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Transfer of Proceedings HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LTD

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Ive got a letter saying notice of transfer of proceedings on the top left.


defendant ME.


Then all it says is


To all parties

This claim has been transferred to the the county court of St.Helens for enforcement.


That is it no forms attached, there is no Amount Outstanding on the letter, nothing.


I have checked my Credit File today and there are 2 listings on my Financial History.

1 CCJ from Barclays showing as SATISFIED

and the other Account is still awaiting to be taken to Court for defaulting on my Mortgage.


How do I find out what this letter is about??


Does anyone know why I have got this letter.


It is not asking anywhere to respond

I am a bit confused if this is the starting of my Mortgage Company taking me to Court???

If so I just expect more documentation & details. Like amounts, dates etc.



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I think I would start off writing to them and tell them that you know nothing about any claim or any judgement – and you would like for copies of all documents relating to it.


Secondly I would write a letter to St Helen's County Court – make sure that you have included the claim number – and inform them that you have just received a notification of transfer and that you have received no other communication in relation to this matter including no documents relating to any pre-action protocol, claim form or judgement.


Tell them that you are trying to get details of the entire matter but in the meantime you respectfully request that everything in this matter is stayed until you have learnt what it is about.


Send all letters recorded delivery and of course keep copies

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nothing to do with your mortgage

this will be a claimform hoist have served to an old address on a debt.


if you have the claimform number

give northants bulk a call and ask for a copy of the pack.


all they've done is serve it to an old address on purpose

then magically found your current address when a human at the court looked at it when they attempted a default judgement.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Under CPR 3.3, I think you’ve got good reason for the case to be rewound to the beginning because of improper service.



Experience usually shows when you want to get the court to do something, they require £255 with a N244 application.


I've heard on radio programmes and possibly TV where people have turned up to hearing centres had the admin people put the file in front of a judge.

After waiting around for half an hour, an order has been printed out.



My experience with court staff, this could only be done with charm, manipulation, waterworks and feigning utter incompetence and bewilderment.


As I've prevoulsly pointed out in other posts, because the claim has probably not been allocated to track, you could be stung for costs which usually start at £1k.

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