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Beware What You Pay For - Vodafone Securenet

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I love Vodafone, although a lot of society has had a fair few issues with them as a Service Provider and even I sometimes query why I am with them.


Somewhat now, we need to take a closer look at one of their products and how it affects you.

Yesterday I attended store and picked up a shiny new device but something that caught my eye on the paperwork I'd signed was Vodafone Securenet...



So what is it?


Its a security product designed to protect you against threats while using Vodafone's network. Its built into the network already and doesnt require an app to download it.



Manage your devices

Add and manage all your family's devices.


Block unsafe websites

Block and allow access to specific websites.


Block unsafe files

Prevent your devices from downloading harmful files.


Find and ring your device remotely via the app

Locate your device on a map in case it's lost or stolen; ring it at maximum volume remotely. Find your device


Manage digital downtime

Decide when your family can go online



So whats the deal and why have CAG reported this...?


This is terrible for many reasons. Vodafone are auto signing people up to this with Upgrades and some people are being signed up automatically without their consent. Sure its £1 per month per device... But remember that Vodafone has 19 and a half million customers in the UK. If everyone is paying a £1 for this then thats a fine turnover moneymaking scheme.


More about it?


They are free alternatives for Antivirus which will protect your phone locally anot need a requirement for Vodafone to do this for you. Not only that but this doesnt work on Wifi unless you have an app installed and it has to the master handset that has it on!


Vodafone should be offering this for FREE as part of their NDS (Network Development Scheme) - Not charging people for it!


Not only that but both Android and IOs have built in security features to disable your phone remotely.


Are We Being Charged?


I would say check your bill. Vodafone have already applied this to a fair few customers through Upgrades and Tariff Changes.

If you are paying for it whether in free trial or not, then consider the alternatives - Lookout AV etc...

If you are not using it - Complain for your money back if it has been added without your consent!

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I have to say that it is a disgrace that VF hide this in their terms and conditions. As this is a 'cost' this should be made aware to people at the point of signing a new contract. I would suspect this is similar to the 'free' 3 months cover where people forget to cancel it.


The opt out should be included at the point of sale.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Update on this


I signed up for a new VF contract in store last week and was told it was a free 3 months trial and I would get a txt just before the three months were up should I want to remove it

Any opinion I give is from personal experience .

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Oh look - https://www.lovemoney.com/news/66898/vodafone-secure-net-id-mobile-eu-roaming-call-charges-claim-money-back?source=10000277&utm_source=newsletter


Vodafone is sneakily adding £1 a month to contracts


Vodafone's sneaky £1 charge


Vodafone has been adding £1 a month to over a million customers’ mobile phone bills, according to Money Mail.


The new fee is for ‘Secure Net’ software, which offers users extra protection against harmful websites while browsing the web, and has been added to every monthly contract taken out since February.


However, the charge has been dubbed ‘sneaky’ because of the way it has been advertised and added to people’s bills.


Secure Net is advertised as a ‘free three-month’ trial in Vodafone’s promotional material, but customers claim they were not told they had been opted in and will be charged £12 a year when the trial ends.


Furthermore, it’s not possible to remove the extra software at the time of purchase. It can only be cancelled 24 hours after you sign up and it’s up to customers to remember to cancel the add-on to avoid being charged.


Money Mail found the add-on is rarely mentioned by advisors in-store and the service is only briefly mentioned in the agreement, in the fine print: 'The monthly charge for your extras: 4G £0.00, Vodafone Secure Net £1.00, Vodafone Global Roaming £0.00.'


Ofcom is reportedly considering whether Vodafone is making the fees clear enough.


If you’re a Vodafone customer and didn’t realise you had been opted-in for the Secure Net service, you should contact Vodafone to complain and ask for a refund.


A spokesman for Ofcom says: 'We expect customers to be treated fairly, and any additional charges to be made clear at the point of sale — whether in store or online. We're discussing this process with Vodafone.


'If a customer was not made aware of the terms of the Secure Net trial at point of sale, or they did not receive the information in their Welcome Pack and text, they should complain directly to Vodafone.'

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