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    • you need to realise that for every person that does come to CAG and register and tell their story...there are poss 10'000 that don't but search the interweb whereby threads that are here pop up relating to like issues they are searching upon.   Most CAG siteteam and many other registered Caggers give advice that bears this in mind and post information which not only informs the starter of a thread upon what to do, but also takes into consideration the readers from the interweb that also read the relevant advice given that might not be brave enough to register and fess up.   to that end, there is very little alternative than to appear to give 'grief' [you deserve it - tough] to a cagger should certain previous advice not have been followed.....yours is a very classic case of such. hey I've found a backdoor CCJ.   to put it bluntly, had you have followed such previous advice, you most certainly would not be in the situation you are in here now.. .so by example, not giving you grief, for future readers...………..   ...never ever move without informing a debt owner of a move of address on any consumer debt that you last used or paid within the last say 7yrs. your credit file is a major key to ascertaining that information.... .but don't just read this advice come to the consumeractiongroup.co.uk website and let us help.   lecture over... what can you do..or more importantly....what can a claimant do now they have a default forthwith judgement against you. well we can't guess.... they might simply ignore it as 1000's of people with CCJ's find out..but it becomes an issue should you wish to say get a mortgage, remortgage or further credit.   i'm not going to enter into any of that here...that's for the reader to start a thread here and seek advice on their individual situation specific to them as you have done....   so...  bearing the all of the above in mind...over to you with regard to this backdoor CCJ.   as for the other debts that you didn't action before...go read your old thread and action what appropriate advice is given there for each type of debt that has been given should you wish to avoid any further backdoor CCJ's.   dx                    
    • hello my very good helpful friend. I am afraid to say that i did not. As i did not realise the relevance of it.   Should i be doing this right now of anyone on my credit file ?   Plz don't give me grief if u have already advised me...   do i do the ccs request now to everybody in that thread ?    
    • aha busted and stupid ...no wonder you've got mixed information here. never trust anything they say ..they have a very bad reputation for stating the truth.   now can you go get your credit file please..   there are cases whereby a council on historic CTAX debts do go for a county court CCJ, but a liability order from a magistrates court has far more clout legally than a county court CCJ and i've never heard of a court sending a bailiff out for 'multiple' CCJ collection.   me thinks he is pulling the wool here a bit and has looked at your credit file and seen CCJ's too so thought he'd chance his arm and use those as further leverage.   don't worry about the sat visit simply ignore do not answer the door if he appears. your task is too gather data at present.   credit file please..        
    • Hi there, the company name on the bit of paper is:   Bristow & Sutor   Says the total amount £990.49 and this includes £235 enforement stage fees,  The CTAX was owed to North Tyneside Council. The guy also said that it wasn't just for CTAX. Other debts were combined.   I did leave other debts behind too when I moved. Perhaps a utility bill, credit card debts and a Provi doorstep loan.   I think the guy said that he would be back Saturday too. This is what I'm trying to avoid multiple visits. Don't want my mam to get upset.   Thanks for the help.   Bear
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Hi, just registered having google searched issues with sofology,

ended up reading some problems other people have had.

Thought I would post about an issue I have and looking for any help in dealing with sofology.


From the start...


Visited Sofology and ordered a two seater sofa,

a three seater recliner

and a matching footstool for a total cost of approx. £3,000.


Have to say the whole buying experience was great, no pushy sales people no hard sell, so far so good.


We got a message just before Christmas and arranged delivery for 23rd December 2016.

Sofa arrived on time, all was good.


After a few days we started to notice that the 3 seater recliner started to feel like it was slumping towards both ends, i.e. high in the middle and lower at each end.


At first I just presumed this was the cushions settling in.

However, it has progressively got worse.

I ended up having a look under the sofa when fully reclined to find that the couch visibly is sloping to either end, almost like there is support at both ends missing.


I tried calling Sofology customer services

however got the usual in a queue message.


At the time I was on my own with three young kids in the house so ended up hanging up, and instead chose to fill in an online form. As yet I still haven't had a response to that form !!


I then decided to visit the store,

where I went immediately to the showroom model of the sofa we had purchased.

I fully reclined one of the seats and had a look underneath, everything looked perfectly straight.


I then went to speak to one of the sales people but was told I would have to telephone customer services, and they couldn't assist me.

This was a bit disappointing especially as I was the only customer in the store at the time.


I did what they said and again tried to call customer services,

eventually I got through and was told that a ticket would be opened and I would receive an email which I should reply to and send some photos of the issue.


I have done this and after a few days I received a further message to say that having reviewed the photos they were now ready to let me speak to their technical team.


I called but unfortunately there was no-one available to speak to me, however, they would get someone to call me back, so I gave them my work number to contact me.


Got a text from my wife not long later to say someone from Sofology had phoned her, as she was at her work she was not able to answer.


I called again and spoke with someone else.

The person I spoke to again reviewed the photos I'd sent and decided that they felt some feet may be missing and that they would send some out to me, and that I should call back once they arrive and they will send out a technician to fix.


The problem I have is that I don't think there are feet missing.

We have the same number of feet under our sofa as the one in the showroom has.


Having read some other posts I became concerned that in a week it will be 30 days since the sofas were delivered and also the 1st finance payment will be taken,


today I have used their system to inform them that I am rejecting the 3 seater sofa as it is faulty.

I have also said that I don't think fitting additional feet is a proper fix to the issue, and that I will only accept the Sofa once it has been properly fixed or replaced.


I will post again once the technician has inspected and confirmed a resolution.

I have a feeling this won't be a simple issue to fix and I suspect I will find difficulty dealing with Sofology to get an appropriate solution.


Sorry for the length of post, but thought it best t get it all out there !!

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Hi Stephen and Welcome to CAG


I have moved your thread to a more appropriate forum were you will get a better response and also with all the other Sofology Threads.


Please continue to post here.





We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Quick update: No parts have arrived and no contact from Sofology, messaged them on the online ticket system twice now they have not responded. Will call them tomorrow. I'm concerned now as the 30 days have passed by since we took delivery of the sofa, the first payment has been taken. I did record that I was rejecting the sofa on their online ticket system, but they haven't responded to that. Not sure if I should cancel any future payments until I'm satisfied with the sofa ? think that might bring more problems in itself. I have also requested information on their complaints procedure. Sales and delivery were excellent but the aftersales service is terrible !!

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And we also have Customer service rep registered here as a Corporate User which we went to great lengths to set up and approve. Disappointing that they have not even viewed this thread mind you their last activity was 27th October 2016!!!!



We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Got a call today to say they had been trying to contact me,

however, not on any of the numbers I gave them !!.



The parts they say I need (though not sure how they know what parts they need as no-one has inspected it) are not in stock and will be required to be manufactured and will take 11 weeks to arrive.



I requested that they send a technical person round to inspect the sofa as I am unsure that the work the person on the telephone is saying is needed is what is required as no-one from sofology has inspected it.

Eventually they have agreed to get an external furniture specialist to inspect the sofa.


I think they need to sort out the Customer Services side of things.

As I said before, buying the sofa was great, no pushy sales staff when looking round showroom, delivery came on the day it was supposed to. But since my first phone call to the customer services I just knew this was going to be trouble.


If this was my business,

I would want someone from my business to assess the issue by carrying out a visual inspection as early as is possible, so that a decision can be made early on whether a new sofa is required or a repair.



At least then the customer feels something is happening.

Instead it has been left to me to diagnose the problem and supply photo's etc.



But now I'm left chasing it up !!.

What if I wait 11 weeks for them to supply new parts, t

hen when they come to carry out the repair

(bearing in mind, it would be the first time a sofology employ had seen the issue)

they realise the parts they've ordered aren't going to solve the problem,

we then have to go through the process of diagnosing the problem and finding a solution.



Sorry, but surely a visit from a Sofology employ to diagnose the problem 1st is the way to do it.

At least then it would be sorted quickly and hopefully first time around, and no doubt less costly to sofology and also would leave the customer some satisfaction that the company they have made the purchase from is looking after things.



The customer then is more likely to go back to sofology again, and also when friends and family come and say "like the new sofa where did you get it" the person is more likely to say "sofology !we had an issue but they fixed it", instead of "sofology wouldn't go anywhere near them".



I'll let you know what happens next.

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Well it's been a while so thought I should post a wee update.



Sofology decided that they should send someone from a company "Homeserve" to have a look at the sofa to inspect and ascertain what the problem was.



Homeserve came on the day they were supposed to and inspected the sofa and confirmed that the feet that had been fitted to the centre part of the sofa were in fact too big. Apparently there are two sizes of feet and the ones fitted to my sofa were incorrect. The guy said he would report back to sofology. Great I thought things are moving forward.



So I left it for a week or so, and heard nothing... I then thought i'd chase up sofology on their customer service ticket system.. no reply.... chased again asking them to phone or email me an update of what is happening, again nothing from sofology. So I called today to be told that the reason nothing has happened is because the guy in sofology's parts dept doesn't think that what homeserves technician has reported is actually the problem, he thinks it's something else. So I guess that sofology thought they would just leave it there!! What was the point of them sending Homeserve around if the guy in parts dept is better placed to determine what the problem is. I have been today that parts are being ordered and despatched to me today and homeserve will be round to fit.



So frustrated with this saga, and sofology's inability to react to an issue, to find a solution, and to rectify the problem. They really have been hard work, and remain hard work. What kind of a company treats it's customers like this?

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What kind of a company treats it's customers like this?


One that hopefully you will never go near again.

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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