold air and snow from Russia.

Still I suppose it gives people something to talk


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Can I just highlight the cold weather payment scheme. This is an important help for people on certain benefits



Automatic payments but worth checking your area.

I just tried to check which areas at the moment are entitled to cold weather payments.

Found a couple.

Pretty easy to do just put your postcode in.

Useful amount of cash to help a touch.

You’ll get a payment of £25 for each 7 day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March.

Check if you can get a payment in your area.

Cold Weather Payment

Check if a payment is due in your area


Enter only the first part of your postcode. Eg if your postcode is LS1 1AG then only enter LS1

What's the first part of your postcode?

eg if your postcode is LS1 1AG then only enter LS1


You’ll get a payment of £25 for each 7 day period of very cold weather between 1 November and 31 March.


Couple of articles.

Interesting that demand to check has been so high that the site crashed a couple of times on Wednesday.

DWP Cold Weather Payments:

People in Teesside postcodes now eligible for cash

They must be in receipt of pension credit, income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance or universal credit.



The places in Wales
eligible for a £25 cold weather payment this week

From February 22 to 28, this has included post codes in Rhondda Cynon Taf , Merthyr Tydfil , Rhymney Valley, and Cwmbran .


Postcodes in areas surrounding the Capel Curig weather station in Conwy , Llysdinam weather station and Lake Vyrnwy weather stations in Powys and Rhyl weather station have also become eligible.



Cold Weather Payments 2018 postcode checker -

the areas in Greater Manchester due a payment

Cold weather payments have kicked in across large parts of Greater Manchester.

27 Postcodes across Manchester entitled.



Worth checking to see if your area is in for the payment.

What next,i will see what the weather models are saying and pop back with a update shortly.

To see how the

battle between The Beast From The East and Storm Emma the Pest From The South West is going.

And what happens next,will Spring soon arrive or will The Beast keep us in its grip for a little longer.

Bye for now.


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I was driving home and within minutes the weather went from calm to treacherous.

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I was driving home and within minutes the weather went from calm to treacherous.


Nice to see you managed to get home.I believe Plymouth got a pasting from The Beast From The East.

Or was it The Pest From The South West.Emma was her name i believe.

Snow from the East The South West and soon from the North perhaps.And still nothing where i am.

The one Flake that landed in my garden is now on display in my freezer.:-(

Ran out and caught it.:lol:


So what happens next,Thaw,Floods more cold perhaps or a mixture of them all.

Better let Michael Fish have his say on a video for the coming week.

I cannot think of anything to call the possible front from the North that might introduce more of the white stuff next weekend.

Michael Fish: The Beast Beginning To Relent From This Weekend

The cold air will start to relent from the south this weekend, with just the north of Scotland still feeling the effects of the biting easterly wind during the start of next week. The milder weather may not last too long though, with cold air potentially returning from the north later in the week.



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We had snow in Plymouth during the week. There's now reports of flooding on the Barbican. (nowhere near where I live, thankfully) Predictably, there's issues again with the train line at Dawlish. I do wonder if anything will ever be done. We had the same issue with the train in 2014 and had no trains for some time, I seem to remember.

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Dawlish has had issues since 1845. Same goes with Southern and the frozen third rail. Always been prone to fail in cold weather

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It's meant to be slightly warmer here next week. And wet.

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Most snow I have seen for about 12 years. And that was in March as well. It is like Winter saying goodbye with a smack in the face. The UK really has it easy compared with many countries.

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Well the Beast from The East sure took many by surprise.

Including myself who got a little carried away in the garden before The Beast arrived.

Just as i have this week.

I had a quick look at the weather models,always best to tell the other half you are looking at weather models as i made a mistake when asked what are you doing on the computer shouting back looking at models.This caused confusion to put it mildly:-( but explanation was accepted after meetings and explanation for many hours.

So there i was getting stuck into the garden when oh no,is the offspring of The Beast of the East about to arrive.

Surely not,we are now in mid March.I was looking forward to warmer weather.

Sure i felt a little warmth in the sun.

Best put a few warnings out just in case.

Only Wednesday and things can change but it looks a little chilly for later in the week.


Mild midweek 15C possible. A Bitter weekend, feeling more like -5C

The weekend is looking much colder. There are signs of snow now as well, which may mean excitement at a late taste of winter, or displeasure that we’re over all that now, bring on spring. Gardeners are not keen due to the frost risk. It’s not snow for everyone, but the air will be exceptionally cold for mid-March.

Once again it will be very cold air travelling over relatively warmer seas setting off the showers, sea effect snow.

Sea Effect Snow - the UK version of Lake Effect snow.




Here is a link to keep watch on.It moves a little slower that the other link i have put on.

Maybe worth keeping one eye on as the week progresses.

Short range model discussion



A few articles appearing mentioning the possibilities:madgrin:.


BBC weather forecast: SNOW comes back to hit UK with freezing cold THIS WEEKEND

SNOW will hit the UK once again this weekend as the Beast from the East makes its return to Britain with gale-force winds and freezing weather, a BBC weather forecast has warned.



Parts of Britain are bracing for another week of disruptive weather as heavy rain and gale-force winds could give way to another cold snap by the weekend.



UK weather: 'Beast from the East 2' to cover country in sleet and snow with more Siberian weather on the way

Cold air is set to sweep in from Siberia and Scandinavia with the Met Office expected to issue severe weather warnings for this weekend



As soon as met office warnings arrive i will put them on.

Expect the unexpected once again seems to be the theme.

Into the freezer after the mild air and rain departs.

Bye for now.


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Met Office Weather Warnings Turning to Amber now for some areas.

And pretty close to London,can you believe this shocking news.:-(

Will a Thames Streamer take place,time will tell.

Anyway the warnings


The 2nd Beast From The East draws near,hopefully for just a few days.

I am ready for a little spring warmth as i bet are many of you.

Be careful out there and let us know as the weekend arrives what is happening in your area.

Not that i am nosey,honestly.:lol:

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In Cinemas Now


BEAST FROM THE EAST II. Snow angels Return.




No doubt the shops are now full of people panic buying bread & milk because they've seen a snowflake. :doh:

We could use your help




Please note that my posts are my opinion only and should not be taken as any kind of legal advice.


If I've helped you at all, please feel free to click on the little star under my posts and leave feedback :)

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having a laugh at all those people with PV units on their roof covered in snow freezing as they arent generating any leccy to keep warm. Back to burning bits of wood if they are lucky!

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I was running in the snow at the weekend. (some events were cancelled for this reason) It was interesting...

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Well i have been watching the Weather Models all week and as usual they have been having a battle,a lot of uncertainty even up to a day or so out.So best to leave you with this.And watch the possible warnings for Monday.Are we going to see a battle between warm air and cold air,maybe a snow event heading up the country or just cold rain.

Make you minds up because i cannot.And have had enough of looking at the models for a while.

Having said that i may just pop in for a moment and check the latest.:lol:

Easter Forecast With Michael Fish:



Met Office Warnings.



Whatever happens it will not be long now to warm days arriving.:-)

I am gambling on Sunday and a exciting day car booting:-(

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