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UKCPS PCN For Leaving Shopping Center Site

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I received a parking charge notice from UKCPS on the windscreen of my car which was parked in a co-op car park.



The PCN is for £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days). for leaving the site.



Apparently I was seen by the parking attendant parking up and walking off site.



I appealed the charge on the grounds that we purchased good from the store on the day and that the parking attendant had ticked the Parking Charge Notice inappropriately as the tick was outside any of the boxes on the paperwork.


UKCPS rejected my appeal on the grounds that there are signs which clearly state that persons using the site must stay on site for the duration of the stay?


No photographic evidence has been provided!


They have given me the option to pay or appeal to the IAS.


What should I consider doing?


Any advice gratefully accepted.

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it is NOT A FINE


its a speculative invoice



nowhere does any of their paperwork or signs use the word fine.



changed to charge



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Any advice on what to do?

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Hi and welcome to CAG


UKCPS are members of the IPC and as such are biased. The appeals service, the IAS are the IPC in disguise so they have no interest in upholding any appeal.


It seems you have appealed against the ticket which has now given them the name of the driver which is awkward.


I would complain to the Co Op regarding this ticket. They may cancel it for you.


I wouldn't bother with an appeal to the IAS for reasons mentioned.


What you should be doing is going back to the site and take photographs of the signs. Post the images up here as a pdf file so we can see them clearly.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Also, I would change my screen name to something other than (presumably) my full real name!



This is an open forum, accessible by all and sundry, so a PPC could feasibly take a screenshot of this page and use it to make the association between a defendant and a driver, which will blow your protection under certain laws (especially POFA 2012) out of the water. Use something anonymous!!!

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you ask what to do?

Well, you have written to them and admitted being the driver and arguing a point that for them is unwinnable unless you admit it.



There is no such breach of contract as the term makes it an unfair term anyway.


If you ever get another private parking ticket do niot respond to the parking co until after you have taken advice.



You can still defeat this claim but you have made it a million times aherder by playing into their grubby hands.


Now you do nothing until they write again and then you tell them that such a term is uunenforceable under VCS v Ibbotson and also the unfair contract clauses part of the Consumer Contracts Regs 2014

and if they intend pursuing this you will vigourously defend the matter.



Do not appeal to the IAS, they are not fit for purpose and are essentially the same people you are fighting anyway.

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