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    • Hi there, the company name on the bit of paper is:   Bristow & Sutor   Says the total amount £990.49 and this includes £235 enforement stage fees,  The CTAX was owed to North Tyneside Council. The guy also said that it wasn't just for CTAX. Other debts were combined.   I did leave other debts behind too when I moved. Perhaps a utility bill, credit card debts and a Provi doorstep loan.   I think the guy said that he would be back Saturday too. This is what I'm trying to avoid multiple visits. Don't want my mam to get upset.   Thanks for the help.   Bear
    • Hi   Just to be clear a Tenant cannot refuse to pay rent after they have signed your Tenancy Agreement for the property irrespective if they are claiming no hot water for xx weeks especially when you have evidence to the contrary.   As they are now 2 months in arrears they have breached your tenancy agreement and you could go down the section 8 route for the rent arrears to evict your tenant and the letting agent you employed should be fully aware of this.   The hot water issue sounds more like the tenant didn't have a clue how to operate the heating system within your property   Has the Letting Agent informed this Tenant about the rents arrears and their Guarantor who would also be liable for the rents arrears?   Now the Tenant that wants to leave early as there is no 'Break Clause' in your Tenancy Agreement signed they would have to negotiate with you the Landlord to leave early as they are then in breach of that signed Tenancy Agreement.   Now before doing any of this is they have paid a Deposit it should be protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and they should have been give a copy of that deposit schemes prescribed terms.
    • So a bit of an update as I haven’t posted for a while   I have received a court date of the 14th of Feb 2020 (maybe they will take me for a nice meal afterwards?) so I am starting to prepare my witness statement.    today I have received a letter from BW legal in response to my CPR letter yet again ignoring the fact that their T&Cs do not cover double parking. They are also now starting to hint that I was parked out of the bay yet the images provided on their evidence of the three tickets they are claiming for don’t evidence this as they are such bad quality.  stapled to the back of this is another letter. As a “gesture of good will”, the client is offering an out of court settlement figure of £500 payable in the next 5 days. Me thinks they are starting to realise they may not have a leg to stand on here!
    • firstly , they are not a Debt collector [never confuse the two - a DCA chasing consumer credit debt is totally powerless and have ZERO legal powers to do or take anything - they have no more legal powers than you or I do ] these will be bailiffs and do they have legal powers.   However, the good bit is that unlike what you might have seen on TV, for a council CTAX liability order [please confirm there is or NOT a CCJ registered check your creit file] there is NO right of forced entry. The bottom line is, bar all the arm waving, is, that if you simply totally ignore them, they will eventually go away.   Now what they can do is two fold on CTAX. basically add fees to a set limit.   the first is a notice of enforcement letter. this comes with a fee of £75 and gives you 7 days to set up some sort of payment plan.   the second is an actual visit, where by a further fee of £235, whereby the fees are now £310 , the maximum they can ever add to the CTAX bill. this is typically accompanied by a threat to removed goods, it's cleverly worded or 'explained' to make you 'think' they can waltz in any take anything they like. THEY CANNOT unless YOU let them in. which you don't, nor leave doors unlocked as they can then enter through what is called 'peaceful entry'.   in real term, the seizure of goods is limited to stuff outside like cars YOU might own that are not behind locked gates.   so i'm not too sure what stage you are at  so please clarify. the name of the bailiff company. how much you now owe the county council the CTAX is owed too.   if you have any/all paperwork please scan it to PDF  after redaction - read our upload guide]   one last point. they don't keep coming around they don't keep ringing. neither of those gander them anymore money so they don't bother.   dx      
    • Hi Everybody I moved into my parents house quite recently. My mam is aged and extremely ill (it's just me and her living in the house) and I moved from the North to the South of England to take care of her.   Now I've got a CCJ against me for unpaid Council tax from when I was living in the North and a debt collector has just showed up at the door. Now I don't have the money to pay the entire amount straight away. But I'm willing to try and enter in some kind of payment plan and gradually pay down the debt. However my main concern is that they don't keep coming around and phoning the house threatening and harassing my mam over her sons debt.   However the guy at the door was threatening to seize goods and have them sold at public auction. Getting bailiffs to break in etc.   When I told him that I've nothing of any real value he said he could just take whatever was in the house. Something about if she couldn't prove whatever was hers then they could just take whatever (I'm not 100% this but I think something to this affect).   He left me a "Notification of Enforcement agent visit" sheet of paper.   From the first paragraph it says:   "As an enforcement agent I've attended your premises today with the intention of taking control of your goods in accordance with the taking control of goods (fees) regulations 2014. At this time your goods are bound. You cannot remove, sell or otherwise dispose of them"   Thus I'd appreciate any advice that readers my be able to offer. Does anyone know the law regarding "seizing assets" when the debtor is not the homeowner/tenant?   tia Bear
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Very.co.uk nightmare - new bed was broken upon delivery

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Hi all,


I'm hoping for some advice on how to proceed further with Very.co.uk.



I received a broken bed for my three year old son on 22 May

(after delivery was delayed a week due to the bed getting lost in the warehouse).

Half the parts that hold the slats to the bed were broken and unusable.



I immediately rang them

- they took the details and said their parts team would send out replacements.

I also sent a message via my account at the same time.



Having heard nothing I rang them again on Thursday 25 May and was told that the parts had been sent out and would take 7-10 days.



I was about to query the length of time but I was abruptly hung up on

(a common occurrence when you call Verys customer service).



The following day I received another message asking which parts were broken

- contradicting the man who had told me they were on their way the evening before.



I then called them again on 30 May to be told that they had just ordered the parts the night before. Having been told this before and it turning out to not be the case I asked them to return the damaged bed.



They refused telling me I had to wait for the parts to arrive and asked me to wait another 7-10 days (which would take us to three weeks since the bed arrived broken).



I messaged them again via my account reiterating my request for a refund and also emailed a complaint via Very.co.uk to which I have had no response.



The customer service has been appalling.

My poor son has been without a proper bed for two weeks now and there is no resolution in sight.

I am completely appalled given threat the goods were damaged they should be providing a refund.



I have never dealt with such an awful company so I am at a loss what to do

- other than seek advice from the ombudsman.

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as this was online

you are covered by CRA. [old SOGA/Distance selling regulations]



you can cancel for no reason up until 14 days from delivery date

and if faulty up until 30day

under CRA you are entitled to a full refund.






please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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However, you should learn from this and not shop with Very again. We have a huge number of complaints about them on this forum – in particular the quality of what they sell and the quality of their customer service which you are finding out for yourself is not at all good.

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Yes I have found that out the hard way. I know I am within my rights to have a refund the difficulty is there refusal to do so.

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I'm afraid that if they steadfastly refuse, then the only solution is to begin a small claim in the County Court. If you started a claim like this, I'm sure they would immediately take notice and sort themselves out. However, it's such a shame that they push their customers to even thinking about this kind of action.


I'm afraid that there is no ombudsman for this kind of thing. You should certainly reported to trading standards – but that won't produce any immediate solution and in fact it will simply be added to their collection of complaints which they probably have about this company.


Where a company like Very really wants to deny their customers a decent service and a decent product, it becomes a bit difficult to do anything and certainly to get any rapid results.


If you have the money then I think a quick fix is to get another bed from somewhere else, and to store the one that you have got from Very and then start making trouble about it – including compensation and also a storage fee. We would be very happy to help you.


I sent a tweet directly to them and there has still been no response.


If you have a Twitter account then find out tweet and then retweet it. The other thing which may make them sit up is a lot of bad publicity – but really, court papers are the only thing which will move them. Then you will be amazed at the amount of energy and expense they will go to to try and deal with it – when they could have handled it so easily the moment that it went wrong

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All part of the Shop direct empire - Shop Direct / Littlewoods / Very Blah Blah Blah...


BF is right, a county court claim might be the right option here. But also if you are looking for a swift resolution - Try complaining to the MD of the group. Then go for county court action if it doesnt work out!


Plenty of options to make them pay for your misery that they caused you. You can get his email from CEO Email.

But just be prepared - Write everything down - everything in writing - Photos... Get all your evidence together,.


Receptaculum Ignis


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Also had massive problems with a bed from Very that only lasted a few months. My case is already at the pre court stage. Very don't seem to recognise the Consumer Rights Act and just fob people off. Just had a conversation this morning with them to try and avert a small claim and the adviser repeatedly advised me I had to refer the matter to the financial Ombudsman. Im at a loss as to what a faulty bed has to do with the financial ombudsman if the item has already been paid for. Am going to be starting a claim today with them. Good luck with resolving your issue with them and as Bankfoddder says, seems the best way to go with Very is through the small claims court.

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