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Tips-Have You Got Any For Newly Self Employed-Entrepreneurs Of The Future.

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Business Tips-Have You Got Any For Newly Self Employed-

Good morning old Tawnyowl here i hope you are enjoying your weekend.

My brain does not seem to want to relax,full of ideas,some may think rubbish.

The Entrepreneurs Of The Future.

Can you offer them any advice from your own experience.

Donate a little time to help others.


Well i have tried all my life to make it big.

Enjoyed the ride,the nearly man.But how do you class success.

Are you happy to say i managed to bring my family up,provide for them,create a stable home.Worked hard all of my life.


Time goes that fast in business before you know it if you have children they could be teenagers,grown up and gone.

Then you wonder what the hell one day as you take stock one day.

Entrepreneurs do not take much notice of hours worked it means nothing a target is there and you try to hunt it down in any way possible.

Myself well it took me till i was 55 when i shot down London way to try my last shot bar ten to try,you never give up.6 years ago now,seems like yesterday.

Tools in a case,train to Euston and only a few pounds.

Ended up in Essex and walked the streets for days leafleting till i found work.

Waiting in a alley very early the morning,catching commuters travelling to London to work giving out leaflets to them.

Down there it is the same as anywhere 7 days a week.

Pressure,you love it or hate it.Do not work do not eat.


Finally on a break i came home and then it happened, a heart attack.

In hospital as the Nurse was about to give me my jab i asked if i could finish my phone call.

I was still organising jobs locally for a couple of workers to keep them going.

Looking back i see the nurse now with needle and syringe waiting to take aim.A wonderful woman.

It was nearly Christmas.

Coming out of hospital,i realised when this job was finished i had to face the fact i was getting older.

Gym usually 4,5 times a week then work was a normal day.Construction.


I have made massive mistakes along the way so i am trying to give a few tips.Have you any.

For those starting out full of enthusiasm.Like i say i hope what i am saying some may agree on.

For those wondering,i had no money left so had to find how to make money from nothing.

Surprising how people vanish from your life when things change.When you need help.

But found a way and have just scraped by and about to employ a talented artist who should really

be successful in his own right.Naturally talented but lost.

There must be many out there.

Money from nothing a new start.But the last one for sure,perhaps.


So what would i do differently if i had my time again.

Well i have only a few because as i say i never took time to take stock just ploughed on.

But,lets have a go.

1-Most important is to have a stable home life,a partner who supports you.A strong base.


2-Try to find something that people return to you again and again.

Example people buy milk,bread each day.

Having a product that a customer only uses you once means you are forever having to find new customers.


3-Trying to do everything yourself.

Usually means sooner or later you will burn out.

Bring others to the table listen to them although your decision is the final one.

What happens if you get ill,you could be finished.



You have a Skill that has been honed over years,a quality product that needs really skilled labour.

Trouble could be brewing.

You find yourself overwhelmed with work but when you go to find help there is no one skilled enough to employ.

Those who are are already in demand.

Expect to train someone but do not be surprised when you train them they go self employed themselves.

Natural thing to do although the first time it may rile you a touch.

But deep down you have helped someone.Some may stay as self employment does not suit everyone.

Some like the stability of regular guaranteed income.



Try to find a market for when you get busy that unskilled labour would be easy to find.

The job could be completed much easily .Nothing worse than turning work away.It stings a touch.

And those pounds should be yours.


6-Learn how to be your own accountant it is not hard if you take your time.

Keep tax returns etc upto date.There is a lot of advice,help on line nowadays.

Even new apps so you can do things as they happen.

Keep receipts safely,motor costs,everything you spend keep.

Become used to doing this.

Of course accountants are experts in saving you money if you earn enough.

Register as self employed,get insurance.


7-And make a little time for yourself,your family,time goes fast.

Ah well just thought i would start a thread.

Any other advice from anyone please post away.There must be many Self Employed out there.

Bye for now.


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I came across this Tawny and thought of your collecting interest




The site just launched Gills naked driftwood


I think you mentioned a Christmas tree project. Check out this price



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Thanks very much for your post determindator.

I have been a little down in the dumps.Fracking and other things going on around Great Britain.

Wears me down a touch seeing what is happening for many hours each day.

But it is the Bear Garden where we can relax a little.

I have just walked through the door into the Bear Garden once again.

Just sitting by the Oak Tree by the water fountain,not to many people around at the moment.


Anyway i believe you must be slightly Psychic.

I have been thinking of many other things i could have said when i started this thread i will mention a few as this post goes on.

But you mention Christmas Trees,Driftwood.

I do research,look out for what others are selling,check out prices.

Pretty hard to work out prices really.Always been my weak point.

When you craft things the hours you spend collecting Driftwood in all sorts of weathers drying,washing,altering,making,advertising,packing and posting can take up many hours.


First time really that i have felt relaxed when in business and i have not got the pressure i used to have.

Although it is a case of do not sell do not eat.


So a slight addition to tips.
No use asking me if they are right ,i have not a clue.

I remember as i ploughed on trying to make a fortune a few times sending for samples of things that i thought were a good idea for the future.

I nagged the suppliers for literature at their premises till they were that sick of me they gave me a box full.

Time though reading working out how to set up while working maybe 18 hours a day sometimes, family time that you can neglect, i bypassed one idea that swept Great Britain.

So along your journey you will only a few times see a idea.Take a little time and maybe try it small scale.

It maybe time to change direction.Or you could be like me just plough on and suddenly maybe 10 or 15 or 25 or even 40 years later think what the hell.Life could have been so different.

I asked my friend the millionaire once,how come you have the Midas Touch.

Called him Dell we were pretty friendly by then.

Rodney he said i maybe have ten ideas going,maybe 1000 pounds each.

I know within a short amount of time if a idea is working.

I watched one of his ideas beginning to move.Team set up fast,articles distributed across Great Britain became a craze,job done.He did it many times.Made millions but worked hard with a team.


So what did i do,mm i thought time to make a few quid.

You have it or you do not and i just dont but have had some good laughs.

This is one of them.And there are hundreds more.

I decided to go to a architect suppliers and buy a fine pen.

Then buy some gold necklaces the ones that go a strange shade after a while from Mr Ling of Bejing.

One of my contacts,i had many.

Off i popped then to buy really small plastic dolphins that you could fill with water.

A loop so the necklace could be attached to the dolphin.

Then off to the grocers to buy some long grained rice.

Then a huge magnifying glass.

Now by now you are probably realising water magnifies.


Market Saturday,set up stall.4 Pounds a time.

Draw Round Ladies And Gentlemen.

Your name written on a grain of rice then put in these dolphins,round your neck and my goodness you look pretty young lady.

Magnified name on the rice,perfec.

So there i was,huge magnifying glass,stall,rice,chains and as excited as can be.

But there is always a small but in everything i do.Or did.

Have you ever tried writing a name on a grain of rice.It can be done as i did but wait till a lady comes with a name like Alexandria or Elizabella and there is a queue.

Suddenly i switched to abbreviations of football clubs MUFC names like that.Shortly afterwards another idea abandoned.

Originally the idea came from Tenerife when i went to live in a cave over there for a short while.


Another Millionaire told me Money does not particularly buy you happiness but it sure makes things easier to buy.

I have not checked his theory out though.

So where was i up to determindator,your post.


So strange,just as i read your post i sold my first Driftwood Christmas Tree.A small one.

Can you believe it as i was reading your post i sold one this is miraculous.

Shortly i will have to lie down for a while and recover.

I do like to tell a tale and hope the person wanted to buy it and was not laughing so much they bought it by accident.

A little of the tale i told.

Great tree,if you get tired of it in one position pick it up and move it around.

Lets think,office desk a bit bland well pop it on your desk tell the supervisor it cheers you up.

Buy the boss one as well.

And point them in my direction, say everyone should have one.


Naturally the boss would need the biggest one,i mean naturally he or she would.It just so happens i have larger ones .

Feeling like an Elf in July,surrounded by mountains of wood and fairy lights,cones,glitter, and not a Tinkerbell in sight yet.



Work in one of those Call Centres,so much pressure you must each have one of these on your desks

to relax you for when the phones go dead at times.When this happens just look at the tree and relax breath in then out a few times and smile.


Going out to your local to sit with your friends around the table, have a meal perhaps well take it with you, put it right in the middle,

or on the bar next to your drink.Soon have people smiling.

And tell them old Driftwood Damon from Blackpool will send them one when they hopefully ask where you got them from.

Put it on the bedside table at night for a little romantic atmosphere even.

1 tree at either side of course.


Inside Or Outside any time of year it is have tree will travel.Pop it in a bag on your train journey perhaps.

While you google away on a long journey out it comes onto the table to brighten your journey.

Soon have other passengers going green.As they see you with your laptop and tree shining brightly.


Have you a Hotel Or Guesthouse,well it must be your lucky day.

6 or seven or more placed and spaced in the window will entice guests to your door.

You will have so many guests some may well have to sleep on the floor.

Well if you are not laughing by now i have failed in my mission but i hope you enjoyed this Tale Of The Shoreline.


Well just for now i have run out of ideas,thank god for that did you say, but will return.

And there's more, draw round,relax for a moment and listen to this.I will supply the lights free, no need to plug in slot a battery in and away you go.Take it wherever you want.


The bases are Driftwood as well, lengths of wood lost in storms over the last few years.

This tree is 1 Foot high.

All vary slightly.

Check out my other listings for other sizes coming soon or contact me for a particular size.

I can make them up to ten foot high but you would need a truck to move them.


Latest Driftwood Fish.



Well i do not know where i am up-to now or what i have said so better go.

I wish you all a good Evening,off to roost.

Another day will soon be here a few pounds to be made.


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