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Blemain Finance Repossessed My Home & Piled on Charges .. Tripling the Amount Owed. Can I Take Action Against Them?

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I took out a small(ish) secured loan with Blemain Finance in about 2007, which was needed in addition to my main mortgage which was with Halifax.


The loan I took out with Blemain was only for £17k (and my main mortgage with Halifax - which was interest only - was for £90,000).



Despite the fact that the loan amount with Blemain was only around a fifth of the amount of my main mortgage with Halifax, the monthly repayments were about the same (about £300 per month).



Some of the time I was not working so I struggled to always keep up with the Blemain repayments, BUT I was on top of the Halifax payments and, in fact, was in credit with them.


Because I fell behind several times with Blemain, and had to come to payment arrangements with them to keep them 'off my back', until I could resume the full monthly repayments,



they tried to repossess my home about 4 times and I had to go to Court to fight them off, which I successfully did.



However, they subsequently took me to Court again and that final time they 'won' and I was told my home would be repossessed.



I had to move out the following day,

barely 24 hours later

(and this was the family home I had grown up in and decided to keep on after my mum died). :mad2:


The house was then sold (in August 2014) and the money from that paid off the Halifax mortgage and part of the loan to Blemain.


However, the final 'tally' for the loan to Blemain was, staggeringly, more than triple the £17k it was when I first took it out (I think the final amount was about £56,000).



This obviously included countless charges for letters, phone calls, etc, that they had piled on.

For example, they would frequently send duplicate letters which stated exactly what a previous letter sent a day or so earlier had said, which I'm sure was one of their ploys to pile on more and more charges whenever they possibly could.


Even if I had sold the house before Blemain could get it repossessed it wouldn't have sold for enough to be able to pay off that vastly inflated amount to Blemain entirely and I would have been left penniless anyway.


At the time the house was repossessed I was in credit with Halifax (so I was totally on top of my mortgage with them) and, as a result, Halifax did not agree to Blemain repossessing my home but they could not, apparently, stop them from doing it because the Court had ordered that Blemain could repossess.


As a result of all this, I am currently renting a room in a shared house

- which is a far cry from having a nice 3 bedroom home of my own

(so to speak, even though it was mortgaged) with a lovely large garden.

PLUS I still am in debt to Blemain to the tune of about £17k which, at the moment,



I can't see how I could pay off because I'm not working currently.

At the moment I am on a payment plan with them and pay only a nominal amount of £1 per month.


So, my question is:

Can I take any action against Blemain (now Together Money) to recover any money regarding the hugely excessive charges they piled on to my account and / or to cancel out the remaining amount?


I would hugely appreciate any help and advice ! !


P.S. If anyone is wondering,

the reason I had to take out a mortgage and a secured loan on the house (my family home) to be able to keep it on after my mum died was because she had a small amount outstanding at the time she died on the mortgage she had.



I had to pay that off, PLUS I have two siblings who each had a third share in the equity of the house.



as I was going to be keeping the house on, and it was not going to be sold on the open market,

I had to raise enough money for them to be paid their third share each in the market value of the house.

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Hi Kittycat63 sorry to hear you are another victim of this filthy company.

Did Blemain present to the court a breakdown of the account?

do you have a breakdown of the account?



They are notorious for adding charges and fees then charging interest on them.

they also had a fake company (i think it was called called Monarch recoveries) that was used to add charges and fees.



You need to obtain a full documented breakdown of your account have you sent an SAR if not you need to do it ASAP.



hopefully someone else will join in and advise you

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If you have kept all of your statements from Blemain then you shouldnt need to sar them.

If you dont, get a sar off to them with the statutory £10 fee asap and lets start reclaiming all those charges and the interest they have charged on top.


Click the SAR link and edit it to suit your circumstances, you are in the right place to do this yourself, look for other bkemain/together threads via the red cag search bar above for information and always come back to your iwn thread here to ask any questions.





I am not legally trained or qualified, any advice i offer is gleaned from experience and general knowledge, if you are still unsure after receiving advice please seek legal advice.




GEMHL Settled

Barclaycard Settled


Spml Reluctantly withdrawn

Blackhorse pre 31-7-06 Demand removal sent 23 8 06. ICO ordered removal jan 2007....REMOVED:lol:

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I just thought i'd add it is worth the time and effort to pursue a claim to get the charges and fee's as Blemain have a history of settling out of court, you may also be aware that Cheshire mortgage Corporation (the sister company that blemain used to regulate under) was fined along with the chief executive Henry Moser £1250000 / £1.25 Million for mistreatment of its customers. "Together" a rotten company maybe thats why they chose there new name trying to hide the past history

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The truth will all come out, it cant stay hidden as the truth will set all victums of blemain finance , blemain group, together.monach recoveries, phone a loan,cheshire mortgages, lancashire mortgages, etc etc etc. Part is out and rest will be, when a puzzle is all put together it shows the whole picture ).

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Money cant buy FREEDOM , but justice can.

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