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Returning Noisy Fridge Freezer under Sale of Goods Act

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Hello All,

I had a Beko Fridge Freezer delivered on 18th February and as advised, left it for 8 hours before switching on.

On turning it on, there were strange sounds, some clicking and loud screeching sound, a bit like a cat being strangled.


I called Currys and was asked to talk to Beko, which I did. I was told this could be due to gases in the system and that I ought to wait a few weeks. It is now coming up to a month and the noise has not stopped. I asked for a Beko engineer, who came out today and said this was not faulty but the sounds were something found in the frost free type fridge freezers. While he acknowledged that it was problem, said nothing could be done as it is not listed as a fault.


I have called Currys to say that under the Sale of Goods act I wish to return the item. The have replied that it is now a used item and also as they cannot power the fridges in-store , the noise is not their responsibility.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Thank you.

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The relevant legislation is the Consumer Rights Act because your contract was made after October 2015.


Under this new act, if a defect appears within the first 30 days then you have a right to reject the item. You must assert your right in a clear and unambiguous way in the best thing to do is to do it in writing.


Whatever the situation about the defect, I suggest that you write a formal letter pointing out that you consider that the fridge is defective and that you are asserting your right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act and that you want a refund or a replacement – at your choice.


It sounds the Currys are not going to be very helpful on this. This business about it now being used item is a load of rubbish. You must assert your right in writing before the end of 30 days. The fridge freezer was delivered on 18 February so you have very few days to do this. I suggest that you deliver the letter tomorrow and also send a copy by first class recorded delivery. If you have an email address then send one by email as well.


After that, I suggest that you take some recordings of the noise and you might even like to post up those recordings here so that we can listen to them.


I have never heard of any fridge freezer needing a few weeks for gases to settle down. Also, I have never heard of frost free type fridge freezers making particular noises. He has acknowledged that it is a problem. It may not be listed as a fault – but it seems to me that it is clearly a fault but anyway, if you assert your right to reject in writing as I have suggested then you can begin insisting that they collect the fridge freezer.


How have you paid for it? Is it all paid for or are there instalments by direct debit or anything else?


Do a bit of research around the Internet and see if this is an acknowledged problem with these fridge freezers – all with fridge freezers generally.


Incidentally, don't expect much cooperation from Currys. Also don't expect that they will automatically either understand or respect your consumer rights. You will have to show them the way.

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