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Help/Advice in regards to 3 Paid Defaults

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Hi Everyone,


I’m new to the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Long story short

I managed to get myself 3 defaults with Lowell with credit accounts I had when I was younger.


Default 1 - £129 Vodafone, Default date 01/11/2013 (hasn’t got a default satisfaction date even though its been paid)

Default 2 - £360 Shop Direct, Default date 09/02/2016

Default 3 - £170 Orange, Default date 01/11/2014


I genuinely didn’t know I had an outstanding balance on Vodafone and Orange,

I thought both contracts had been cancelled.

seeing as I took out both of the contracts in 2011

I couldn’t remember and I took Lowells word for it.

Stupidly without knowing about these forums,

I got scared by the Lowell letters and paid the Vodafone & Orange bill in 1 payment and the shop direct in 4 payments, without trying to ask Lowell for proof of debt etc.

I’m now 24 and have 3 defaults on my credit rating,

my chance of getting a mortgage in the next 4/5 years is very slim/impossible!

Has anyone got any advice to try and get the 3 defaults wiped off my account?

Is it too late to ask them to prove the debt existed seeing as I’ve already paid them all off in full,

I’ve also read about going down the sympathy route and asking them to take the defaults off.


I know its unlikely that I can get these defaults taken off seeing as I’ve already paid them off but I’m desperate and nothing to lose.


Thanks in advance!

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Well they should all be marked as settled given that you have since paid them...the only problem is you paid a DCA after the debts had been assigned...and they are not very forthcoming with keeping their data up to date with the CRAs.


Unlike sending out their threats to get payment for debts that are most probably either defunct...unenforceable....or all ready wrote off by the original creditors.


Write to Lowlife and ask that they correct the data on the CRAs and write to the CRAs and ask it be corrected..and if that fails write to the ICO Information Commissioners Office and inform them that Lowlife are not reporting accurate data.



We could do with some help from you.



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lowells didn't default you

the original creditors did.





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