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    • Do you have a previous thread about this case, lindyhop? I don't think we can advise in isolation.   HB
    • Hi Looking for help to write a letter to the courts, following agreement by the other party (claimant) to allow an extension so that i can formalise my defence.    
    • So I will plead guilty and attend court. When they ask me if I have any further thing to say, I'm planning to write it down, bring it with me so that I don't get freak out. Could you help me review it?   Dear your Honor and the TfL team,   My name is [...]. I have been studying in the UK for nearly 9 years, currently holding a Tier 4 Student Visa.   I am attending the court today for fare evasion charges that I have committed and feel ashamed for what I did. What I did was not appropriate and has caused trouble for TfL and the public purse themselves; therefore, please consider my most sincere apologies. This is my first and my last ever offence that I will ever committed.   Over the course since this happened, I have been considering on how to get back on track and be a better person for the society and for myself. I have been obeying TfL policy ever since and do not plan to repeat my crime ever again. I also want you to please consider my mitigation circumstances upon my punishment, I have been in the country for a long time for my academic research and planning to apply for a leave to remain after my study finishes, this can affect largely to my application. I am half way to my Doctorate research and I really hope that I can continue to finish my research. If there is a conviction on my record, there is a chance that my university will reconsider and postpone my research which will be devastating for my academic development which my parents have heavily invested in. Moreover, because I have been spending all my time in the country, if I then come back to my country ,I will be more lost because I have developed into the custom. My parents are now all retired and I hope after finishing my studies,I can get a good job to support them, with this conviction on my record, it will be more difficult for myself to find a good job in order to repay for what my parents have done for me.   I hope you can please consider my plea, I will be more than grateful to pay for all the unpaid fare and administration cost for the court and TfL.   Once again, thank you for listening and I apologise for my behaviour 
    • I said I want to start a change back, I said it was fraud, passed to 2 departments, and they said nothing could be done. They wish they could.   Don't use your mobile one handed and push up the screen with out thinking a cash grab is at work.
    • I think it's certainly snake oil, and may just be an enormous bluff. Cireco is not registered with ICO, nor is it named as a trading name of RLP (which it should if they claim it's under their registration).  They can't process data without consent, and I don't think their silly 'shoplifting register' falls under the data processing exemption for crime prevention or legal reasons, since all are just unsubstantiated allegations.   
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ABTA Data security incident March 2017 statement

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ABTA Data security incident March 2017


Statement from ABTA CEO, Mark Tanzer, relating to Data Security Incident (March 2017)


We recently became aware of unauthorised access to the web server supporting abta.com by an external infiltrator exploiting a vulnerability. The web server is managed for ABTA through a third party web developer and hosting company. The infiltrator exploited that vulnerability to access data provided by some customers of ABTA Members and by ABTA Members themselves via the website.


On further, urgent investigation we identified that the incident occurred on the 27 February 2017 and related to some customer information, including complaints about ABTA Members, and to documentation uploaded via abta.com in support of ABTA membership. Although encrypted, passwords used by ABTA Members and customers of ABTA Members to access our website may also have been accessed.


READ MORE HERE: https://abta.com/news-and-views/news/data-security-incident-march-2017

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