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    • Different statements. One has “at 59 mph overtaking on the approach” and the other “it was overtaking on the approach and in ....... at 49 mph”. So not the same statement (same ethos, different sentence structure).   perhaps they chose that site for the officer because it is an accident hotspot, and they know people do dodgy overtakes (while speeding) there .....??  
    • Hi.   I've moved your thread to the Bailiffs forum. People should be along to advise later.   HB
    • So a little update;   Of the 6 letters I sent 3 were acknowledged. One accepting £1/month for now and two from the same creditor trading under different names asking for full I&E which I haven't done.   In a moment of madness I managed to depsoit 5k to a gambling site I didn't have due to paypal's crazy policy of allowing payments which are to be collected by direct debit after a couple of days to gambling sites! Mad they allow this but this will show as a negative paypal balance (in a different account to the original "debt"). The first paypal -£5k account has been closed and passed to a DCA now. I have ignored them.   My council has appeared to have stepped up their collection efforts for £2.5k in alleged housing benefit overpayment from 2015/16. I have acknowledged their letters over the past 3 years each time by email but they rarely respond to my pleas. I truly think if there was overpayment then it was for less than half the amount they claim. At the time I didn't think I was being overpaid because I wasn't really working but I had stopped claiming JSA/ESA (and told them as much) but earned a couple of hundred pounds a month from sporadic work.   Also what I thought was a dormant debt from 2016 to Halifax has been actually sold ( to caboot? I think. Hard to keep track of everyone)   I've been getting phone calls daily but ignoring them for the most part. I did request all communication in writing in my original letters.   I feel incapable of dealing with these creditors and whilst initially I was feeling that I would be happy to just ignore all the letters (arreas, defaults and the like) and phone calls for an indefinite amount of time and  hope to make it 6 years to statute barred-ness and accept or defend any CCJ attempts that did arrive. I figured that avoiding these creditors for 3 months so far is 5% of the way there to statute barred! But I figre for these fairly sizeable amounts they probably won't all let it go and I will get some CCJ docs (never had to deal with that) However now my mood and thinking has changed.    I am looking again at insolvency. I'm over the DRO limit now so its BR or nothing. I was wondering why you said to not consider this and it would be stupid @dx100uk? Although shirking my debts/responsibilities it does seem like an "easy" way out at the moment. It would be so nice to know that what's done is done and to be able to draw a line in the sand and start again in a year or so and not have to avoid creditors or worry about what's coming next...   It certainly would help the environment what with the amount of letters that are arriving already(!) considering the first payment I missed was october/november (excluding the old halifax and council debts). I am exordinately stressed about it now even though I thought I would be already . Any advice would be great if it was to get my head out of the sand and contact people/do the ignoring thing and seeing what happens/reasons  to do or not to do bankruptcy for these unsecured debts?   Thanks      
    • Hi everybody   Had a knock on my door and was confronted by either a Bailiff or enforcement agent (not sure about the specific job title). When I opened the door he stuck his foot in so I couldn't close the door. I was video taping him so I took a few steps backward (to get him in shot) and he just fully entered the property despite me saying that I was denying him entry and he refused to leave thereafter.   Turns out that he was there to collect a court issued fine. I think from a Magistrates Court. He worked for this outfit:   www.marstonholdings.co.uk   The reason for the fine was something to do with "driving without car insurance". Now I had a cheap car a few years ago but it broke down and would cost more to fix than it was actually worth. So I sold the car for scrap and cancelled the insurance. Turns out you have to inform the DVLA when you scrap a car and them that it is no longer on the road (I was unaware). So this was the circumstances of the visit.   My question is did he have the lawful right to enter the property? I always thought these people were like vampires i.e. they can only come in if you invite them in.   tia Bear  
    • oppss again then if its the same person.   knows the road well so should know what the speeds are and where they apply..      
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Faulty Laptop Curry's PC world

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I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible.


I bought a laptop from curry's specifically to record music on, but within a budget and was advised to buy the HP pavilion 15 which was on offer.

It was very noisy in the store but I bought it on their recommendation.



After getting it home and switching it on,

I found it very noisy,

the fan and hard drive was quite loud.



the next day I posted on their facebook and they advised I take it back to the store, which I did the following day.



The guy on the knowhow desk wasn't very helpful, kept me waiting and letting a queue build up while he packed a box and then told me there is no way they would exchange it, and pointed out their policy on the wall!!



told me they could send it off for testing, but it sounded fine to him. (it was in a noisy store again!).

The thing is, i'd locked myself out too somehow and had to take it home, wait to get my old laptop back and figure out how to reset the password.



It was easter and I was away for a week also.

feeling fed up it sat in a cupboard for a little while.



when I finally tried it again decided it was still noisy I contacted the technical team who agreed it sounded noisy over the phone and to take it back to store.



This time, I took it to a different store and the guy sent it off and it came back with a replaced fan as it was faulty.


My issue is that I wanted to exchange it

- which actually was within my rights,

but I was sent away being told they wouldn't do that and there was nothing wrong with it.



They did repair, but I'm still not happy that they sold me a faulty computer!!

Is there anything I can do? It was a couple of days over the 28 days when I took it back again.


Thanks for any advice.



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Welcome to Currys and their poor customer services practice. Don't pay attention to company policies unless they happen to be better than your statutory rights. If curries are offering only a 28 day return on a faulty item then they are acting unlawfully because you had 30 days to assert your short-term right to reject and to claim a refund or replacement at your option.


I'm afraid that you have now lost this opportunity and as they have repaired it and you have accepted it, I don't think that there is anything you can do unless another fault develops. If a fault develops within six months of your purchase date then you are obliged to give them one opportunity to carry out a repair and if they refuse or if the repair is unsuccessful then you have the right to insist on refund.


As I see your story at the moment, I'm afraid that you have probably lost all your rights unless the computer goes wrong again.


I'm afraid that when you are dealing with these companies, it is fatal to give up even for a moment. You have to be persistent and energetic about it from the word go. It's a real shame that that's how it goes even with big companies which should know better and to whom the replacement of a cheap laptop makes up see no difference. They would rather fight you on your customer rights then worry about reputational risk and improving their customer service record.

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Thank you for your reply and advice I really appreciate it. I was looking at the dates and I took it back the second time (after many phone calls and emails) on the 30th day. Does that make a difference? I didn't realise it had been repaired until I went to collect it from the shop. It doesn't sound any different with a new fan in also!


Thanks again.

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under the consumer rights act [CRA] you have 30days to return any item that is faulty and get a full refund.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Walk into the store please, Tell them this is the 2nd time you are exercising your right to REJECT. Tell the manager the ONLY reason for talking to him is to use his name as reference into your finacila compensation.


"MR Manager REFUND me or I shall go further"


You have wasted about x4 trips. Cost of travel and personal time. if you are under employment that will be taken as cost.


£8 per hour wages = x4 trips. £32 + refund.


Question is are you willing to talk with a solictor?

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