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PRA Group debt from 2002

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Hello all !,


I received a letter from PRA Group a couple of days ago.

Letter opens with "in order to comply with our obligations under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, We are providing you with this statement of your account.


Opening bal: £545.40

Total payments recieved £0.00

Balance adjustments £0.00"


Letter also gives a ref number and says I owed Lloyds TSB Bank PLc, the agreement date was 30 May 2002. And offers a settlement payment amount of £54.54.


I have never had an account with Lloyds TSB.



I panicked thinking someone may have stolen my details, as I've never had a letter of this nature before.



Have checked credit files from the usual three and there's nothing.

My name is a common name (G Jones),



I work with two others with the same first and sir name so had thought it could be for a different G Jones but that doesn't account for the letter having my address on it.


Do I contact PRA Group ?

Do I ignore ?

I'm not sure what to do, not slept the last two days.


Thanks in advance and apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or duplicated a thread.



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so they are offering a 90% discount and you don't think this is a bit suss?









end of!!





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Ofcourse I think it's suss, otherwise I wouldn't have posted on here. Sorry I bothered now. And I'm familiar with the difference between a DCA and "A BAILFF"

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Dear MAddog - DX wasnt being as you say, he was just making sure you were aware that the letter seems a bit suspect :)

Id say ignore for now. 90% is a large discount and providing its 6 years after the default, you wouldnt see it on your CRA :)


We could do with some help from you.


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Receptaculum Ignis


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thwey have sent one of these to every G Jones in your county and hope someone responds. They dont care who it is, they will hassle the first one to bite.

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