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    • Hello, yesterday Barclays Bank put my account under review suddenly just i received a message about that to wait 7 days . I ve been to local branch and they didn't tell me any information saying to me to wait 14 days . The problem is I think they will take longer than they said and I can't wait so much cause I need the money for my own company and to live life daily. This situation its caused me a sever anxiety, I dont know what to do . I can prove that I m a self employed . Can somebody tell me what should I do ?  Some contact numbers or email addresses where can I text about this problem? I m new on this platform and I dont know how to manage this . Thank you
    • Hello yesterday Barclays Bank blocked my account with a substantial amount and I didnt get any reason for this issue why they put my account under review. I m a self employed and all the money blocked are very important to me to open my own company .. Can I get some information about what should I do in this case.  I ve been to the local branch but they didn't give me any information just to wait 14 days and I can t do that .
    • harveys are not the creditor, so them stating you should continue to make payments and you will not receive your payments back is immaterial.   the administrators of harveys are not your target. creation finance are.     these issues should be directed toward creation under p'haps a section 75 claim ....as they are the creditor ...they are equally responsible for the actions or inactions of either harveys or bensons.   we can appreciate you have had the usual run around, we are not indicating you have lied, merely pointing to the fact that you innocently believed what you have been told to date.   go get your moneyback and get the finance agreement cancelled.   dx 
    • you've not moved so until or unless you get a letter of claim via royal mail you ignore them.   as for anything on your credit file it should fall off after 6yrs.   dx    
    • 1st. it is not illegal for you, as the home owner, to open letters addressed to 'others' not resident at your address.   2nd because you did or did not employ the above, ultimately, this has led to a court judgement being handed down. the bailiff company have employed, quite rightly,  the methods that are legally available to them to trace the defendant.   rightly or wrongly they have traced you.   you need to write to the bailiff company concerned briefly explaining the above stating you are not the said person. you also need to write to the judgement court the same. you also need to write to the relevant rail toc    never use the phone.   dx      
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Gawd the DWP are the scurge of the planet lol

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Well guys here i am again ... just search my posts.


OK here we go ......


My son was on Universal credits and was hit with 4 sanctions 1 after the other for 28 days each with the final one being for 92 days due to the previous 3! He was under a "sick note" for 3 of them and the fourth was for not doing enough entries on hit work diary thing.


I went to a routine meeting with my son and was met with what i would class as hostility. I am mobility impaired and on good days i can walk with a stick but i am in constant pain. So the first thing my son asked was if there was a chair for me me and his work coach said "your father can stand" Anyway after a lot of messing to get a chair and then to move from in front of her I got to work on why she sanctioned him for being unfit. A long conversation entailed with her constantly repeating that all was correct i left telling her that she was ignorant of the law and needed further training.


If you had been there to see the way i was treated and also my son i am sure you would have not kept control. I helped my son get the sanctions lifted and then luckily he got a job as this one at the DWP was after him for sure!!!


The problem now is that he was fired due to not being able to keep up with his duties. I am now very concerned that the DWP will do what they can to make his life unbearable.


Is it possible to get permission to accompany my son and to speak on his behalf as he finds things difficult to understand at times and a lot of things just go over his head. Also is it possible to video record all appointments as they either lie or AS THEY SAY "IGNORANCE IS NOT AND EXCUSE" so they are lying to him or are ignorant to the law as i have proven on numerous occasions so i know they are after us!!!


What can i do to protect my son and also myself from being targeted??

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Are you joking?


No. Not seen your full history but why would they pick on your son?

Please do not ask me for advice via PM as I will not reply.

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No worries.


So, genuine question. Why would they pick on him? The last work coach sounds a nightmare but they might not all be like that.

Please do not ask me for advice via PM as I will not reply.

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Like all occupations you have the good ones and the bad ones. A member of the public getting the better or showing up a colleague can sometimes drive a colleague to exact revenge on their behalf. This is rare but it does happen and I don't want this to happen to my son.

My experience of staff at this office and also staff on the telephone is that they are at least ignorant of their own rules and regulation and at worst lying to the public. I am only one person, how many others are there out there, that are told factually inaccurate information and believe it to be true.

I worry that if my son moves out of the home and no matter how much effort he puts into finding a job gets sanctioned incorrectly and left with no money at all for 6 months until he can fight to overturn their mistakes? I only want to protect him as at least one member of staff is ignorant of the law and also discriminates against disabled persons. Of course i have no proof of the latter as only me and my son witnessed it. I wonder if she was sanctioned pay for her mistake??

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trouble is you are removing any imperative your son would otherwise have to find a job and knuckle down and get on with it. That is the rationale behind the sanctions and although they are sometimes misused if they didnt exist some people would just wander aimlessly through life doing nothing to help themselves. Does your son have autism or some other reason that you have to attend his meetings?

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I am sorry but you are on the wrong track here.


My point is about the misuse of both sanctions and power nothing else.


By seeking to protect my son following the experiences stated above does not mean what you say

trouble is you are removing any imperative your son would otherwise have to find a job and knuckle down and get on with it.
Why do you think a person needs to be disabled to need protection?
Does your son have autism or some other reason that you have to attend his meetings?

You seem to be missing the point - My post is about the misuse of both sanctions and power nothing else. I am fully aware of the rationale of sanctions and sadly far too experienced when these are abused.


To avoid this going off in a tangent just google how many "appealed" sanctions are overturned. Sadly a great deal of people take the "Mandatory" reconsideration as a final say.

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