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    • you need to realise that for every person that does come to CAG and register and tell their story...there are poss 10'000 that don't but search the interweb whereby threads that are here pop up relating to like issues they are searching upon.   Most CAG siteteam and many other registered Caggers give advice that bears this in mind and post information which not only informs the starter of a thread upon what to do, but also takes into consideration the readers from the interweb that also read the relevant advice given that might not be brave enough to register and fess up.   to that end, there is very little alternative than to appear to give 'grief' [you deserve it - tough] to a cagger should certain previous advice not have been followed.....yours is a very classic case of such. hey I've found a backdoor CCJ.   to put it bluntly, had you have followed such previous advice, you most certainly would not be in the situation you are in here now.. .so by example, not giving you grief, for future readers...………..   ...never ever move without informing a debt owner of a move of address on any consumer debt that you last used or paid within the last say 7yrs. your credit file is a major key to ascertaining that information.... .but don't just read this advice come to the consumeractiongroup.co.uk website and let us help.   lecture over... what can you do..or more importantly....what can a claimant do now they have a default forthwith judgement against you. well we can't guess.... they might simply ignore it as 1000's of people with CCJ's find out..but it becomes an issue should you wish to say get a mortgage, remortgage or further credit.   i'm not going to enter into any of that here...that's for the reader to start a thread here and seek advice on their individual situation specific to them as you have done....   so...  bearing the all of the above in mind...over to you with regard to this backdoor CCJ.   as for the other debts that you didn't action before...go read your old thread and action what appropriate advice is given there for each type of debt that has been given should you wish to avoid any further backdoor CCJ's.   dx                    
    • hello my very good helpful friend. I am afraid to say that i did not. As i did not realise the relevance of it.   Should i be doing this right now of anyone on my credit file ?   Plz don't give me grief if u have already advised me...   do i do the ccs request now to everybody in that thread ?    
    • aha busted and stupid ...no wonder you've got mixed information here. never trust anything they say ..they have a very bad reputation for stating the truth.   now can you go get your credit file please..   there are cases whereby a council on historic CTAX debts do go for a county court CCJ, but a liability order from a magistrates court has far more clout legally than a county court CCJ and i've never heard of a court sending a bailiff out for 'multiple' CCJ collection.   me thinks he is pulling the wool here a bit and has looked at your credit file and seen CCJ's too so thought he'd chance his arm and use those as further leverage.   don't worry about the sat visit simply ignore do not answer the door if he appears. your task is too gather data at present.   credit file please..        
    • Hi there, the company name on the bit of paper is:   Bristow & Sutor   Says the total amount £990.49 and this includes £235 enforement stage fees,  The CTAX was owed to North Tyneside Council. The guy also said that it wasn't just for CTAX. Other debts were combined.   I did leave other debts behind too when I moved. Perhaps a utility bill, credit card debts and a Provi doorstep loan.   I think the guy said that he would be back Saturday too. This is what I'm trying to avoid multiple visits. Don't want my mam to get upset.   Thanks for the help.   Bear
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3 PCNS For Unwittingly Making A Right Turn 3 Days Running

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Im fuming.

It just seems to me that car owners are one big cash machine for councils.

Stick some cameras up and let the money roll in.


I recently moved to a new area and started driving to work.


Unbeknown to me one of the roads I was turning into on my way to work each morning at 7:30am has a time restriction in place that you cant turn into it after 7:30am.


Its dark,

its christmas

, the streets are empty,

no one was killed,

no traffic was caused.


But yet I have appealed against these tickets and am told by the council they are 'certain an offense has taken place' and I need to pay £390 thankyou very much.


That is like almost half a months wages.

For making a mistake that has harmed no one.

Does anyone know how I can fight this?

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You said the restriction was unknown to you - what sort of signage was there?


There's a principle in parking that the scale of the penalty has to be proportionate - not sure if it works the same way with moving traffic violations, but you may have a case to argue that £390 is excessive given the nature of the contravention.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.


The signage was placed in a way I would not have looked when looking for an entry restriction.


But in the letter the council have stated about another case where someone in the borough tried to say in court that the signs were not clear enough and that the judge did not accept that.


my issue was that the sign was on the right hand side of the road not where a motorist would look.


They have said the right hand sign is not the main sign and has only been placed as an addition to the left hand sign (there isnt a left hand sign Ive checked) and that they think motorists should not use signs as a way of working out if roads are restricted and should instead know their journeys restrictions beforehand.


If that is the case then why have signs at all I wonder.


I cant even afford to get my cooker fixed

and Im driving to work trying to make an honest living

and just get by and this happens.

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Can you post up the location?

People can then look at the signage (by e.g. Street View), and offer opinion as to:

1) Signage inadequate: fight it!, or

2) Pay up, and pay more attention when driving, or

3) You'll have to pay some, but fight the larger total.

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I'm thinking of going down the route of appealing by saying since on the 3 occasions I was continually not aware the road was restricted entry after 7:30am technically it is not 3 separate offences, it is 1 offence. Therefore the penalty exceeds the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case and I should only pay one of the pcn's.

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How about posting the road it was on so we can advise.

The last post of yours sounds stupid imho.

If all the signage was there, you will look silly, if it wasn't thee, you may get off with all three.

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