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    • These vaccinations are going to be regular, I believe about every 6 months.  This is going to require local vaccination centres for years until they have a vaccine that provides longer protection.   Most GP surgeries are not going to be able to continually provide this vaccination service and provide all other services. They might help out during lockdown as a one off, but to continue having a constant flow of people for vaccination is not going to be possible.  My local GP surgeries are over subscribed, with it taking 3 weeks to get an appointment, so they are not taking part in this. Luckily we have a privately run NHS minor injuries unit with more room and they have been vaccinating patients.    
    • British households could be set to save less money than they did before the pandemic over the next five years as the country embarks on a £45billion spending spree, it has been forecast. View the full article
    • Just for info   Family member had oxford A/Z jab and had 40 degree temperature for 24 hours or so the day after Seems to be OK now and lateral flow showed negative for what thats worth
    • Start off by listing the DCA's and the amounts please
    • I understand that you may have suffered an injury and that you have memory problems. Obviously is not a good situation. However, you have to engage with this thread closely if you want to make headway. It is difficult for us to take an interest and then find that there is no contact for two months and then we have to start again refreshing our memories and being enthusiastic about supporting you. If your lack of contact is because of a memory problem then I think that you probably should make a note on a Post-it or something and put it in a prominent place so that you can remember to get back to us. It is very important for you – because you can be certain that the one people won't forget are Vodafone and eventually their debt collectors who will start to put pressure on you and start to make your life very uncomfortable indeed. I see that back in January I advise you to send Vodafone an SAR. Have you done this? It is an essential step. Also, as a matter of interest are you still with Vodafone? I'm afraid Vodafone are a very troublesome company. They are very inefficient – the only thing they seem to be really good about is about debt collection. There are extremely poor at dealing with problems when things go wrong. The one company we haven't had any complaints about so far is GifFGaff and they offer month by month no contract Sim cards. In effect they sent Sim cards out like confetti and no contract is ever started until the Sim card is actually activated in a telephone. This means that there can be no mistake and no commitment until you have actually made the choice to open your phone, put the card in and then to switch on the service. Even then, you are only bound for a month and then another month and then another month and another month – but you choose. As I say, we've had no complaints here. Have you sent Vodafone the SAR?
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    • Ebay Packlink and Hermes - destroyed item as it was "damaged". https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/430396-ebay-packlink-and-hermes-destroyed-item-as-it-was-damaged/&do=findComment&comment=5087347
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    • I sent in the bailiffs to the BBC. They collected £350. It made me smile.
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    • Hi @BankFodder
      Sorry for only updating you now, but after your guidance with submitting the claim it was pretty straight forward and I didn't want to unnecessarily waste your time. Especially with this guide you wrote here, so many thanks for that
      So I issued the claim on day 15 and they requested more time to respond.
      They took until the last day to respond and denied the claim, unsurprisingly saying my contract was with Packlink and not with them.
      I opted for mediation, and it played out very similarly to other people's experiences.
      In the first call I outlined my case, and I referred to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 as the reason to why I do in fact have a contract with them. 
      In the second call the mediator came back with an offer of the full amount of the phone and postage £146.93, but not the court costs. I said I was not willing to accept this and the mediator came across as a bit irritated that I would not accept this and said I should be flexible. I insisted that the law was on my side and I was willing to take them to court. The mediator went back to Hermes with what I said.
      In the third call the mediator said that they would offer the full amount. However, he said that Hermes still thought that I should have taken the case against Packlink instead, and that they would try to recover the court costs themselves from Packlink.
      To be fair to them, if Packlink wasn't based in Spain I would've made the claim against them instead. But since they are overseas and the law lets me take action against Hermes directly, it's the best way of trying to recover the money.
      So this is a great win. Thank you so much for your help and all of the resources available on this site. It has helped me so much especially as someone who does not know anything about making money claims.
      Many thanks, stay safe and have a good Christmas!
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    • Hermes and mediation hints. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/428981-hermes-and-mediation-hints/&do=findComment&comment=5080003
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Engine failed 22k, Vauxhaul wont cover under 3yrs warranty- lost invoice

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I bought a car from stoneacre in 2014,

i have 3 year warranty with vauxhall until september this year.



My engine has failed on the motorway with no warning at all.

We have had the car serviced and the book is stamped.



However we lost our invoice,

the garage cannot provide an invoice due to not having it on their computer system.



genuine parts and oil was used.



Now vauxhall are telling me that the engine wont be repaired under warranty due to not having an invoice



however the book is stamped.

can anybody advise me on what to do?


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I think your best move is to contact the service garage and to ask them to put together a detailed account of the work that was done in the parts that were used.


If they object to this at all then I think that you have to say to them that they might find themselves being involved in the issue on the basis that they haven't kept the proper paperwork.


What is the value of the repair? Also, does the breakdown in any way have anything to do with the work which is carried out? If the work which was carried out has seen no relation at all to whatever it was that failed in the engine then I don't see that the invoice is at all relevant.

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can you not prove place/time of purchase by the bank? statement of how you paid for it?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Frankly I'm not to sure that the warranty has got much to do with it. This is another case of a warranty being used to distract a customer's attention from his statutory rights.


This matter is probably adequately covered by the sale of goods act.


Of course, if the OP would come back to the thread and tell us more and engage with us then we might be able to get somewhere.

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The invoice would not prove that genuine parts were used. It is just an excuse to weedle out of paying for the warranty repair.


The ONLY way to prove genuine parts were used is to have Vauxhall check the parts as they are removed from the engine whilst performing the warranty repair.

If genuine parts are found, the warranty is intact.

If non-genuine parts are found, you have a claim against the servicing garage.

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You don't have to prove that manufacturers parts were used at all just that they were of equivalent standard. Provided the car was serviced on time then Vauxhaul should not be able to get out of this.



There is a proviso however and this is that manufacturers generally warrant the car for 1 year but the following two years is an insurance policy in that the car has to be serviced at a dealer and if this is not the case then they are within their rights to reject the claim. It's an often overlooked issue in the warranty when buying a car.

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As you can't find the invoice, play their game.

Get a mechanical report where they will need to confirm that original parts were used.

It might cost around £100 to test the oil, but the other service parts are easily accessible and can be seen and photographed.

Warranty or not, a car is expected to last longer than 22k, so you are within your rights to get it repaired.

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Frankly I'm not to sure that the warranty has got much to do with it. This is another case of a warranty being used to distract a customer's attention from his statutory rights.


This matter is probably adequately covered by the sale of goods act.


Of course, if the OP would come back to the thread and tell us more and engage with us then we might be able to get somewhere.


Actually Bankfodder it's not.



The warranty applied to new cars and nearly used cars is crystal clear.



The manufacturer warrants the car for one year as they are obliged to do so

however any extension to this warranty is usually supported by an insurance policy not too disimilar to a used car policy sold by aftermarket dealers.

it's a very grey area as to what is a genuine manufacturer warranty and what is not.


As I understand it and from what I understand the legal perspective is

that for the first year provided the parts are used are compliant or equivalent to oe parts

then the manufacturer has to cover any issue.



However, year two and three

the manufacturer can dictate that only oe parts parts be fitted in order to comply with the terms of the insurance policy covering the car for failure.


I could write pages and pages about this and in fact I think I ought to as it would clear up quite a few misnomers about car dealers be them new or used and the legal requirements as regards the dealer and consumer.


WHat is for certain even with the new consumer regs it doesn't always apply with car sales!

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you do not need to use genuine vauxhall parts this is even stated on their website


and if the car was bought new or used in 2014

- used as in you bought it when it was under 1 year old

it has a 3 year vaux warranty as standard or 60000miles what ever comes first

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