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    • Thing is, how do you prove a conversation  
    • So I have gone through the two CCA documents, scanned them, transferred them into PDF's but am still unable to attach them as they are too big.   So I have to give up on attaching the docs.  One is 6.73 MB, one is 5.86 MB and the other is 24.3 MB.  I am not technically minded and find it frustrating that I cannot attach them given the fact it's taken me hours to try to undertake this task, neither do I know how to reduce them, also I don't really have much spare time to get my head around tech issues.   Anyway, my elderly friend is getting more and more upset due to the high pressure of harassment he is experiencing from the two creditors in the way of tree loads of letters and daily phone calls - the calls are blocked, but I looked at his phone and one day he had 22 phone calls.    He does have mental health issues and is due to see his Mental Health provider next month.  B/Card have sent him a form and asked him to ask his psychiatrist if he will complete it.  I've had a look at this form 'Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form' and if he can get it completed it can be copied and sent to all creditors along with an I/E form, then B/Card have said they will decide what direction they will take.  The Evidence Form is not specific to any particular creditor which is great if he can get it completed.   Bearing in mind, his appointment is not until mid December, then we have Christmas and New Year, I don't think the Evidence Form and I/E will get looked at until the New Year.  I have got time before Christmas to help him complete an Income and Expenditure form, or I can ask the family to help him out, but they are more 'hands on' with dealing with his disabilities, medication and health complications, so I don't mind spending a couple of hours going through an I/E with him, also he tends to open up to me more than his family.   Should I help him complete an I/E and send it to his two creditors, or should he wait and send the Evidence Form and I/E together.  I personally think it's better to send them both together, but it's the threatening letters he keeps receiving and phone calls which are making his mental health worse.  I do my best to reassure him and would welcome opinions on what I have suggested in this post.   Thanks for all your advice.    
    • should have done that a month ago.   dx  
    • Thank you for your response BankFodder.   First of all her employer is a care home and she is a Part Time Carer.  I do not know what the company is called but would prefer not to publish it here even if I knew.   Having read through the link you provided I would tend to agree with your opinion regarding the Estoppel standard of proof especially as she is getting 50% more than she should of been expecting.  Having said that she has had this from the very start and knowing her as I do it is possible she thought this was her monthly wages!    In her everyday life she goes from hand to mouth so there is no improvement in lifestyle unless you consider her absence from Foodbanks an improvement!   I think the solution is for her to repay at the low figure that seems to be in place but to disregard the contract requiring her to pay it back before or on leaving.  Should she give notice and work four weeks how can we stop them from witholding her last months wages?    
    • Hey,   so just received an email from CRS. Saying I have to prove I cancelled...yawn. Bearing in mind this is way over a month ago I sent them a letter! shall I just block them now? Not even respond?   this is regarding gymetc and I joined their gym online...   thanks!
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It is now June the 8th, My complaints submitted on may the 2nd, I have only have one settlement from peachy.


The other companies have not bothered to email me or make contact, How long shall I wait until I take it further?




You have 8 weeks from the send date until you can send to the FOS.

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Hi All,


Its been a slow process, the 8 week period will be up soon, I have one agreed and settled complain with Peachy,


LS have made a offer but I declined and asked for it to be review with my terms,


QQ have point blank refused any wrong doing, So I will be forwarding it to the FOS.


Can anyone please help me, how do i go about raising it with the FOS? do I simple forward the emails to them? re-write a letter etc?



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Right folks,


So far I have referred my complaint to the FOS for the following companies :

Lending Stream, Sunny and QuickQuid.


I reached an agreement with Peachy many weeks ago.


I am just waiting for a reply from:

Piggy bank (I doubt I will hear anything back, they emailed me once saying complaint has been received, and nothing more)


Uncle Buck

Mr Lender



On the 28th of this month, 8 weeks will have passed.

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The below are now with the FOS


Quick quiz

Uncle buck



Satsuma have just asked for more information ! I am away in Spain at the moment. As soon as I am cl I will submit satsuma and piggyback to the FOS.

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Its been a while!


Quick quid is settled, just under £2,000 refunded. The FOS ruled in my favour.


I still have 3 currently being investigated by the FOS

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Well done!!



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Welcome back GW - Thats so great to hear :) It wont make up for all the pain youve gone through but its great to have resolution to it all.


May i ask you to consider making a small donation to the site. You dont have too, but you donating helps other people get the advice they need :)

Any donations go towards our server costs etc :)


Also keep us posted on your issue itself and let me know when you get other responses back.

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