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He seems to have been hit by one of the many flaws in the benefits system that commentators and people here thought would cause problems.


If you have benefits queries, it would be better to start a new thread in the benefits forum.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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As the title says, my daughters boyfriend is being evicted at 1pm tomorrow. We've soent the last two days packing up his stuff and if I could hire a van tomorrow things would be fine. Well not fine but you know what I mean. Anyway I tried three local van hire places today and they have nothing available until next week.


The boyfriends phoned the housing association to explain we can't get the stuff out in time, as we can't get a van, and could we arrange a time when we could go back in the next week to get the stuff out.


The person he spoke to had no idea how to help, said she would mark the question as urgent and get somebody to ring us back....


5pm and not heard a dicky bird from them.... So... If we can't move the furniture etc tomorrow, can we get back in to get it... And how long have we got to be able to do it?


We would prefer late next week if possible, because the flat he's going to be moving into will become available then so it means hiring the van only once.... Instead of hiring it, moving his stuff to a storage container for a week then hiring it again to move it from there to the new place....


Anyone able to help?

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the HA will be obliged to give you time to collect the belongings, usually a week is the minimum. Did he not go to court over this and at least get a formal resolution of this point? I know that this is a continuation of another thread so it should have been a question he raised.

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He didn't raise it, not that I can tell, he's been trying to get some kind of answer from the housing authority for the last two days and nobody knows, he's getting passed backwards and forwards... I thought he had two weeks, but depending on who I've talked to I've had


Once he's out there's no going back in to he has a week, to he has two weeks. I'm sure I read on the gov website it was two weeks but who knows

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Well what a day, he's out, God complete nightmare.


So talked to the housing association who say they think it's 7 days which is a bummer as we need 8 days before his place to live is vacated but they are going to get back to us on that one.


Have to say the bailiff was exceptionally nice, he knew we were leaving, and stood back and let us pack the last min essentials. We actually got out everything bar the furniture, which we couldn't get out today if we wanted to since we couldn't get a van for love nor money. My car poor thing has been treated roughly today and has pretended to be a van several times.


I now feel like I've run a marathon and will be going to my bed before long.


Ericsbrother, thanks for your reply, it at least put my mind to rest slightly that we could get back in :)

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