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Old orange default dropped off..now a new one!!

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Hi All,


I have seen today really strange situation which I have not seen or heard before as follows:-


I have had an Orange phone bill default since 2009.


In 2010, it was passed to external debt collectors to make payment arrangements which i still do.

--- 6 years after which was 2015,

the default dropped out of my report which i would imagine is correct.


Now after 2 years

, I 've just seen on Experian report today the same default with the same old debt newly posted with a new default date of 2017


obviously my credit file is seriously affected...

. Does this mean I have to wait another 6 years for the same default to drop of again.


There is still a small balance on the debt which I have been paying,

but the default should not re-appear after it was dropped after the 6 years lapsed...


Thanks any help would be appreciated.....

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Guest Mrs Hobbit

Has a debt buyer bought the debt? Who registered the new default.

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No its still with Orange, and the same external debt collector Moorcroft, the same default was re-registered by EE(Orange)

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Complain to orange


As a side issue

Why are you blindly paying a no

Owners DCA

They are not bailiffs!!


Own thread created


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Thank you Dx100uk.


Yes, I did raise a query with Experian as well as raised a query with EE Credit team.

I am waiting a response.



However someone in their collection team told me that as I acknowledge debt after the 6 years, they put the default back on as it still unpaid???-

- Not sure if that is possible or correct in law?

Not sure if this is even in accordance with the consumer credit act...


The debt has not been sold to Moorcroft,

Orange still own the debt after all these years

however i have still kept the same arrangement and never changed

-- it was a direct debit of 10.00 a month that i just never stopped...

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we know Moorcroft don't buy debts

but no it cannot be placed back on your file

under ICO rules and guidelines...



All references to a defaulted debt must be removed from your credit files after 6 years

has passed from date of default, whether paid off, paying now or not.


{the WHOLE ACCOUNT WILL VANISH, never to return}.


This is so that someone who continues paying something

- even after 6 years from default

- should not be at a disadvantage to someone who pays nothing after default

and ends up with a clean file after 6 years.


NOTE: {the bracketed text is not ICO guideline but my advise]



write to EE

give them 14 days to REMOVE the account as it should not be showing

quote the above ICO bit.



tell them if they fail to do so

you will raise a formal complaint with the ICO and also seek financial compensation.



now, the debt itself..

not charges to the end of the full contract is it?

as this is now unlawful too.





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Oh wow, thank you so much... I have sent an email to EE credit file query team, so waiting for them to get back, if not will do so as you advised... Is there anything from the ICO rules and guidelines I can quote or.....


The debt is just a remaining balance, but you could be right it could be admin charges etc... left that i am paying off..


Thanks so much once again,, I feel so relieved -- was loosing sleep over this

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the bit in bold IS the ico quote


as for the debt

if the debt was the remaining months of a 24/26 month contract

they cant or should not be charging you!!

1 month is enough to cancel.


have you never bothered to send an sar to get all the paperwork and find out what theis debt is?


as with any debt, never ever believe what you are told!

and esp if it involves a DCA



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