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    • it will be mainly voters and the fact you have changed address on everything too. nothing you can do about it sadly ….   usually takes a month or two for things to settle themselves
    • I only just signed up to vote, I have never voted before, but I've never had a problem accessing my credit file in previous years, it's like it's just been deleted?    Here's a message from another credit check place I found.   I have just moved in the last month but my bank account, new address etc are all up to date and I literally called everyone when I moved, internet, electric, gas, mobile contract, bank, everyone on the day I moved here,   When trying to get my credit report I use my new and previous addresses.   Here's a message I got ...... Why have I been unable to access my Credit Report? When completing the authentication process for access to your credit report, you will have received one of the following in-product messages to indicate why you have not received access: Thin File This means there is currently not enough credit history information held in your TransUnion file for us to produce a credit report. You can find out more about how to build your credit history in our guides. Not Found If you have not been found by TransUnion, this does not necessarily mean you do not have enough credit history or that you have poor credit history. This simply means that with the details you have provided, TransUnion have been unable to accurately match you to a credit file. Check over the details you have entered and make sure all financial accounts are up to date. If you notice that your Date of Birth, Name or Address have been filled in incorrectly, you can update this information on your account and this will initiate a new search with TransUnion to locate your credit data. Please note, a new search will only be initiated if you change your Date of Birth, Name or Address. Therefore, if you have since updated your information with public bodies or your financial accounts to match your current account information, we will be unable to initiate a new search and you may need to close your account and re-register. Failed If you have failed the authentication process then unfortunately we have been unable to provide you with your credit report. As per TransUnion policy, we are only able to provide customers with two attempts to access their credit file data, after which they will be unable to access their data through our service or receive a TotallyMoney credit report.  
    • I was going to suggest cooperating with her over the letter copies so as to look good in court, but on further consideration BazzaS & SuperVillain are right.   However, to make it easy for the judge and to show her up in court I would tweak the letter and add that this is the third time you've asked so that the expert can be "jointly instructed" and you are anxious to move things on as the two of you are already beyond the court's deadline.    You are writing to her but in a certain sense you're writing "to" the judge and what you are writing needs to be concise and follow the court's instructions - unlike her gibberish.  
    • Is there still chance to submit my defence as it is the 20th final date for submission?
    • you should have entered nothing.   this is why its so important to read instructions and other like threads carefully.    
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about six weeks ago i was reversing onto a customers driveway to pick them up to take them to the station (im a taxi driver)

i happened to just catch her husbands car.


after she got in the car i told her what i had done and on arrival at the station i gave her my phone number and she said she would pass it on to her husband.


After about a month i got a text saying the cost to repair the damage would be £275+vat.

This was the day before i was going on holiday ,


I replied straight back to tell him this .

i also said that i thought the cost was quite excessive and i would seek some more estimates when i got back


When i got home and went back to work i again got the job to take the wife to the station when i got to the house i took the opportunity to take photos of the damage to the rear bumper.


This amounted to a single scuff mark about 1mm wide by 10mm long.

this confirmed my suspicion about the cost,


with that the wife came out and started giving me grief because i hadn't done anything about it and told me to get away from the car.

the long and the short of it is we are now arguing over the cost.


He is insisting it goes to a garage that wants to charge £300+ without any proper invoice after i have got estimates between £120 and £160 .


I should add the £160 for which i have a proper estimate is from a different branch of the garage he is insisting on using.


i know the garage he wants to use is at some point going to do further work on his car and i suspect i am going to make a contribution to this.


Needless to say this is getting a bit heated now with him threatening me with the police for leaving the scene of accident notifying the council who provide my license and going through the insurance company which i don't want to because my excess is more than this and i don't want to lose any ncb and he has even mentioned court.


i should also point out that he is not willing to take his car to any of the garages that i have got estimates from.

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If it were me i would just offer to pay them £160 based on the estimate and i would do that in writing. Perhaps send them a cheque for £160 with a copy of the estimate and advise them this is full settlement for cost of repairing the scuff to their car.


Do not speak to them about this again.


They are just trying it on, hoping to make money out of the situation.

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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i might just do that.

I'm not trying to get out of paying

i just refuse to be ripped off.


he is being uncooperative

two of the garages I've been to have said to send him to them for a proper quote


he wont go there because he is hell bent on going to the one that is twice the price of any of the others.


i am a bit concerned as he has said about charging for car hire, taxis and i dare say loss of earnings because of the time it is taking but this is because he is being awkward and greedy

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Actually the price he has quoted I don't think is unreasonable as they have to probably re paint the whole bumper. This tends to happen nowadays, a small scratch means associated panels have to be blended.



Forget the localised repairs as they just don't work in the end despite what is said. Unless you paint complete panels it will show.



Years ago you could get away with a localised repair when paint was based on a cellulose mixture but not now with these water based paints.



I'd pay what they are asking personally but would also ask you get it repaired on their behalf.

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i can see what your saying but i have four quotes of £120(2), £150 and one of £160 from the same company that he has said is £300+. i was also given two quotes of £50 and £70 which were probably touch up jobs and i rejected as a cheap solution. so i would say the estimates i have are reasonable for the work involved.

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How do you have four quotes?

Did you take their car to the garages?

Metalic flake paint is more expensive and the whole panel/bumper will need spraying to blend in.


If you dont like the quote say go thru my insurance

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Your cheapest option is to give in unfortunately.

If you don't they'll claim through your insurance and it will cost you tenfold because you will have to disclose for the next 5 years.

There's also the matter that you didn't notify your insurance within 24 hours as required by most, so they could even play dirty and cancel your policy in which case it will cost you even more.

It's a sorry situation, but they have you by the attributes, they know and want to profit from the situation.

That's why many drivers drive off after hitting cars and very slightly damaging them: Wolf eats wolf society.

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police don't care about hit and run unless someone injured my sis had a hit and run with her car and police said its not serious just ring your insurance



also if they want to claim off your insurance it still backfire on them as there insurance will rise because when I had a crash 2yr ago wasn't my fault it went up still

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