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    • Lowell has written to me concerning this debt on the 23rd of Jan 2020. letter states: We have noted the contents of your letter and we understand that you have no knowledge of this account. We are able to offer the following information regarding the account. • Agreement start date: 19/06/2014 • Application address: Flat 4, 3 Kempsford Gardens • Tariff Description: Phone BB Hardware • Disconnect Reason: Cessation by BT • Original Creditor: BT Retail Consumer • Mobile Number:02078351401 ( this is a landline ) • Client last payment date: 16/12/2014 • Client last payment value: 86.16 this is not £499.00 • Default date: 27/08/2015, this doesn't square with last pay date. • Airtime Debt Value:257.94 • Early Terminate Fee:241.99, can they charge this? • Billing Date:27/03/15 LOW105_230120 497503_ MACHINE \ 116\247 \ lof2 \ Airtime Debt is for the services used and the Early Termination Fee is calculated to reflect the remaining months of your contract which remain unpaid from the date of your account closure. We have requested from BT PLC a copy of the statements for the account to help clarify this matter for you. We will write to you further once we have received this documentation and in the meantime your account is on hold.   I obtain the SAR. it is attached: this is all they hold. 1. Can you explain the implications of the response  and the SAR as far as Lowell being able to collect the debt?   2. I responded to Lowell with this letter: Lowell Financial Ltd. 4875 Dear Sir: I write to you in response to your letter of 23 January 2020. Insofar that a relationship may have existed between myself and BT I cannot recall this account (Agreement) and request that you supply me with a copy of the Account/Agreement and other documents listed in the bullet points of your response. I  deny any breach  of the purported agreement. You have failed to supply me with a copy of the agreement requested . I have never received any evidence that you are the legal owner of the debt, by assignment, sale and purchase agreement or otherwise. I have never received and am unaware of any legal notice of assignment or Notice of Assignment pursuant to Law and property Act 1925 Section 136(1). This document is not referenced in your response. I deny that I have failed  to maintain the required payments to BT. It is denied that I have failed to respond to demands for payment sent by you and/or its agents. Lowell is put to strict proof that any such demands have been sent to me by you. a). Lowell appears to  admit it is the assignee of a debt, it is denied that the Lowell has the right to lay a claim due to contraventions of Section 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925.  b). It is further denied any funds are due Lowell  because the Lowell appears to have sold this debt to another firm in 2019.  Lowell must therefore show how it has legal right, either under statue or equity to collect this sum from me. I  deny owing any money to Lowell  and you are required to produce evidence to support your claims that this sum is in default, due and owning this includes: a. Show how the I  entered into an Agreement. b. Show how I  have reached the amount claimed for. c. Show that I  failed to maintain the required payments and the service was terminated as claimed. d. Show that the statute of limitations on this alleged debt has not passed. 7. As per Civil Procedure Rule 16.5(4) it is expected that Lowell must  prove the allegations that the money is owed; having been provided with written requests for information under CPR 31.14 and to date have failed to provide any such documentation as detailed in its response letter.  8. Notwithstanding the above should the alleged amount claimed include an early termination charge(s) amounting to the entire balance of the remaining contract. OFCOM guidance states that any Early Termination Charge that is made up of the entire balance if the remaining contract is unlikely to be fair as it fails to consider the fact that the provider no longer has to provide and pay for their service.  You state that the balance due includes £241.99. You must remove this from any collection efforts, and I dispute that this and all other balances are owed by me. 9. Show that I was residing at Flat 4 3 Kempsford Gardens on the alleged defaulted date of 27/08/2015 or any other date after 16/12/2014.  Alternatively remove any debt you allege is owed  because back billing and billing for unused services is not allowed. 10. Please explain Lowell reporting to the credit bureaus that the debt outstanding to BT is £674. The account number concerning 3 Kempsford Gardens Flat 4 which I hold is another account number which is BT xx7 start date is 15/07.2013. 11. The account number you claim is owed to you is an original account number BT xxx 07. You claim the start date on this account is 19/06/2014. Please explain the discrepancy between these two accounts including ownership of both accounts, and why there are two accounts you allege for the same address with different dates. Alternatively, if you have no explanation: You must cease and desist from collection activity including reporting to the credit bureaus, pre claim letters and any other forms of collection activity with immediate effect. Please write to me confirming that you will take no further action. Failing this I will file a counterclaim and ask the court for costs. Kind Regards      I received the email below last night: "I can see that we also hold the following account details for you:   Account Number Original Client Original Client Reference Current Balance XXX192 Orange xxx321 £285.91 XXX875 BT PLC xxx207 £499.93   I can see that the above BT PLC account is currently on hold, as we are requesting information from BT PLC directly.   1. how long does BT have to respond? the date of Lowell letter was 23rd of Jan. 2. if BT doesn't respond within that time frame, what can I do to get the account removed from the Credit reports? . 3. how can I get Lowell to stop collection if BT doesn't respond? what is also interesting is I have a letter from Lowell for the orange account and also a BT account, but the balance is £199.11 and the account number ends in 192. There are too many account numbers with different balances for the same address. any suggestions how I address this with Lowell?   Lowell writes:   "The period for recovering your Orange account by court action has expired. We will not be issuing court proceedings to enforce payment. However, your debt still exists and legally we are within our rights to continue to ask you for repayment. With this being said, this account does not look to have a payment arrangement set up as of yet. How would you like to proceed with this account going forward? If you can let us know then we can look to assist you further".   If the time has expired to collect a debt from orange, how do they have a right to collect? seems the SOL runs for both. how should I respond?   In the meantime, I have placed your Vodafone and Orange accounts on hold for the next 30 days to give you time to get back to us.   Can you give me some suggestions on how I unravel this and respond? Thank you.  SAR_BT.pdf
    • Hello and welcome to CAG.   Could you tell us what your contract says about overtime please? It will help us to advise you.   HB
    • Hi there,   I've been on a on call rota for some years now which as been a 1 in 3 weeks and been paid a weekly allowance for this service and overtime paid extra should I be called out. My employer now wants to change this to a 1 in 4 weeks which now leaves me out of pocket just for the on call payments a year.   Do I have an argument that i am effectively been force to take a pay cut and that i should be compensaited accordingly ?   thanks in advance for any advise.   Fred.      
    • hi again     the original supplier was AO but was out of warranty with them so hotpoint took it up.    the oven was replaced around January time, with us notifying them we was not happy fairly shortly after delivery.  hotpoint said the exact same model, which was delivered HUD61PS - but is only the same on model number. (Which I think is naughty as they changed a major function)       
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went in to get a prescription filled

On my way out had a browse of things!


I was reading some stuff on an information leaflet from inside the box,

put everything back and went to leave,


I was stopped by security (non uniformed)

He told me he had been watching me etc.

told me he knew I was trying to shoplift (I wasn't)


said he had seen me put stuff in my bag,

which was my prescription!

Called the manager over, checked my bags etc.

did all of this in the middle of the store!


In the end I was let go and told I was banned from the store,

They never took any details, not even my name!

I had gotten my prescription filled there.


Was just wondering,

can they use the information from my prescription?

Even if they didn't take my name?

Will anything happen?

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Why not write to the store manager and explain the above, and if he fails to answer satisfactorily get the area managers details and escalate the complaint.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Unfortunately they, the store, can ban anyone from their store.

However they should of had..

Reasonable suspicion..... They did.

But at what point did they stop you?

With them having a suspicion of a concealment they can but they should of done tho in private but they walk a fine line of legally detaining you and accusations of false imprisonment and possibly extortion.

The police should of been called.


Write a strong letter to head office stating what happened and you are seeking legal advice on a cause of action for harassment and false imprisonment

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Letter to Store Manager demanding an apology and copied to the CEO's office at Superdrug HO


SCONE does not appear to have been applied - the guard should have had continuous observation and should therefore have been in a position to see that you had collected a prescription and put this in your bag, not shelf stock

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






If I have been helpful in any way - please feel free to click on the STAR to the left!


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whist you are at it you can ask the store manager whether the individual has their own SIA licence or whether Superdrug rely on approved contractors and if so what is the name of the company. If this persons main role is security/surveillance then they need a SIA licnce in their own name and possiby their employer needs one as well (that will be at director level) In short, you have considerable leverage for a proper apology and a nice box of choccies or bunch of flowers.

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Superdrug don't have their own 'in house' security, so any store detectives should be sia licenced.


They used 'stealth security' as their suppliers a couple of years ago, I don't know who has the contract currently, might still be stealth. From memory, Lidl used them as well.


Although I totally agree this should be complained about, I don't agree its false imprisonment or a false arrest - the conversation was conducted on the shop floor, you weren't taken hold of, or taken to the office, and the immortal words weren't uttered.


OP - Is there absolutely anything that the security could of interpreted as criminal about your conduct in the store. The packaging you opened (I'm assuming from a shelf, or was it your prescription), it wasn't sealed was it (thinking criminal damage) ?.


Just don't want you potentially opening a an of worms if there's anything you could of possibly done wrong in store.




And no, pharmacists wont usually tell anyone who you are - they have confidentiality clauses and could get struck off.

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3 year ago, I was stopped in one of the Superdrug shops in Glasgow, security guard kept on following me round the shop, and he didn't see the bottle of Fanta twist in my back pocket


As I was leaving the shop, I took the bottle of juice out of my pocket, and he noticed this, and I was ushered into the shop, and he claimed I haven't paid for the juice. Doh it wasn't bought in here, but rather my work place, don't think he expected me to reply, which I did


Told him, I work in retail, and for him to stop me he has to be 100% I haven't paid for the item; so I asked him, did he see me go any where near the fridges, he couldn't answer this for me, as he was tailing me round the shop, so sometimes he lost sight of me, so I told him I leaving as I haven't done anything wrong


3 Weeks later returned and entered the shop, and was told I was barred, wasn't happy with this, as I haven't done anything wrong,

I wanted to do something about this.


I went to my local Superdrug store,

where I knew the manager personally,

who was at school with me.


The manager contacted head office,

and with in a matter of days,

an apology was sent through the post with a £20 gift card.

The security guard wasn't sacked, but rather moved to another store


Checked with the security manager in my work at the time,

on why I was stopped and followed round the shop;

he believed my eyes look shifty,

and I don't directly look at people,

so the two things for the security guard might have been a concern for him

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