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Hi All just a general enquiry


I was recently travelling back home, when I spoted someone holding what I think was a

Hand held speed camera and can only guess it was a video type.

The guy holding it was not the police but had some writing on the back of his hi viz

Yellow background black writing


Has anyone seen these before ?


and as it was not a police officer,

is it likely that a fine with come through the post at some point if they were speeding?

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Could well have been one of the local community schemes whereby a couple of worthy citizens from a village with a speeding problem are given a camera for the day and are allowed to monitor speeds. Keepers of vehicles noted to be exceeding the speed limit may receive a warning letter from the Police with advice about future driving habits but that is about all - although I suppose that serial offenders may well start getting a personal visit and the Speedwatch scheme may also be replaced by an enforceable mobile camera unit should there be a high number of vehicles noted to be speeding

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






If I have been helpful in any way - please feel free to click on the STAR to the left!


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Hi Sidewinder

Thanks for your reply


No this was definitely different to what you refer too.



The community ones have there signs out (Speed check area)


this had no signs he was on his own.

I know the police do this from bridges on A roads but have never seen it on B roads,


No warning signs ( not an excuse for Speeding )

and Definitely not a Police officer, more like a private company enforcement agent

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I saw one similar to what you are describing. A lone guy who I thought was just walking along the side of the road at 6.30 am until I passed him and saw that he had what looked like a speed gun pointing at the area I had just driven up. I barely saw him as it was pretty much pitch black at the time but the gun had a red glow coming from the front of it. I though it might be police and expected to see someone pulling speeders over further along the road, but there was nobody else around.

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Could this be a survey of actual, usual speeds of traffic, for a review of speed limits, road design or future enforcement measures ?

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Captain Kirk armed with a phaser?


Sorry - I really couldn't resist it!



All of these are on behalf of a friend.. Cabot - [There's no CCA!]

CapQuest - [There's no CCA!]

Barclays - Zinc, [There's no CCA!]

Robinson Way - Written off!

NatWest - Written off!

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Many moons ago I used to work repairing Lasers used in the construction/ survey industries. We tested them on the main road (The A34) outside the workshop firing them against a building a known distance away. We wore Hi-Vis vests and the number of people who slowed down thinking we were police was astonishing. A couple of times we were approached by the police to find out what we were up to and they seemed happy with the resulting slowing down.

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