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Hi Guys,


After some advice,


around 2 months ago i decided to go travelling.


Before doing so i parked my car outside a business which is on a main Road in Manchester City Center.


I asked someone that worked at this business if it would be ok to park there which they replied it would be fine.


While ive been away,

SIP parking must of bought the land the business was situated on and they erected a no parking restricted sign on the wall.


Well after coming back from my travels

ive came back to a windscreen full of tickets and numerous letters from SIP asking for £100,


ive also received a letter from Gladstones solicitors.


Ive been away so ive no knowledge that they put the sign up or that i was receiving tickets!


just wondering if i have a leg to stand on,


ive got 20+ tickets rolled up and i was wondering if i should reply to Gladstones with the reason why the ''parking offence'' has been committed.


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Can you tell us who has said its a fine please?


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Well I've got letters off SIP and now Gladstone solicitors, fine, penalty charge what ever you call it.



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it is neither a fine or a penalty charge.



This may seem pernicketty but when you understand the difference between a claim for monies as a result of an alleged breach of contract and a court imposed fine or penalty you will then understand how differently your action will be to sort the matter out.

This is not about parking as such but about contract law.


For starters SIP have no interest in the land.

Secondly if it says no parking they cant claim money for a contractual sum as there is no contract.



You had permission to park and that permission wasnt recinded so the signage doesnt actually apply to you.

You cant have been made aware of an offer of a unilateral contract because you werent there to be offered it at the time and the sigange is not retrospective so no consideration has taken place.



tell us where exactly the land is and we will have a look on google to see what there is there and the history of the place as far as streetview goes.


Do you know who you spoke to at the time?

Does that person still work there?


can you tell us the dates on the tickets slapped on your vehicle and also the date of the letters you got through the post.



Obviously tie the pairs of paperwork together by the reference numbers and we will see if they ahve actually issued them in the correct timescale.



What do the car screen tickets say as far as why it has been issued and what do the relevant NTK say was done wrong.



When SIP issue these bits of paper they have to follow certain protocols and they often dont

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When I'm home I'll upload photos of the actual place I parked and you can see the companies signs are still in place on google maps.



But it's obvious as I was away the business has closed down and SIP may have bought the land, as they have just opened a car park behind my flat but this piece of land is on the front side of my flat.



I think it says restricted o parking on the signs,

I'll have to go through the tickets

but they date back early march I think.



I've received letters to pay £100 and also a letter of Gladstones like I say,



should I reply to Gladstones or wait for court letters?

I'm pretty sure they will send them or request for them to be sent as there is at least 20+ yellow tickets from while I've been away, it's not even a parking space it's a little piece of land they haven't even done anything with!


Thanks for the help



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Hello Reni.


Please don't contact Gladstones until the guys here have dissected what's happening. If you do, you could mess things up and cost yourself money. It's always worth doing the research first.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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SIP havent bought the land, they have signed a scrap of paper that supposedly allows them to "manage" the parking at the site.


You have to pair up every ticket with a NTK. When you have done that tell us the date of all the corresponding pairs.


We will be getting you to contact the DVLA to see who has obtained your keeper details and on what dates. Again, if these dont match up with each ticket at the correct time then SIP are stuffed before they start and you may be able to sue them.


Do not respond to Gladdys until we know all about the site ( give us the exact location so we can have a gander), get thos google images grabbed and saved, get photos of the signage now there and tell us the dates.


stop being vague, it is the details that will knock back any claim they make. As for it being obvious about event whileyou were away on business, that is rubbish so dont even suggest that if you have to write to them (probably will get you to pen a denial of debt when we know everything)

Edited by honeybee13

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I think the images should now be attached


I will be matching the tickets up to the NTK's shortly.


I was parked where the white convertible with the black roof is.




Edited by dx100uk
zip images merged to one pdf file - dx

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Ah ok will do, sorry I had problems trying to get the photos on. Can you see the photos I uploaded though?



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the description of where you parked isnt expressed well as related to the image but understood.


You parked on a garage forecourt in front of the office occupied by a number of marketing companies at 41-45 Gt Ancoat st.


Having had a look further,

planning permission was granted to redevelop the site to a company called Mulbury homes (blossom st) ltd.


as this company was not active at the time they werent the landowner at the time but I would happily place bets on the people giving SIP the deal to manage the parking werent either.


When we have more detail about the matching of the tickets to the NTK's and get to see examples of these plus the signage now there


we will suggest a short letter to send to SIP via their solicitors but need the detais of the alleged breaches and sight of the NTK to see if they are POFA compliant ( probably not)


If you want to pre-empt some of the legal battle you can spend £3 on getting a download of the Land Regisrty entry for this property.


it will tell you who owned the land when you parked and the new owners details if applicable.

I reckon as most redevelopments of this size involve a lot of different agents it will be quite simple to show that whoever signed the agreement with SIP didnt have the powers to.


SIP and Gladdys arent going to show you this contract willingly

but know their claims are defective and wont stand up in court.


However, as they have issued 20 tickets they are not going to just hold their hands up as it is £2 grand we are talking about so expect this one to go to court.


Needless to say there is no planning application or consent for their poxy signage so they are there illegally and a good judge will dismiss their claim on that alone.


However, most judges wont know the law on advertising so you will have to educate them by learning about it, extracting the relevant parts ans making sure you have copies of the Act to show the court or that argument will be lost because the lawyers for SIP will tell lies about PP not being needed.

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Hi again,


Would just like to say thank you to everyone and ericsbrother for all the help they are giving me, I wouldn't have a clue where to start or how to even research who owns what land ect..


the help is very much appreciated as it's putting myself and my mother through a lot of uneeded stress.


Regarding the tickets

I have in my possession they start from the 06/03/2017 and the latest dated one I have ends 19/04/17.

The dates vary going up from The 06/03/17.


I'm willing to bet some have gone missing or have flown off due to the mass amount of tickets I came back to.


What details would you like me to take photos of once I've matched the tickets with the NTK's, I think I'll have some NTK's but some of the matching tickets I wont have..


There are at least 20+ so I will be able to match the majority of them up.


Again thank you all

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We asked for speficic things and you are not doing them,

we need to SEE the matched pairs of screen tickets and their NTK.


telling us how long a piece of string is doesnt get you anywhere.

READ what has been said and do that please


post up a pdf of the earliest pair of demands you have got

and then give us the date of all the other ones


ie: screen ticket 3rd march 11.00am , NTK issued 4th April received 6th April.


redact your personal details and the ticket reference numbers,

it is the DATES and the supposed breach we want to see.


then we want to see the pictures of the signs at the entrance to the land

and also any other signs there that differ to the first one.


We know there were no signs when you parked

we saw that on Google

but we cant see the signs by telepathy s

o you are going to have to photo them.


get a move on before the building is demoloshed and the signs go.


Also, have you saved the google view you posted up here earlier?

that will damn them anyway.

Edited by dx100uk

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iv'e gone through the screen tickets and NTK's,

there isn't one that matches up.


I'm either missing screen tickets or NTK's.


I probably should of mentioned this before but i had two cars parked side by side which were receiving tickets while i was away.


Going over the Gladstones letter which i'll upload a photo of.


They are asking for £480 for over 3 days where i parked on Gun Street, a street behind my flat.


Now this is the same situation,

i parked on this street in front of a building which was not in use on the 15/11/2016 - 17/11/2016,

i do not have the screen tickets or NTK's for this Claim.


Again SIP have now turned this building into a car park,

but at the time of parking it was an empty building not in use,

this is why i moved my cars around to the front of Great Ancoats Street.


The earliest screen ticket i have for

GRT ANCTS ST is 06/03/2017 (photo uploaded)

and the earliest NTK i have is also 06/03/2017 (photo uploaded)

but the screen ticket is for one car and the NTK is for the other.


Screen ticket dates:

























NTK dates:














It's a little all over the place i know,

but i dont actually have any matching screen tickets to NTK's,


the fact is i parked on GUN STREET when it was an empty building no signs erected,

and i moved and parked on GRT ANCTS STREET when it was a completely different business with also no signs erected.


I realize i may have missed some information, but i hope you can get a better understanding from the photos I've uploaded.


I haven't received any Letters Before Claim for the GRT ANCTS STREET screen tickets but i'm pretty sure i will in the near future.


Kind Regards


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just one thing

no such thing as obstructive parking,..........


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Well the very first ticket says obstructive parking, then every ticket after that says restricted area. This is for the great Ancoats street, I'm just wondering if I have any chance of getting these written off or even fighting it in court? Like I say the screen Tickets and NTK's are all over the place and it's very worrying.

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no such thing as a restricted area either.....



restricted by whom and for what reason?



certainly not the owners of the land...



and I bet no signed contract with sip for them to impose their own ones.


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Any suggestions on what I do? I'm at a total loss, Eric's brother said I would have to educate the judge on the laws ect...


Also thank you DX


Much appreciated for your input

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what judge?

you've no claim yet...


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Well I've got a letter before claim off Gladstones, and a ton of NTK's off SIP, is there anytning I can do before hand to get them wiped?



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letter before claim..claim of what..you supposedly parked where you shouldn't have

and some spoofers have sent you a few speculative invoices.



the correct protocol is a letter before action.



go find out who owns the land.

go find out if they've signed a contract with sip to allow them to issue court claims in their own name.





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look we asked to see a pair of matched tickets and NTK.

It doesnt matter about it being the first or last pair but it must be a matched pair.


By failing to do this you have allowed enough time to slip by to make Gladstones think you arent going to respond so they are sending out dubiously worded letters they will rely on to start a claim if you dont respond.


However, you have nothing concrete to say because you havent sorted out 2 pieces of paper out of the bundle you have.


How are you or we going to know if they have failed to follow protocols if you cant sort this simple requet out?




your post of yesterday with an incomplete list of dates is as useful as a chocolate tea pot.


The NTK's will have the date of the event on them, match them up


Dont give a stuff about Gladstones letter, we have read hundreds of them.



Where you have put a NTK date of the 6/3 that is the same day as a screen ticket.

Ur wasnt posted out that day so what day does it say the letter was printed.


Read the POFA and you will see why this is critical

but if you cant be bothered to do that look at the reference number on the ticket and the NTK's and find 2 the same and put those up here with your personal details redacted.


You have wasted a week of what is to become precious time wittering on about things that arent important and failing to do one thing that is.


Once we can see the pair we can advise what to say to Gladstones but we are not going to tell you to say something that is incorrect just to say something.

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I understand what you're saying,

but as I posted before

the screen Tickets and NTK's don't match.


There were two cars parked side by side

so I'd have a screen ticket for one and an NTK for another,


the screen ticket on the 6th was for one car,

but the NTK on the 6th was for the other car,

thus the pair not being a match.

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OK, each NTK *should* have on it a date of (alleged) contravention of their made up rules.


Whist it would help if you had both the NTD and the NTK, it's not critical at this point as you can ask for copies of them as part of your CPR request if you need to.


For the NTK's that you do have, look for the "Date of Issue", this should relate to the date that the original litter/ticket was put on your vehicle. Then tell us the "Date of Sending" ie...


Ticket #1

Date of issue. 01/01/17

Date of sending. 01/02/17


Ticket #2

Date of issue. 02/01/17

Date of sending. 02/02/17




We can then add a couple of days to allow for postage (don't add that yourself) and it will help us to judge if the NTK's would have probably got you within the very specific time frame that they should have done to comply with POFA :thumb:

We could use your help




Please note that my posts are my opinion only and should not be taken as any kind of legal advice.


If I've helped you at all, please feel free to click on the little star under my posts and leave feedback :)

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what are you on about?

You had a ticket slapped on your car.

They then write to you 29-56 days later,


Look at the reference number on the ticket and then find the letter with the same reference number for an event of that date


On the letter there will be a box at the top with the vehicle identifications details with make, colour, reg etc.


it will have the date of the event and a description of what you have supposed to have done wrong.


All you do is find 1 ticket and 1 letter that match up

we want to read the letter and see if they are sent within the correct times.


as for 2 cars, this is news to us, are they both your vehicles?


If all else fails

post up all of the tickets and all of the NTK letters and we will do it for you

but do so today

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