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Solar Panels FiT & Switching Providers

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Hi again



My mum has solar panels fitted to her house, they're all paid for and her current FiT goes through Eon.



Eon have been pretty bad when it comes to getting things right and her bills are always much higher than I think they need to be.



We've checked and made sure she's on a good tariff and most of the time she tries to make sure dishwasher, washing machine and so forth are used during daylight hours (although in this weather/season it generates far less).


She gets around £100 (Dec-Feb), £160 (Mar-May) £220 (Jun-Aug) & £180 (Sep-Nov) and we estimate her monthly bills to be around £30 a month lower... Which is around £1000 a year.



It's hard to be certain because my father passed away over the summer and useage patterns have changed drastically.



Before washing machine was on daily, now it's once or twice a week, dishwasher is every couple of days instead of daily and lights and cooking is far less.


Eon's handling of the FiT has been pretty bad...

over the first 12 months we had terrible trouble getting them to accept readings

... it took 4 months before then even set it up.

.. losing more than 2000 units from April to Aug when they finally got their fingers out of their backsides.


Now my mum is looking to switch providers.

.. but she's afraid that she'll need to switch the FiT too..

. and the thought of going through all that again with the constant mistakes, failures and lost income is putting her off..



. But I think the lost income is less than the overspend she may be making at the moment.


So if you switch your gas/electric provider..

. do you HAVE to switch to the new one for FIT too and will this mean you then get the lower unit rates you have now rather than the one they had when they first signed up?


Or is she stuck with Eon now?

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Thank you.... so she can keep the FiT with Eon to save messing around with the switch... but if the new energy provider is willing to take on the FiT it can be transferred and you'd be set up with the new supplier.


However... In there I can't find anything specific that states you will get the same FiT rate you originally signed up with... Over the last couple of years they've dropped quite a bit, and changing the FiT provider now 'may' mean getting a reduced rate for the rest of the term (original was 20yrs, 18yrs left on it) Which would cost hundreds if not a couple of thousand over the full term


I'm a little clearer on things now, but not 100%

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Hello Heckler and sorry your Mum has had such a bad time with us. Sorry, too, for the sad loss of your Father last year.


Your Mum doesn't have to stay with us for her imported energy because she has her FIT with us. She can switch to the supplier of her choice and leave FIT with us or switch the FIT away as well. The new FIT supplier will need to let you know how they would sort out the rates.


I know, initially, we did have problems with FIT meter readings but these were sorted quite a time ago and there's now a much quicker turnaround. Payments are usually made within 3-4 days after receiving readings.


Do you know there's a part of our website dedicated to FIT? If it helps, your Mum can register her FIT account online and use the various services to help manage her FIT scheme. This includes entering readings, seeing her payment history and how much she's generating. There are also some handy FAQs.


On her imported electricity, are bills based on actual readings? If not, please let us have up to date readings and we'll be happy to re-bill accurately.


Also, is she eligible for benefits like Warm Home Discount or the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)? Both are Government led schemes to help with bills. If eligible, the Warm Home Discount is a payment towards her winter bill. This was worth £140 last year. This winter's scheme is closed but we're taking applications for 2017/18 now. This can be done online at the following link.




ECO helps those who qualify with energy saving stuff like cavity wall and loft insulation. Again, there are more details on our website at the link below.




Sounds like your Mum's on top of her usage but, whilst looking at our website, check out the Saving Energy pages too. Lots of great tips to help save money by saving energy.


From what you say, it looks as though you've checked tariffs but might be an idea to pop her usage in kWh on to the independent Price Comparison sites. This will give you an up to date picture of what's available both with us and with the other suppliers.


Sorry if I'm trying to teach you how to suck eggs Heckler and you're already aware of these things. Hope it's of some interest though. Let me know if you need any more information as happy to help.



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Thanks for the reply Malc.


She was one of those who suffered with those issues mentioned.

.. although that is now sorted (we hope).



.. But here's a quick rundown of the first 18 months which will help explain why I hold your company in a very dim view.



FiT account applied for April.

No issues raised thought it had all gone through.



Went to give meter reading for July..

. told we have no account.

.. resend forms..



. cue a month of back and forth with your company saying we've not filled out forms, or we've missed a section..

. when you've failed to even send the correct forms to us in the first place.



End result, FiT account not registered until the end of Aug and 2200 units of energy generated that you refuse to pay them for...

refuse even to acknowledge we have grounds for a complaint.

.. It also meant that you were able to fob them off with a lower unit rate as they changed in July..

. Why I think that was deliberate I have no idea

... Probably just incompetence.


Next meter read due Nov.

.. Meter read submitted using the details provided by your company...

. Told account doesn't exist and after many phone calls back and forth we are given yet another account number to use.

Reading accepted and payment eventually made.


Next meter read Feb.

... Using details provided.

.. told account doesn't exist...

given yet more details and reading eventually accepted and paid.


Next meter read May..

. Guess what...

account doesn't exist and we have to go through it all again.


Next meter read Aug and this time we're told that we're not even the people that own the property or the panels..

. and the reading isn't due for another month..

.. seems they'd given us some one elses details.

... Refused to accept responsibility or check over every reading give (which we have a record of) to make sure they have been paid the correct amounts.

Yet another account number given.


Next meter read Nov..

. and FINALLY..

.. after 18 months..

. they actually managed to get it right.


I have been trying to find out (on and off) if they need to remain with you because the service has been shocking..

. Not only did you cost them hundreds of pounds for the units you refused to accept responsibility for...

you've cost countless hours of phone calls, stress and worry over an 18 month period.


Now that I know that they don't need to remain with you for their energy because of the FiT... they'll be switching very soon.


It's been an unpleasant experience dealing with Eon..

. Not having a go at you personally..

. but your company is useless when dealing with problems and customer service is apathetic towards dealing with them, and completely unwilling to take responsibility in fixing issues and ownership of mistakes.

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Hello Heckler and sorry for the late reply.

Thanks also for the extra information.

Sounds a real nightmare.


You were certainly given a wrong steer about a complaint.

This is a cast iron complaint and, if not already done, needs to go down this route.



A specialist Complaint Manager will investigate and offer a resolution/explanation.

If you're not happy with this, the case will be referred to our Complaints Review team for a second opinion.



If this is still unsatisfactory, we'll issue a Final Resolution Offer letter that you can use to go to the Energy Ombudsman for an independent assessment.



Although, if the complaint is over 56 days old,

which I'm fairly sure it is,

you'll be able to go the Ombudsman straightaway.

No need to wait for a letter.



The Ombudsman's decision is binding on us but not on you.

There's more information about how we look after complaints on our website.


I'm sorry you've had to go through all this and, if you haven't already, definitely recommend going down the above route.



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