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    • Now I would like to turn to the ombudsman. I understand that you complaint to the ombudsman but I am not aware that you have told us what your complaint was about. Please will you post up here without any comment the letter that you sent to the ombudsman or the copy of the complaint you made the ombudsman. Secondly, please would you post up here without any comment the written decision that you received from the ombudsman. Maybe we can go forward from here.
    • I'm sorry to say but your story still makes very little sense to us. I've run this past the rest of the site team and I'm afraid that they tend to agree. We are going to try and do our best to help you but first of all we really do have to understand the story – and to begin with you should understand very thoroughly that we are no friends of Npower. I'm going to try and summarise what I understand of your case from the Npower letter which you have posted up yesterday. In 2012 you believed that your account was being billed inaccurately. There was a balance of £1498.91 and you consider that this was wrong you contacted Npower in 2013 and they said that the billing was accurate Npower said that the size of the sum owed was due to the fact that you had been making underpayments up until this time eventually you paid £500 so that the balance was £998.91 Npower suggested an instalment plan despite this you continue to pay instalments but at a lower rate than they wanted and no instalment plan was put into place this would mean that your account according to Npower was continuing to fall more seriously into arrears Npower put you into their collections department which means that they started adding charges you then claimed that the electricity metre was faulty Npower undertook to test the meter and Sue Npower's own fault there was a delay and this only occurred in October 2015 according to Npower, that his show that the meter was performing correctly Npower apparently have reversed at least some of the late payment charges which were applied to your account at February 2019, and power say that you owed them £2295.18 p you have pay them £140 so that the outstanding balance at 15 April was £2155.18 p   please will you tell me if you agree with the above summary and if there is anything that you disagree with, please would you very simply tell us which paragraph number you disagree with and why you disagree with it. Please keep it short. No narrative. You're hurting your own chances if you carry on with this extensive narrative. I'm very sorry to say this and I don't want to be hurtful to you.    
    • The earnings for free entitlements only means employment earnings and not the amount of benefits.   So if employment earnings are below the threshold, then send back proof of employment earnings.
    • One more stupid question - If I send the same FOC CQ to HSBC which contains all my bullet points of evidence, does this not give HSBC the 'heads up' regarding how to combat / argue the points I've made? And I send HSBC ALL the evidence too?
    • Hi Correct   I dont know if i am doing this correct by forum rules If not please advise thanks
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What are my rights for a faulty watch from Designer Posh Watches online after 3 repairs?

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I bought my son an Armani watch for his 18th birthday last November.

Within a few weeks it was not keeping correct time.



I emailed the company who said I couldn't get a refund as it was longer than 14 days since I received it.

I sent it off to be repaired.

After a few weeks it returned only to go wrong again.



I sent it back waited a couple of weeks emailed and got it back.

Again, after a few days my son noticed the hours hand was not on the correct position particularly obvious on the hour.

I contacted them and again sent it back.



It came back yesterday and the hand is still not correct.

This time I have included some photos to illustrate my point and asked for a refund as I feel this has gone on long enough.


At each stage from purchase to now I have had to email them asking where the watch was.

I've been told I would be contacted within 24/48 hours and then waited 2 weeks with no contact.


I need to know what my rights are and I hope somebody here can help!

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Please will you let us know who the supplier is.


They were completely wrong that you only had 14 days to return the watch. If the fault had occurred within the first 30 days then under the Consumer Rights Act you had the right to assert your short-term right to reject and that means that if you had told them that you are rejecting the watch because of the defect then they would have been obliged to refund you or to replace the watch – at your choice.


I gather from what you say it to it is still within six months. If a defect occurs within six months then if the repair fails then they are required to give you a full refund or replace the watch – at your option.


It sounds to me as if you have put up with more than enough. Where is the watch now, with you or with them?


If it is with you then write them a letter and enclose the watch – send it proper insured registered delivery and tell them you are now rejecting the watch and you want a full refund under the Consumer Rights Act.


It will be up to you to decide what action you want to take if they refuse to respect your rights. Frankly the only thing to do would be to threaten legal action. However, if you make this threat then you must carry it out. It's not worth bluffing.


If you are not prepared to begin a legal action in the Small Claims Court in the County Court then frankly I'm not too sure what you can do.


Bringing a small claims action in the County Court is very straightforward if you let us help you and you read around a bit and make sure you know what you're doing.


Don't imagine that you will get your money back immediately. You will have to issue the court papers. You haven't told us the value of the watch but you will have to pay this fee. It is very possible that once they receive the court papers that they will put their hands up and refund your money plus the fee. If they still decide to be stupid then you may have to pay a hearing fee and to be prepared to go to court. If you win, then you will get your fees paid, the money you are claiming, and any other reasonable expenses incurred such as telephone calls, postage, et cetera. You will also get a small amount of interest on the sum which has been owed.


On the story that you have given is here, I reckon that your chances are much better than 95%.

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Thanks for that! I am in possession of the watch currently but I have just heard from the company, Designer Posh Watches http://www.designerposhwatches.co.uk/ , (Yes I know!) offering to replace the watch completely, it cost about £100. I am going to accept this and hope it is the end to the story. If not I shall be back and following your advice.

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Good. Well done.


Make sure you keep all records and paperwork. I suggest that you take a picture of the watch before you send it back and make sure that you send it back so that it is insured and tracked.



It's a shame this kind of thing happens. You give an 18th birthday present and it really should go through smoothly without anything to ruin the meaning and the memories of it.


I notice that this company seems to have a few poor reviews around the Internet. I suppose that they've got lots of satisfied customers, but clearly sometimes things go wrong and they don't seem to handle it very well.

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