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Caught (££) by auto renewal clause

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I had a policy with Ford Insure. As it came to renewal time I phoned around and found a policy much cheaper. I phone Ford Insure to get them to match the offer - they declined. I renewed with the new company.


A few months later - yes I was a little slack checking my bank statements - I noticed that Ford Insure had debited my account (£750.00) for the policy renewal. Thinking a simple clerical error I phoned them. I was promptly told that there was an automatic renewal clause on my policy and that if I did not write to cancel it would automatically renew. Further, they would not make a full refund but only refund unexpired premium. (£550.00).


I wrote, enclosing the other company insurance schedule asking for a full refund. They replied NO and would only refund the unexpired portion.


Now full of confidence from perusing claims from banks I wrote back to them asking a lot of difficult questions ... e.g.

*How could they claim to be at risk if I did not know the policy existed.

*They contended they would have to pay out 50% in the event of a claim - I asked if they only covered 50% how could they charge a full premium.

*I asked how many people had been caught by this clause

*I asked how much money was involved

*I asked why the automatic renewal was not clearly stated on the renewal form (It was hidden in small print)


And more, anyway you get the idea, I demonstrated I was not going to go away and was prepared to take the matter further.


I cheque for the full amount arrived by return mail.


There you go. If you think you have been unfairly dealt with, challenge and do not take no for an answer.



20/7 First letter 27/7 reply rcd nil offer

4/8 LBA No reply

15/9 Mony claim lodged 28/9 Recieved Notice of defence

18/9 (last possible day) defence entered by Cobbets

19/9 Defence bundle and CPR 18 recieved from Cobbets

20/9 Allocation papers recieved

20/98 recived notice of transfer to local court

21/9 replied to Cobbets

21/9 Completed AQ Due back 6/11

10/11 recived offer of £1300.00 - replied no thanks.

17/11 Allocated to Small Claims Track - Hearing 16/03/07


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Virtually all insurance companies operate this form of inertia selling. I always write them a letter giving notice that I don't want to renew the policy come the renewal date in a years time and send it with the proof of NCD.


Diamond tried this by saying there was nothing on file, until I challenged them and threatened them with a charge-back on the CC. Magically they found the letter

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Im sure its illegal to have 2 insurance policies running on one car, it might help if your new policy started a bit prior to the one that got renewed. then it would be void, worthless, and possibly illegal.

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Im sure its illegal to have 2 insurance policies running on one car, it might help if your new policy started a bit prior to the one that got renewed. then it would be void, worthless, and possibly illegal.


It was illegal, but under the FSA and Motor Insurance Database (MiD) its the policyholders responsibility to make sure they are not dual insured. Otherwise how would your old insurer know you have gone to a new insurance company? They can't request information from the MiD, only send it to them.


If you are and you have a claim both insurers can be liable for the claim 50/50 if your at fault as they both have been providing cover.


The MiD came into force in January 2003.


Hope it helps.

In Insurance, thinking "It wont happen to me" could mean you dont have the cover you want at a time when you want it! - Dont always reject a Courtesy Car or Legal because you find the cost too much! Whats more valuable? YOU or the Policy Premium?


Please add to my reputation if my reply was informative to you. (click the scales);) Replies offered by me are not linked to anyone, and is from my own personal experience.:grin:

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Surely Ford would have sent you a certificate of insurance if you were insured by them

Whatever I post is my opinion and should be taken as such, an opinion. While it is what I believe and is offered in good faith, it should not be taken as a statement of truth

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Swiftcover do have an autorenewal clause and didnt autorenew my insurance, they just sent me a letter which was worded as if they were going to but had a small paragraph at the bottom saying I had to click on renew on their website. Because I didnt they didnt renew and I ended up left at the side of the road with 6 penalty points, a £200 fine and my car impounded 15 miles away with recovery fee of £105. Happy christmas swifcover.

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