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ESA & HB to UC (Including JSA and HB) – Potential Lost Income Problem


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As you know HB Jsa/esa is in a transitional period dependent on area so she does.

I dont normally comment on dwp cases as im always asking her.

She will have far superior knowledge than I will ever have on the subject. Hence why I asked her.

Her 1st question was how many tenants on the lease. 3 I said.

Are all claiming benefits?

Yes I said , one joint claim, one single claim.

She said so its a double claim but a triple lease. Each are responsible for 1/3 each irrespective. Tho is calculated into the joint claim and are paid slightly more.

This stops one joint party having a "cash cow" in the single room and paying more percentage wise than the joint claim.


You see, OP I was on your side, I was trying to get you to see that your being taken as a free ride, a cash cow....


But with comments from you and HB like "end of" and "you have no knowledge " ill let you think your being maltreated by the DWP when in reality your not.

I just hope, for you sake, the DWP dont revisit your claim as you might, just might be regretful.

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You could be accepted for esa I am in support group for anxiety and depression.


Thank you Carly but from experience there is no chance. Apart from medication changes, some CBT and help from GP I know I will not get enough points for ESA to continue so I have accepted I will be taken off of it as many people are.

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It would be right that matt pays 50% of the rent - it would only be 1/3 if there were 3 rooms.


Have you put your details through a UC calculator? The problem is, the benefit is new that many people don't know (despite you not being in a strange situation) much about it.

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Someone gets it at last. Thank you.

Council LHA are not wrong for all the times I have claimed as they have looked at my tenancy a few times.


Yes, done UC calculator,

comes out at £599.30 instead of £674.90 I get now so £75.00 less

- managed to cut a few things down already

and also energy tariff transfer

so all in all around £40.00 worse off when it happens

- not great but I will haveto survive.


What worries me is waiting 6 weeks for first payment when it happens


...and yes, I agree, not many people even at JC seem to know much about UC at present!

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UPDATE - 06/11/2017


So, the inevitable happened - DWP called at 8.30am on Sunday (yes SUNDAY!) and I was told I had zero points (shock horror)


I was told that my final ESA payment of £93.99 would be paid on Thursday (not a full 2 weeks so short) - I am guessing they inform LA so my HB is also stopped?


I claimed my UC on line, not as tedious and complicated as I thought - took me about 30 minutes and got the automated response to say they would be in contact in 2 working days so I am expecting a call about my initial appointment tomorrow I guess. I will start to get together my last P45, ID, tenancy agreement, bank statement etc ready for processing.


To put my mind at ease I called UC today and for once they helped! I said I got around £674.90 on ESA and HB and asked what the likely amount I would get would likely be under UC. They accessed my claim and it showed £579.49 on December 18th (first payment) which is £317.82 base element (JSA) and £261.67 housing (£785.00 full rent / 3 people) So, I have lost out to the tune of £95.41pm - great eh? I will however contact my LA to see if I can get some discretionary housing payments.


I am guessing I do nothing now apart from wait? I am exempt from the 7 day wait as I am moving from ESA so I will mention this at my first interview. Will my first paymet then be the £579.49 or will I get 6 weeks money and then the £579.49 from January? My Fathers claim for HB will remain the same as he is on high level DLA so I have told him to not do anything as this is only to do with my claim


All in all not great losing almost £100pm - I am working at reducing costs my changing energy supplier and cutting other costs such as mobile so I reckon I can get it to around a £70pm reduction which is still bad enough. Costs are rising and yet I am being granted LESS money but I am a survivor and will do the best I can. What gratesme the most is that I will see the 'work coach' who will ask about what jobs I am looking for etc yet my GP says I am unfit for work - just a shame some oik at the DWP sitting behind a desk has decided I am fit for work!


Onwards and upwards (or downwards as the case may be!)

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Well the brown envelope has dropped through the letterbox ....


As expected, the report is full of lies and things that were never discussed or done at the WCA but I expected that.


How do the DWP get away with blatant lies about people?

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OK, now that I have had a chance to calm down a bit ....


Been through my report, there are so many lies it is unreal. I have annotated 14 pieces of script that NEVER happened/NEVER discussed.


I am not appealing, I accept I do not have enough for 15 points but the fact that they have annotated stuff that never took place is beyond disgusting from an organisation like the DWP (although expected as they simply do not care)


Called UC as still no word on my claim and initial appointment - they said I am on system and they are "running behind" although they said as I have a 7 day exemption moving from ESA my first UC payment (albeit nigh on £100 less than ESA/HB) is 11th December as long as my ID etc is OK- still a 5 week wait which is simply unethical and inhumane.

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I had a thought last night - not sure how relevant it is.


As my HB is worked out as 1/3 as there are 3 of us in a 2 bed bungalow it is £785/3 = £261.67pm.


My Father gets his half rent for him and my Mother at £392.50pm


Now, if our tenancy agreement shows all of us would it be feasible for us all to claim £261.67pm making up the whole rent or because my Father and Mother share they can only get their £392.50 for the one room? - they are exempt from reductions as they are pension age and on DLA


I think the answer is no because I claim for the one room and they claim for the other room but I am asking as we are JOINT TENANANTS so thought we may be able to claim individually?


Also, if anyone can help, as I am now on UC my H|D has reduced by approx £120pm so around £30pw. Is it worh trying for DHP or will it be rejected as what I am getting is what is deemed 'fair' as 1/3 of the rent?


Sorry for so many questions - a mixture of anger and not knowing what to do next so looking for any help possible

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