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Parking Collection Services PCN - Not even my car in the pictures!!!!

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My father has received a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Collection Services. The reason been for Parking on Yellow Lines or in Cross-hatched area at a car park in Ipswich. However my Dad has never been to Ipswich and the vehicle pictured isn't his (different make, model, colour and has a different reg number) !!!!!



Adress of the alleged parking infraction is The Hub, Ipswich, IP1 2QA



Dad is looking at sending the following appeal to them

I am appealing as the registered keeper against this unjust and unwarranted parking charge notice. I appeal on the grounds that my vehicle was not parked in the location at time or date specified and that as a result no contract was formed.

I ask that you cease and desist from sending me anymore unwarranted communication on this matter other than to confirm acceptance of my appeal. If I receive any further communication otherwise from yourselves or your representatives I shall charge an administration fee of £25 per communication.

Do you think this is an adequate reply?

We are also looking at complaining to the DVLA that they have released Dad's information to these cowboys, for no reason as its not even his car that they have pictured.

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I wouldn't appeal this at all. I would be sending them a letter stating that the PCN has nothing to do with your dad and explain why then go on to say that they have breached the Data Protection Act by contacting him because they have obtained his data from the DVLA with no just cause. Failure to cease and desist will mean that your dad will seek compensation via the courts for this breach.


Yes, complain to the DVLA.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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A more punchy letter should be on the lines of:

You have sent a demand for payment for a breach of conditions that do not apply as it is not my vehicle. As you have breached the data Protection Act by accessing my data without cause to do so I demand that you pay me £250 in damages as per VCS v Philip, Liverpool CC, dec 2016. You are damned by your own words and pictures ref XXXXXXX. I loo forward to receiving the cheque within 14 days or civil action will be commenced. Further to this you are instructed to remove my personal data from your files as keeping and processing them is also a further breach of the DPA. The Information Commissioners Office will be receiving a complaint about this matter as well.


Do get him to send a complaint to the ICO about this and also a complaint to the DVLA about them accessing the keeper details as they arent members of the IPC or BPA so shouldnt be using the KADOE system. He needs to ask who has accessed his details and why rather than saying that PCS have, they may well be buying information via someone else and that is a breach of the KADOE use and the DPA

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