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    • So with a long working history, which she can evidence, it should not be a problem. Still have to go though HRT process for any benefit application, if they have been out of the UK for more than 6 weeks. It won't be a smooth process though. Suggest they try to get advice via Embassy, before they start any journey.
    • Dep Thx Eric's Brother. There was a person on this forum who told me his case was thrown out at the same court because of the contract. I requested more info, but he has disappeared since his case was dismissed.  I was just wondering whether it was worth whacking off a letter to IPS pointing out one of their members, using their logo, is making a claim based on illegal signage and other issues in contravention of their Code of Practice. Would they lean on VCS to withdraw, do you think?
    • Mother and father worked here and then went to SA in about 1978 returning to UK in about 1996 and worked here until 2016 when her husband died at age 66.  He was still working at the time.  She then went to live with daughter in SA.  Mother only claims for her pension. 
    • Thanks, I owe the money, no issue with that, I will SAR the company.  If I need to just pay it and have the CCJ for a few years so be it.  Just thought I'd explore all options
    • By the way you wrote that post, i can see that you are as confused by the situation as someone reading it. Important advice must be not to pay for any flights etc, until they understand the situation fully. Those that have British passports could be entitled to receive UK benefits. However, nothing is that straightforward. The passport does guarantee anything. The daughter could be entitled to Universal Credit ( which includes housing) as a British passport holder, but this can only be confirmed when she has gone through the Habitual Residency test (HRT). So you will need to read about HRT for British passport holders returning to the UK. There will be requirements to provide information about why they are returning to the UK and what work searches have they done to find work on their return to the UK. In regard to the mother who has a British passport, you will be correct in presuming that no council is going to be helpful in paying for the care home fees immediately on arrival in the UK. When did the mother last live in the UK ? When did the mother last work in the UK ? British embassy in South Africa may be able to provide information and assist with applications ? Just getting on a plane, landing in the UK and expecting help to resolve their situation, would be a silly thing to do. I can see the mother ending up in an NHS hospital for a period, while people wondered how they were going to deal with the situation. Probably not the first to do this, but if the mother also has a South African passport, they could put her on a plane back to SA and then the Daughter would be a difficult situation. Embassy in South Africa must be first place of advice.
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E-cig bought online is faulty but shop refusing to help

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can offer some advice with an online shop problem.


I bought an E-cig kit from a shop online which I received a week ago.


This morning when I turned it on, the screen is faulty - it has like lines all down it right across it.


I contacted the shop I bought it from who don't want to know. I was told that even though I had bought a full kit - mod and tank in a sealed box, that he could not take the tank back due to hygiene reasons as it goes in your mouth. I don't get this as I know that vape shops who have faulty goods returned send the whole kit back to the manufacturer who in turn refunds them. No vape shop will take back part of a kit and it must be returned in its original box.


After being pushed, he said he might replace the mod but could not guarantee it would be in a sealed box - all mods are bought in sealed boxes. He said I would have to trust him that he would not send me an old reconditioned replacement !


He point blank refused to replace the whole kit with a new one so I told him in that case I would want a refund to which he refused and said I obviously didn't know the law. He then said if he was to consider anything, he would have to make sure that I had not damaged the mod myself - I am OCD about all my mods. They are all like new I am so fussy with them so no I didn't damage it myself. Again I was told that I obviously don't know the law and that he doesn't have to give any refund.


This guy is really dodgy.


I paid for the kit through paypal


Does anyone know what I should do now?


Thanks for any advice you may have

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You have rights under the Consumer Rights Act e.g quality of goods, must not have such defects. You are entitled to a full refund including postage costs. You have right to reject within the time frame, as long as you return with all of the packaging.


If you paid by credit card or Visa debit card, if the retailer does not refund, your Bank might be able to help.

We could do with some help from you.



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firstly start a paypal dispute for faulty goods. You will be told to return the item by tracked means and you will get a refund. The law says the retailer is responsible for postage costs but paypal enforce this so it will be at your expense.

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I started a paypal dispute immediately. I got their decision email a few minutes ago. They have sided with the seller !!! The reason for this is that when I contacted paypal I did it by phone. the girl I spoke to took down the details and said don't worry we will get your money back for you. She said she would put it under the ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED title even though I said it was as described but is malfunctioning after one week. Paypal's decision was purely based on the fact that they said the item was as described and took nothing I said into consideration. Going to phone them now and try to see if they will let me appeal it but not holding out any luck.


I did a bit of research and found out the 'shop' I bought it from is in fact not a shop. I phoned round a few vape shops in the small area this 'shop' is in but each of the shops said they have never heard of that 'shop'. I told each of the shops the name of the street that 'shop' is in to be told that there are no shops there only houses.


Basically its a dodgy guy who orders non tpd compliant vape mods from china then posts them on to the whoever is dumb enough to buy from him.


He doesnt want any returned to him because the chance of him getting his money back from china is zero.

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