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    • Winemark the wine merchant ltd northern ireland
    • Hi Sweet and welcome to CAG   Are you willing to disclose the employer in this case ?
    • I was the manager of an off license. We reopened on mon 30th, I received a very large delivery which we weren’t expecting (and I wasn’t told about until 2hrs before by my line manager) all managers received a text from regional manager which stated when deliveries are coming in shops are to be closed. He didn’t ring this info in, I just read the text.   When I saw how big del was (completely covered the floor, could barely move around it) I kept my shutters closed and proceeded to pack delivery away. The store remained closed and we lost 5hrs trading time. I didn’t seek permission from manager to do this, with the current safety precautions enacted (only allowed 1 customer in at a time as manadated by HQ) I didn’t feel this could be safely achieved with 3 members of staff in and all the stock everywhere.  regional manger calls into shop at 4:50, hits roof that it’s closed and storms out of shop after exclaiming I didn’t have the authority to keep shop closed.   Fast forward 1 1/2 weeks later today regional manager comes in at 4pm with prepared questions, I answer truthfully stated I didn’t think it was safe I had the best interests of business at heart that I had turned up for work every day since this incident and nothing had been said. He said that they will examine this information and can come back for more evidence if needed.    He goes away again and at 5:59 (my shift finished at 6) he came back in saying they’d examined all the evidence and that their decision was dismissal, I was to gather my things and there’d be a letter in the post with information should I wish to appeal.  quite a shock.   I will see what this letter states as their reasons I committed gross misconduct, I am a bit at a loss as to what I specifically did to be deemed gross misconduct.   I’ve worked for them for 10years, taken 2 days off sick in that entire time and had a faultless record   I’m just flabbergasted they’d immediately sack me for something which happened in unprecedented times when all I was trying to do was keep myself and my staff safe and safely make their store presentable and adequately accessible for all.   Any thoughts on the above? Obviously this is all too fresh as it happened only hours ago 
    • Hi KL1 and welcome to CAG.   You say the buyer contacted you saying, "...... he had seen it cheaper somewhere else and wanted to cancel the sale."   Do you have this in writing and, if so, in what format ?   It would be useful if you could tell us more about the item you sold.    
    • I wanted to report a success against UKPS that started in Dec 2018 and was concluded today.  I did do a bit of reading through this site for guidance though so thanks for that!    in Dec 2018 a family member reversed onto a private road in Coventry and waited about 1 minute or so to collect their partner.  Meanwhile the owner was loitering and waiting to catch anyone on his land with photos.  2 photos were taken about 40 seconds apart.   With my help I disputed the charge stating that the driver had not "parked" but had only stopped momentarily to pick up a passenger.  I did not state at any point who the driver was.   UKPS from Leamington Spa were trying to enforce this and insisted on the charge of £60 + £100 being paid.  I sent a 2nd letter confirming the position of the 1st letter and that no further letters would be sent.   4 threatening letters were sent from Debt Recovery Plus and Zenith Collections and duly ignored.  The last kindly offered to settle for £136!    Then a letter from Gladstones Sols threatening the same was also sent, and mentioned Beavis vs Parking Eye.  This was also duly ignored.   Finally a Letter Before Action was sent by email.  Aha!  Game on.  They cited Vehicle Control Services Ltd v Nick Idle and Vehicle Control Services Limited v Damen Ward and that stopping for any time is a breach, and it was only the length of time stopped that may affect the value of the breach.   I said that signage said no PARKING, not no STOPPING and that appropriate case law was JOPSON v HOMEGUARD where the judge specifically said "Merely to stop a vehicle cannot be to park it"   They then came back at me with an evidence bundle they were allegedly going to use at court against me, stated the signage was clear,  a nd repeated their "no stopping" case   I came back at them with the same as before and added that, in their world, someone coming onto the land and wanting to read the signage would have precisely NO TIME AT ALL to so as, according to them, even stopping for mere seconds was a breach.  I also threatened that I would claim costs for my wasted time in dealing the case.   Today they emailed me as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Morning,   Thank you for your correspondence. We apologise for the delay in our response, however as no further action has taken place we trust you agree no prejudice has been suffered.   Please note that our Client has cancelled our instruction on this matter and the matter is considered closed.   No further action is warranted. Kind Regards ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   16 months on and UKPS gave in  
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BMI / Credit Style ltd

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i started a DMP with Moorhead Savage in @ 2011 things where fine until 2016 when they stopped managing plans , took on running my plan myself .


In August last year i received a letter off Regal Credit ltd informing me they were ceasing trading and the debt was been returned back to BMI .


In November i received a letter to contact them ,

which i did offering to continoue with the same payments .

which they refused ,


i contacted them again saying i cant increase my offer as all my Creditors are paid Pro-Rata and it would be unfair .


i then got a statement a month later wanting double .

On the 30/12/16 letter from Style Credit dated 28/12/16 wanting contact immediately or legal action ,

i replied on the 03/01/17 which they received on the 05/01/17 ( recorded )


On the 20/01/17 i received a letter dated 16/01/17 which states since ive failed to contact them they will started legal action , i had till the 23/01/17 now the 21 / 22 was the weekend .

i replied the same day and wrote to the address on the top of the page and also the registered offic on the bottom of letter , they received both letters on the 23/01/17 signed for by the same person .


On the 26/01/17 i received a letter from HLW Keeble Hawson saying i failed to make a payment despite repeated requests and if they dont receive full payment within seven days they are starting a claim in the County Court ,

i have wrote to them too with a offer of payment and list of creditors .


im not sure if the account has been Defaulted or not as all paper work went to Moorhead Savage ,

on the staetments BMI added inetrest which had been stopped .


No payments have been missed to any Creditor , im dealing with 19 in total


this seams like a rail road job any comment or ideas !


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why are you blindly paying anyone!!


if your debt are owned by debt collection agencies

then you do realise THEY ARE NOT BAILIFFS!!

they have



sorry I think you are being had blind

please list your debt and who you pay.


you do realise Moorhead Savage was run by ex DCA bosses?


bet you've never ever sent a CCA request to anyone you are paying?

and I bet all your debts are older than 2007.



oh and go read those letters you get from everyone PROPERLY

they don't say WILL anywhere...............



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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The Solicitor letter says will



Nat West Bus Baker Tilly £69.38


Nat West Baker Tilly £7.75


Opus Caboot £6.41


Santander Santander £9.27


Comet Nco Resolve £3.03


Tesco Bus AIC £14.50




EGG Robinson Way £6.19


Blcak Horse Cabot Financial £22.38


Santander Cards Moorcroft £4.75


Nat West Apex £2.82


Debenhams Moorcroft £1.67


HSBC NCO Resolve £3.20


HSBC Moorcroft £32.49


Nat West Wescot £8.29


At the time i had no choice but to use Moorhead as none of the free DM Companies would help as it was a mixture of Business and Personal Debt .



some of the accounts will be pre 2007 .


Have had no trouble dealing with any other bar Baker Tilly , but i was told about them .

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those that are not Bank accounts

send each one a CCA request to whom you pay.



scan the letter up the BT letter to PDF please.

they are Zinc DCA in sheeps clothing ...pussy cats



usually try and spoof people into paying old business debts that aren't anything to do legally with the person they are chasing as the business went down the panhole and they are not liable usually.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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Edited by viking 65

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you need to redact it

follow the upload




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, the whole DCA industry would collapse overnight.



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thanks , tried to remove attachment realised what i had forgot to do !

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