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Cancelling Membership w/o 30 Day Notice?

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I was aged 17 when the contract was signed. On multiple sites I have seen the following:

"The minor is also able to cancel a contract at any time before reaching the age of 18, and for a reasonable period afterwards without valid reason as the contract is ‘voidable’."


I have been a member for just over 3 years, and 2 years 7 months since turning 18. Would that be considered a reasonable period afterwards?


The cost is £30 p/m and I really would not like to pay another full calender's month of membership for several reasons:


  1. There is a much better gym nearby that is 24hr and costs less.
  2. When equipment breaks in DW it is not replaced for weeks at a time, affecting my workout.
  3. At some point, they changed the closing time on Friday from 22:00 to 21:00.
  4. Have only ever gone during night times and from next week can no longer do so.

I'm not great on money right now so paying £30 for something I definitely won't be able to use would be horrible.

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Why make it so complicated ? It comes across as a law school exam question.


Depends on the contract terms about cancellation notice required and whether the problems at the gym are sufficient breaches of contract to enable you to cancel immediately.


I would say the age you signed the contract at 17 is not reievant. I doubt it involves a credit agreement of any kind. If the contract requires 30 days cancellation notice that will still apply. The changes at the gym are not sufficient breaches to allow you to argue that the cancellation notice period does not apply.


I would suggest that you just cancel immediately confirming in writing. If you have paid up to date and won't use the gym again, then it is a case if whether you pay any more up to end of notice period. They might write asking, but i doubt it will be pursued further.

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Hi Gu and welcome to CAG


What gym is this about and what admin Co is involved in collecting DD fees ?


The issue of being a minor was perhaps relevant for the 1st year or so. Once you were 18 though, your case for cancelling without notice became weaker as each month passed.


At this stage, signing as a minor is completely irrelevant.


See the guide here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452671-Cancelling-your-Gym-Agreement-Get-it-right-!(1-Viewing)-nbsp


You should write to the gym immediately and give them a month's notice to quit. Pay 1 final DD after you send the letter, then cancel the DD mandate.


If you don't do this, you're going to be chased for the final month's fee plus increasing admin fees for many months. So it's simply not worth it for £30.



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