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Got a Virgin TV box, hasn't even been turned on in months... How to proceed...

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Afternoon all!


My girlfriend doesn't watch live TV, at all. That said she does have a Virgin set top box due to signing up for the tv/phone/internet package when she subscribed.


She also has no TV license, but hasn't ever told the TV license people that she doesn't watch TV.


I'm telling her to cancel the TV package and just fill in the form on the TV license website to say she doesn't watch TV and that will be the end of it.


She's worried that they will investigate and see she has been a Virgin TV customer for ages and ages and demand back payment for a TV license.


I'd really like to get this sorted as it's a big worry for her and she really doesn't need it at the moment.


How should we play it and what do you think she should expect to happen?

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She may well find that a broadband & telephone package from Virgin to be a bit more expensive than the bundle. I'm in a similar position and returned the set top box to Virgin (and got a receipt for it). Don't have a TV licence, nor do I watch live broadcasts, but it doesn't stop the monthly letters from TVL or doorstep visits.


There is no legal requirement to fill out the online form informing TVL that a licence is not required. It won't stop the letters, it just means they have a name instead of the legal occupier.


If she genuinely does not watch the TV, then detune it, unplug the aerial, and ignore the threatograms from TVL.





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It'll work out about a fiver cheaper a month (she'll be getting rid of the phone too). It's not so much about the money though, as removing the worry regarding the TV licensing.


I already know the answer, the TV license people will do nothing, but it would help convince her that what I'm suggesting is the right way to go and she has nothing to worry about if I had a few others chime in to confirm I'm right.


Thanks for your input!

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Here's my little "Chime in" for you.


I've no TV or licence, and haven't had for about fifteen years.


The TVL people have called about three or four times, but have only been here twice, when I was in.


I told them the situation the first time, and closed the door on them, and they walked away.


The second time, when I told him that there was no TV here, he made the mistake of attempting to walk in.


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Sit and laugh at 'em, they don't like it!



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The letters are computer generated even if you have no Tv and you've informed them of the fact, the letters will still keep coming.

and you may still get a visit.



You are not legally obliged to inform them and as far as i'm aware they do not check with Virgin, Sky or BT.

If you do get a visit do not talk to them as they are trained to put words into your mouth it is your right to answer "no comment".

Do not give your name or they will use it to obtain a warrant.



You sound like they have intimidated you with the letter and thats exactly what the intention is.

They will claim you are streaming live TV on you laptop.

they will try to sell you a licence whether you need one or not,

but if you buy one you are admitting you should have had one.



If they try and come in ask them to leave despite what they tell you they have absolutely no right to enter your home without your permission


Crikey! you're not safe in your own home these days there should be a law against it.

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